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Looking for a specialize moving in Calgary, Movers Calgary are the best movers for your move.

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    If you’re in need of professional movers in Calgary, then you’ve come to the right place! The movers know that moving can be a stressful time for both parties, so let the team take care of everything for you. Movers Calgary specializes in moving homes, offices, and any number of other locations.

    The movers make it goal to get your items where they need to be safely and securely without causing any damage to them. The staffs are experienced with the nuances of handling odd shaped items like pianos or oddly sized furniture like pool tables or dressers.

    The movers are experienced in disassembling furniture if it needs to be moved. This includes tables, chairs, dressers, large appliances and more. The movers are able to transport them safely without causing any damage or scratches. The team can also handle any packing materials needed for your move.

    Whether it is boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape or anything else you need the movers can get it for you. Number 1 Movers offer all kinds of moving services including residential moves, commercial moves and even moving services within Calgary.

    Don’t take a chance on an inexperienced team that may end up causing damage to your belongings while handling them. The team uses the best equipment to ensure everything is handled with care. The professional movers know how to pack and load your items so they can be transported quickly and easily.

    The packing tape used is thick and durable so it will withstand the bumpy ride from one location to another. The staff use pads when handling furniture items too, even the fragile ones to ensure there isn’t any damage. If you need a moving company in Calgary then contact us for an estimate.

    The movers guarantee that every move is handled with care by a professional team that knows how to handle delicate items without damaging them in any way. Our rates are competitive so you don’t have to worry about paying too much for the service.

    The team can work with you to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule so it’s easy to work around it. Number 1 Movers also offers a storage service if you need some time to get your new place ready before getting all of your items into their new spaces.

    The storage containers are secure and kept in a safe location, which is a benefit for both of us. The team can store almost any kind of item from furniture and appliances, to clothing and electronics. Movers also offers corporate relocation services as well as corporate office move management.

    If you’re moving an office to a new location then it can be very stressful. The movers know that the process will take a long time and require the proper equipment. They also know that most companies have a lot of items that need to be transferred, so they can provide you with a detailed packing list for your move.