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Ideas for sports and recreation in Mississauga

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    The flag of Canada

    If you have just recently moved, you probably had little time to explore the new place. Depending on how much time you plan to live there, you will have little or lots of time to get to know the city. We hope that the Number 1 Van Lines you hired made your relocation a pleasant experience, but now it’s time to get exploring. Sports and recreation in Mississauga are something that the residents of this place like doing. Because of that, you will find plenty of options when it comes to outdoor activities. This guide will give you some starters on what the options are.

    General information about Mississauga

    Mississauga is a city in Canada, more precisely in Ontario. It is the third-largest city in this Canadian province. Mississauga is home to almost 800,000 residents. It is on the shores of Lake Ontario and two major river valleys go into that lake. The Credit River is by far the bigger and more famous river of this city. When a city is surrounded and intersected by so many bodies of water, the only logical conclusion is the following. Fishing is a sport that the residents enjoy. If you ever wanted to try it, moving here with one of the movers Mississauga was a good choice. And since the authorities allow fishing in many parts of the city, it makes it even better.

    Sports and recreation in Mississauga – fishing

    There are other options for sports and recreation in Mississauga. But fishing is the most popular. There are 75 types of fish that live in these waters. Some of them are:

    • Pumpkinseed
    • Different Bass
    • Coho Salmon
    • Steelhead (this is also the name of Mississaugas Junior Hockey Team)

    If you have hired one of the office movers in Mississauga to complete your relocation during July, you are in luck. That is considered being the best time for fishing, and no licence is needed during Family Fishing Week.

    Man enjoying water sports and recreation in Mississauga
    Fishing is the major sports people like in this city

    Mississauga Marathon

    This event takes place in the end of April, and it’s the 19th edition of this event. It is one of Canada’s premier running events. While running, you can enjoy the view of lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. Since you recently moved here with the help of some long distance movers Mississauga, you will enjoy seeing something new. The marathon goes through the most important parts of the city, giving an opportunity to see the city while doing some sports.

    Lakeview Golf Course

    The Lakeview Golf Course has been present in the same location since 1907. Since then, it has been the favorite of the golfers in the area. This is probably because hat it is stimulating and challenging at the same time. Some interesting features are large green spaces, tricky fairways and holes that you will remember.

    Golf ball in the sun
    This golf course has been a favourite since its establishment

    Sports and recreation in Mississauga – conclusion

    As you can notice, most of the sports and recreation in Mississauga revolve around water. It is expected since there is so much water in the city. We hope you will enjoy this Canadian city, and all the beauties it offers.