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Leaving Toronto after retirement – what you need to know?

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Two people standing in the forest and talking about leaving Toronto after retirement

There is no doubt that retirement is the phase in life we all walk towards. And no matter what, every senior wants to spend the rest of their life doing things they truly enjoy. Since you have worked hard your entire life, you might feel now it is time to relax and enjoy all the advantages of your earnings. Although life in your sunset years in a large city like Toronto could be exciting, you might need a change. So, if you are thinking about leaving Toronto after retirement these days, just stay with our GTA movers and get some moving help. Meanwhile, continue reading this article to find out more about retirement relocation from Toronto, which might help you determine if you should do the same.

Consider all aspects of leaving Toronto after retirement

It is not that easy to accept all changes in life, but sometimes changes are unavoidable. If you’re a senior currently planning for your retirement, you are in luck to be here right now and read this article our Number 1 Movers Van Lines prepared for you. Also, if your parents are about to retire soon, reading this article will enable you to help them get through this huge transition in their life. That being said, one of the first things every senior needs to decide when the time for retirement comes is where to live.

A man prepares for leaving Toronto after retirement while using his cellphone
Take enough time to prepare for leaving Toronto after retirement.

Considering that Toronto has over 2.7 million residents, many seniors don’t want to live in such a big city after they retire, preferring to move somewhere quieter. At the same time, there are a lot of people who don’t want to leave the city where they lived all their life. Although this could mean higher costs and fewer savings, some people are just too attached to their routines. Since all their memories are mostly related to this city, it can be too hard for them to opt for leaving Toronto after retirement. But once the person retires from work, the daily routine will change forever. However, this should not be something negative, it’s just a fact that seniors will have plenty of time from now on. From the moment they leave their offices or workplaces, they’ll have a chance to dive into a completely wonderful life phase.

Most frequent questions related to leaving Toronto after retirement

It is not that easy to stay realistic when you need to think twice about all aspects of your retirement. Luckily, our relocation specialists from Toronto moving companies will help you ask yourself the right questions. The answer will help you make the right decision and figure out whether you should leave Toronto or not. Also, you will become more focused on your priorities and the life you want to have as a retiree.

An old woman talking with another woman
Don’t forget to talk with your family members and friends about your retirement plans.

If your Toronto house or apartment is pretty spacious, you should decide if you need all that space from now on. Or would you rather travel and rent another home in a smaller city? Do you think this city is perfect for retirement or just want to start fresh in another place? Which cities should you visit to find your new home where you want to live after retirement? Are you thinking of leaving the country after retirement? Do you need help moving your home due to retirement? Below you will find the answers that will help you opt for downsizing, move to incredible cities in Canada for retirement, and overcome the emotional struggles associated with leaving your Toronto life. Even if you need some time to take the next step, you should know you are not the only senior with similar needs.

Should you opt for leaving Toronto after retirement or should you stay?

As we already mentioned, there is no one unique answer to this question. After all, every senior should follow their personal needs. So, let’s find some version of the answer to this question. We have asked our local movers Toronto where Torontonians retire, and now we will see their answers. Since they are constantly helping people move all across the city, they have a lot of information to share with you. Many of our customers are seniors since there are a huge number of seniors in this large city. Some statistics say that the number of people over 65 years old reached 1,033,636 in the previous year (2021). According to this, the Toronto area remains a great city for all those who want to retire in the center of the action. If you don’t mind the hustle and bustle, maybe you should consider staying here.

In case you decide to stay in Toronto

Many cities in the country are not that convenient for retirement. The main reason for this is the high cost of living. But what can you expect when it comes to home prices in Toronto? We have asked our office movers Toronto about the prices for real estate and rentals and they can tell you that the mentioned prices in Toronto have a reputation for being very high. Luckily, there are a lot of areas in the city where you can find a deal suitable for your retirement income. Also, there is a growing condo market in Toronto ideal for all downsizers, including seniors. So, in case you give up on leaving Toronto after retirement, you’ll not make a mistake.

Photo of the view from the park in Toronto
There are a lot of reasons to stay in Toronto after you retire from work.

For all active seniors, Toronto can be a good place for spend their retirement. This city can offer an abundance of amenities, entertainment, and services to all seniors willing to enjoy their golden years. If you are completely ready to embrace city life, Toronto is the place where you should stay. But one thing bothers you. What can you get if you decide to leave Toronto as a senior? Just stay with our long distance movers Toronto and you will see some other options for you. We will mention excellent ways for you to opt for some other ways to retire, which means you can leave your city and experience something new.

