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Ideas for reusing boxes after the move

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Even though things are changing at a fast pace, some things always remain the same. One of those things is the trusty cardboard box. 90% of everything that is shipped in the US will be shipped in a cardboard box.  So, no matter if you are doing a residential or a long-distance move, you will be left with a lot of boxes and here are some ideas for reusing the boxes after the move.


The first thing that comes to mind is to repurpose them for storage. If you have too much stuff and want to employ storage services, you can reuse the boxes.

Reusing boxes after the move storage
You can always reuse the boxes as storage space.

However, even if you want to reuse the boxes in storage space at your home you can do so easily. Just grab some spray adhesive and fabric covers and you will have a stylish new box.

Shoe rack

Another great storage solution idea is turning your cardboard boxes into a shoe rack. Just cut them and fold them into triangle shapes and then glue them together with colorful sturdy tape. You can even attach one on top of another for additional storage space.

Use the boxes for gifts

Put your gifts and presents in the boxes that were left in a good condition.

Reusing the boxes after the move
Reuse boxes after the mobe as gift boxes.

You will make the earth happy by reusing the boxes, and yourself by not having to think about wrapping paper and supplies every time you need to wrap a gift.

Pass them on after the move

Maybe someone close to you if planning a household move. If that is the case, gift them your boxes. It’s a win-win situation, you will get rid of them, they will not have to buy them and there will be less unnecessary garbage in general.

Cardboard is great for kids

You can make almost everything and anything out of cardboard. If you have huge boxes, you can tape them together and make a maze for the kids to enjoy. If you don’t have boxes that are that big, you can cut them up, paint them and turn them into a cardboard castle. For the little chef in your life, you can make a pretend kitchen out of boxes.

Cardboard kitchen
Reuse the cardboard boxes to make a cardboard castle for your kids.

Cardboard boxes can even be turned into cars. If you need more instructions on how to do all of these things, you can always read up on How to Reuse Boxes.

After all these modes of using cardboard boxes to cheer up your youngsters, there is always the most convenient way to use a cardboard box in the kids’ room – you can always use it as a toy box.

You are all set for reusing the boxes after the move

Now that you know what to do with your boxes after the move, it is time to go and get them. You can always pack and ship everything up by yourself, or you can hire the services of a professional moving company. Either way, make sure to reuse and recycle all of the boxes in a creative way, which could be a great project for the whole family.