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Local moving checklist

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Moving locally has never been easy. However, many people regard it in that way. This is one of the reasons why people too often look back on their moving process with the feeling of stress. After all, unless you prepare well for what is about to come, the chances of going through a process such as relocation with easy are going to be slim. On such occasions, even the people who had originally planned to complete relocation on their own decide to call local movers Toronto for help. Simply, the process of relocation is far complicated than what some people realize. Today, we are going to try and help you prepare well for your move by sharing with you a local moving checklist. It is one of the tools that you should use to ensure a quick and easy transition for your family. Now, let’s get into details!

A local moving checklist is the best way to make sure that you are ready for relocation

As you have seen, you should probably take moving at least a bit more seriously than what you are taking it at the moment. This is an enduring process that is going to take time to see through and you should be ready for it. Careful planning has always been our ally and this is a no different situation than before.

a man carrying moving boxes
Pack well on your own or with the help from professional packers, but include this task onto your moving checklist

Therefore, we would like to share with you things that need to find their place on your local moving checklist. Come up with one just like we did and you will stand a great chance of going through your process of relocation unscarred.

First of all, make sure to divide your moving plan or a checklist into shorter segments such as these:

  • 8 weeks before moving
  • 6 weeks before the moving date
  • 4 weeks ahead of relocation
  • 2 weeks prior to moving
  • 1 week ahead

Obviously, we would urge you to get in touch with Number 1 Van Lines as soon as you can and secure help from a quality moving company. Even if you do not do this on time, but later on realize that you could use some help from the professionals, let us know. We will be there to save the day. Now, let’s take a look at what you should be including onto your moving checklist.

Eight weeks before moving

As we have already pointed out, moving is a lasting process. Sometimes, people need up to six months to prepare and execute their long-distance relocation in Canada. Obviously, the amount of time that each and every one of us is going to need to prepare for relocation is going to differ. Therefore, we are going to start looking at things that you need to do two months ahead of the moving date.

Include visiting utility companies on your local moving checklist
Make sure to visit utility companies and to let them know that you are moving away

Some of the things that you should deal within this period are the following:

  • Do a preliminary sorting of your belongings. Given the fact that it is two months before moving, you should slowly start thinking about what items you are going to take with you and what is going to be deliberately left behind.
  • Declutter. After you have taken an initial look at the things you own, let the feelings sink in for a couple of days. Then, go ahead and purge your wardrobes. Anything that you really do not need and that you have not been using lately should not be coming with you. Donate or sell them, just let go of them.
  • Hire moving company of your choice. You should do this well ahead of the move. Two months before moving day is almost the last moment to do it, especially in the case that you are moving in the high season.
  • Obtain copies of your children’s notes and enter the process of their enrollment in a new school.

Six weeks before moving

Now that you have completed the first round of preparations, move on to the next:

  • Get in touch with your doctor’s office. Obtain copies of your family’s medical records and choose a new doctor close to your new home.
  • Make travel arrangements even though you will be moving only locally.
  • In the case that you are going to pack yourself and not invest in professional packing services CA, order packing supplies.
image of a highway
No matter where you are moving, you need to come up with a moving checklist

Four weeks before relocating

A month before the move is due is not that much time. Here’s what to do then:

  • Revise your moving plan – are you on the schedule?
  • Start packing. All of the items that you are not going to be using in the next month need to be packed, so you might as well start packing right now.
  • Label your moving boxes in the process of packing. You will want to make sure that you know where your items are.
  • Come up with an inventory list. This way, you are not going to leave anything behind.
  • If you have pets, make arrangements. Some people will move with them, while others are going to leave them with friends and come back for them later.
  • Contact utility companies and deal with the paperwork that they require.

Your local moving checklist for two weeks before moving

  • Get in touch with your movers and confirm the date.
  • Take time off from work to thoroughly prepare for moving.
  • Clean all of your belongings and keep putting away what you will not need prior to Ontario, Canada moving.

One week before moving is due

By now, you should have most of your things ready for moving. Still, there are some issues to address still:

  • Finish up packing.
  • Pack the essentials moving bag.
  • Have utility companies perform the last meter readings at your home.
  • Take a deep breath. You are going to be just fine!

A local moving checklist makes organization easy

As you have seen, a local moving checklist is going to help you prepare for moving in many ways. Follow our checklist and you are going to be just fine!