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Know the Fair price that should you pay to Vancouver Movers?

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    If you are planning to move your existing business to a new location, no doubt you have to incur huge costs. Especially the charges of Vancouver Movers are much higher as the city is well equipped with high-class infrastructure for health, education, transportation, drinking water, energy for residents as well as businesses which make it the most liveable city in the world. Many moving service providers charge fees for services that are not easily conceivable. We have outlined some factors that will help you to arrive at a fair price payable to the movers:

    1. Type of the Mover: Unprofessional movers may charge you on the basis of distance or hours. They might also charge some hidden charges such as fuel surcharges, stairs, expenses on refreshments, etc. Moving companies that offer cheap rates do not at all treat your belongings with the care they might even seize your belongings until you pay a handsome amount to get your assets back. Reputed Movers may charge you a bit higher but they will take due care of your movables.
    2. Exceptional Items: Movers will charge extra costs for special items like cars, Pool tables, pianos, etc. which require much care while transporting. You should be prepared to pay higher charges if you have items that need extra caution during travel. But beware that your Grand Piano is much valuable than the few bucks that you can save by hiring an unprofessional mover.
    3. Insurance Charges: The insurance that you have bought for your property at home (Homeowners Insurance) may not cover the damages of the property outside your home. Therefore you must purchase insurance either from the Mover itself or with another insurance agency which may cost you about $10 to $20 extra.
    4. Packing Material: Moving boxes designed for professional packing may cost around $2 each. And you have to purchase furniture moving kits or moving clothes, bubble wrap, packing tape which may add up to a couple of hundred dollars.
    5. Fuel: Trucks consume a lot more petroleum than what could you have imagined. Apart from that, you have to drive your own car too which will ultimately add up your fuel cost. It may add up another few hundred bucks to your expense budget.
    6. Food: Lastly you have to consider the price that you are going to pay for your meals during the journey. Add up the expense on food on the road which may double if you are moving to a long-distance area.

    So we have listed out the key areas where expenses are likely to occur if you are planning to hire Vancouver Movers for your smooth shifting. You can add some$10 to $20 dollars as contingency expenses which you may or may not have to bear.