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Last-minute Relocation to Ontario and How to Pull it Off

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When you plan the moving process well in advance it can still be quite a heavy process. On the other hand, moving last-minute can be even harder. There are many reasons why people move last minute. For example, maybe your landlord wants to sell the property and you have to move out. Or maybe a new job opportunity has presented itself but it is only available for a short time period. Moreover, whichever reason it is, it can be quite hard to pull it off. Reading this guide to your last-minute relocation to Ontario will definitely help you pull it off and aid the moving process. On that note, hiring a professional and reputable moving company like Number 1 Movers can help you in this sudden move decision.

Last-minute relocation to Ontario where to start?

Depending on how far in advance you know about the relocation is the key factor in your last-minute move. However, we will take an optimal time of 10 days before the moving day. One of the first things to do is make a plan. Making a plan will help you stay organized during the whole moving process. People who made a list for their Ontario relocation with local movers Toronto experienced much fewer troubles than those who did not make the list. The list should include the following categories:

  • Packing
  • Donation
  • Storage
  • Trash
CN tower between the buildings
Last-minute relocation to Ontario can start on a positive note if you plan it well.

Having a list with these categories will help you so much in the packing process in regards to speed. Under the category of packing, you should write down all the things you are taking with you. Make sure to walk around your home to see all the things that are there. For example, clothes, furniture, art, and so on. While you are doing this you can also write down which of your belongings you would like to donate and which one you will throw away. Moreover, if you can not seem to get rid of some things and they do not have a place in your home you can always rent out a storage unit. If you hire the best movers in Hamilton Ontario you can also get a great deal on their storage units.

Make sure you have all the supplies for your last-minute relocation to Ontario

Moving last minute can be quite a chaotic process. Due to this, it is very important that you hire professionals to help you with your move. Doing things on your own in a time-sensitive situation like this can only make things worse. Making sure you have all the supplies you need before you start packing is essential even when you hire movers Milton to help you. These supplies include:

  • boxes
  • tape
  • bubble wrap
  • scissors
  • labels
  • other
A couple packing things in boxes
Gathering all the supplies before you start packing will make your last-minute relocation much easier.

Moreover, when you have all the supplies, you can start packing. Make sure to pack room by room. This will ensure that you do not forget anything in the process of packing. Moreover, make sure to label all your boxes properly so that you have an easier time unpacking all of your belongings. When it comes to your furniture all you can do is wrap it in protective foil or bubble wrap to protect it from damages during the transportation process. If you have a hard time wrapping your larger items of furniture your movers Oshawa in Ontario will definitely wrap it up for you.

Start as early as possible

As soon as the decision to move has been finalized it is time to start moving. Moreover, you should get up as early as you can every day before the moving day so that you have time to do all the things carefully. Because when you do things carefully without rushing, the chances of you forgetting to pack something are much lower.  Those who started the day earlier even had a day or two to breathe before they moved with North York movers to their new place.

Moreover, even if you hate getting up early doing it will aid the process of preparing for a move greatly. You will have enough time to have breakfast in the morning a cup of coffee and other things that are a part of your morning ritual. Afterward, you can go from room to room and carefully examine all the things you need to pack. People who followed this routine a few days before the move had a relaxed moving experience with Kitchener movers even though it was last-minute.

Hiring a moving company

If you want to have a successful last-minute relocation to Ontario you will definitely need to hire a professional moving company. Those who hired professionals for their last-minute move had only good things to say about the whole moving process. This is because the Movers Markham ON are experienced professionals who do this kind of thing every day. Plus they do it in a fast and safe manner.

A mover standing in front of a moving van waiting to help you with a last-minute relocation to Ontario
Hiring professionals for your move is a must if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible.

In addition, a lot of things can break or get damaged during a fast and sudden move if not done by the hands of professional movers. Therefore, hiring professional movers Etobicoke will entail the safety of all your belongings.

Before you hire your moving company. You should make a list of all the services you require. This will help the movers Vaughan ON to better prepare for the moving day. On that note, when you call the moving company make sure to ask about the quote for the costs. Knowing the costs can help you organize your moving budget.


If you want to make your last-minute relocation to Ontario a successful one. Make sure to follow all these tips mentioned. Moreover, whichever city in the Ontario province you choose as your moving destination we wish you good luck with your move!