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Movers Vancouver – 5 Steps to follow before an International move

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    An international move will require you to go through a long detailed planning, extreme changes along a lot of moving and packing stress. After all, you are going to fly all across the globe to a completely new country. The anticipation and overwhelming stress are inevitable.
    You will have a lot of questions in mind, like what should I opt for air freight or ocean freight services, what type and size of the container is for my needs, the rules, and regulations related to international moving, etc. Movers Vancouver have a complete and outlined process and are a great resource for international moving.

    International Moving companies in Vancouver can be a great asset for you, but there are a few things that you need to know when moving to a new country.

    A neighbourhood
    Research about the area and locality and choose an appropriate location.

    The first step is to Research your new place and its neighbourhood. Find out the right locality for you and a house or apartment that is within your budget and the distance between your new house and workplace.
    Make sure you have at least six months of saving, as moving abroad can really take up a lot of the costs.
    If you are moving with your family, research the best school in that area.
    You should also know about the basic laws and tax system of the new country. Before your move, obtain a work permit from your new employer.

    A passport is a formal document containing your identity identification and is an important travel document.

    The second step is to make sure you have a valid passport. It can take you about four months to obtain a passport and you could end up wasting a lot of time if you apply for a passport late.
    Keep all the necessary documents with you at hand and a photocopy of each one as it will save you from a lot of stress and trouble in the future. Some of the necessary documents that you must have are:
    Birth certificate
    Legal insurance documents.
    Financial records and tax paperwork
    Driver’s licenses
    Identity card
    Medical records
    Employment contract
    Visa or a Work Permit
    The best way to save you from trouble later is to click a signed copy of each document and upload it to a cloud drive.

    A planning list
    A comprehensive list of all your belongings will help you with and after the move.

    The third step is to make up a list of all your moving stuff and equipment and get an approximate weight of all the items. Make a complete list of what thing is kept in which container and add descriptions if necessary. This step will also help you while Unloading as your mind will be completely exhausted and tired.

    Air Cargo
    An Air Freight service will provide logistics services and distribution of your stuff for transport and are not directly responsible for the transport items.

    The fourth step is to decide what is better for you: an Airfreight or Ocean freight for your international move and hiring the best moving company.
    The most common and preferred way is ocean freight as it is less costly than air freight. If you don’t mind the high cost and want a faster shipment of your belongings then you can opt for an air freight service.

    The fifth step is to buy suitable Insurance according to the terms and conditions. Whether you’re moving to a new state or a new country, buying Insurance is a really important step. It will not only give you multiple coverage options but will reimburse you in case of any fire, water damage, theft, and partial damage. Insurance is effective from the time the packing process starts to the time it arrives at the destination

    Some Insurance policies provided by moving companies include Add Insurance which is an additional service for the basic insurance policies. It will help you ensure your furniture damages, braking of electrical equipment, or damage of any other valuable equipment on the company’s part.
    As packing for an international move is extremely challenging and time taking, make sure to plan your move at least six to eight months in advance, sell all your unnecessary stuff and start packing smaller items and equipment with labels.
    Book a licensed moving company at this time as you may not know about the future, you might not find a single company at times, so make sure you discuss each and every moving aspect with the company or any arising problems or issues and clear all the terms and conditions.