Maybe you would like to move to Stratford for retirement

Stratford is a popular destination for many retirees across Ontario. Not only do seniors like to visit this city, but also they want to stay here for many reasons. First of all, this city is only 129 kilometers away from Toronto, so it’ll be easy to organize family visits. If you loved spending time in Toronto’s downtown neighborhoods, Stratford will be a great substitute! Moreover, Stratford is a very walkable city, and there are plenty of things to do for seniors.

A concrete building in Stratford
Stratford can be an ideal destination for you when leaving Toronto after retirement.

Not sure what seniors like to do in this amazing city? Well, for sure you will like long walks along the Avon River through the park. You can also enjoy antique shopping along famous York Street. Retirees in Stratford also like having dinner at Mercer Hall, so you should not miss it after relocation from Toronto after retirement. Who can resist not falling in love with charming old buildings? Go and take a walk in Downtown Stratford and you will go there very often, for sure. In case you are an art lover, you will enjoy theatre season in Stratford. This place also attracts seniors who like living close to culinary and cultural destinations.

Save your budget after moving to Stratford as a senior

With a population of 30,233 residents, Stratford is a much smaller city than Toronto. Certainly, this means that living costs in Stratford will be lower. Nevertheless, our movers Vaughan ON helped us to find out what prices you can expect after moving to Stratford from Toronto. Well, some statistics say that the rent prices in Toronto are over 47% higher compared to Stratford. According to this, you can rely on significant savings once you opt to leave Toronto and move to Stratford. Nevertheless, you should know that some costs, such as meals in restaurants and taxi transportation, are more expensive in Stratford. Anyway, saving when it comes to housing will help you enjoy many things you can’t afford when living in a big city.

Retirement can be exciting in Ottawa

Do you want to enjoy a city with great dining and vibrant cultural life, but you will not give up on the idea of leaving Toronto after retirement? Then you should consider moving to the nation’s capital, which is one of the most popular destinations for retirees. Believe it or not, in Ottawa you will not have to think about common large city problems such as affordability and traffic congestion. Still, there is one thing that attracts Torontonians the most—an excellent healthcare system. When we talk about medical services in Canada, no city can compare to Ottawa. This attracts seniors, of course, and gives them a feeling of security when it comes to their well-being. Ottawa is known for having a higher number of specialists and doctors per capita. In addition, here seniors can find some of the country’s leading hospitals and medical institutions.

A person daydreaming of leaving Toronto after retirement while looking at Ottawa photo
The nation’s capital is a popular place for seniors from Toronto.

Regardless of your hobbies and needs, if you choose to move to Ottawa after retirement, you will not regret it. This is one of the nation’s most liveable cities and has a lot to offer to seniors. As a senior in Ottawa, you can enjoy vast green space, recreation options, arts, culture, and pocket communities of every size, etc. Also, don’t forget about over 100 festivals and events in Ottawa all year round. So, get ready for the next Canadian Tulip Festival, Bluesfest, or the most famous Canada Day celebrations. Once you decide on leaving Toronto after retirement, our long distance movers Ottawa will be there for you. We are at the disposal of all good people who need help to take that big step towards their retirement life. We will help you cross more than 45 kilometers and arrive at your new home in Ottawa from Toronto.

Advantages of moving as a senior to London, ON

Many of you know that London, Ontario is also nicknamed Forest City. Since this city offers an abundance of green space and leafy walks, it is no surprise it keeps attracting seniors from all across the country. Here you can enjoy exploring different cultural activities like events, festivals, and museums. The city has over 400,000 residents, which is less than the number of people in Toronto. Nevertheless, living here after leaving a large city such as Toronto will give you a chance to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Still, you can keep enjoying all the amenities that come with living in the city. Also, the housing market is growing in London, which means you can find a suitable home for yourself. If you do happen to find your dream home in London, make sure to contact long distance movers Canada as soon as possible!

Get ready for this wonderful chapter of life and enjoy it

Leaving your familiar lifestyle is not easy, but when retiring in Canada, you have endless opportunities. This country is home to a huge number of different places and cities where you can spend your golden years. Although you are among people who have lived in Toronto for many years, maybe it is time to experience something different. We know that leaving Toronto after retirement could be intimidating for you, but you can always come back. If you choose to move to another city, downsize and commit to your hobbies, but take time to decide where you want to relocate first. Once you decide to leave, get professional assistance and conduct your move safely. Also, include your family and friends and let them support you. We hope you will enjoy your life once you retire from work in Toronto.