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How to store your antique furniture safely

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    antique furniture

    It is not always easy to move and store expensive wooden furniture.  If you’re not skilled you may risk damaging it beyond any repair.  This is why we’re here to help you learn how you can pack and store your antique furniture safely like a professional.  One of the very first steps you can make is to consult Number 1 Movers about the upcoming transportation. Continue reading to learn how you can do with ease. 

    Clean before you store your antique furniture safely

    The thing is if you wish to store your expensive furniture for a long time you will have to think about its safety and quality.  That being said the very first thing you would want to do is to clean it.  You don’t have to use any special products if the wooden furniture isn’t damaged.  However, you will have to invest some money in refurbishing it if needed.  All you can do is paint an extra coat of polisher over it so it can be protected from outside factors in the storage unit.  But one of the biggest factors that can influence the quality of your furniture is the quality of storage Ontario units.  If a storage unit is good, then your furniture is safe. 

    microfiber cloths you will use to clean before you store your antique furniture safely
    You should clean before you store your antique furniture safely

    Can you dismantle your furniture?

    One of the most important things you need to reconsider is if your antique furniture can be dismantled.  This is actually a good approach because it will allow you to pack your furniture with ease.  Remember your antique furniture is very fragile and expensive.  That is why you need to use proper tools.  Most of these antique pieces are not made with bolts and screws but sometimes just put together like a puzzle.  So when you wish to dismantle them make sure to have a rubber mallet and some pliers for working with wood.  Don’t forget to take measures when moving your furniture.  If you allow you to learn how many backing supplies to get. 

    a rubber mallet
    Use a rubber mallet to dismantle your furniture

    What to use when packing?

    It is very common to get lost in the packing process because it can be really stressful.  But once you learn what kind of materials to use when packing wooden items for the storage unit you can rest assured nothing can go wrong.  The best supplies you can use are old fabrics that are big enough to cover the whole.  It will provide your antique furniture with the best protection you can get.  Also, you can take a moment and research how to maintain the quality of furniture. It will surely help you keep the quality of your furniture.

    These are the steps you need to take when you want to store your antique furniture safely. They are easy to follow and will absolutely help you with your packing process. Want to know more about storage units? Visit our blog, or give us a call, and get to know more. We are more than happy to assist you.