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How to store wooden furniture

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How to store wooden furniture like a cabinet with clock, flowers and mug on it.

Storage is an amazing solution for many different life situations. Whether you are moving or decluttering your home or office, having a storage unit makes our life easier.  But you need to be aware of the fact that different items require different conditions. Furthermore, delicate items such as all sorts of appliances, art pieces, antique and wooden furniture require special care. You need to handle your wood furniture carefully if you want to avoid scratches, cracks or mold. That is why we have prepared some tips on how to store wooden furniture.

Take everything apart

Before you even start moving furniture from its original location, you should disassemble anything you can. Take apart your desks, bookshelves, tables, and chairs. Disassembling can be a bit exhausting, but keep in mind that it will make your truck, and later your storage unit, much easier to pack. Most importantly, it is much harder for disassembled furniture to get damaged, which is great news. Furthermore, it would be ideal to put all screws, bolts, Allen wrenches in a labeled baggie, which you can store alongside the furniture piece to which it belongs.

Store wooden furniture like antique sofa
Wrap up your wood furniture with sheets and cover the floors.

How to store wooden furniture? Wrap it up!

In order to protect and store wooden furniture, make sure everything is completely covered. Keep in mind that placing a protective cover over furniture as well can help keep it from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. And don’t use plastic for that. Many people make the mistake and cover wood furniture with plastic. This can actually create condensation and cause the wood to swell. Instead, cover it with sheets, furniture pads, moving or regular blankets to shield it from dust, light, and moisture. Wrap it up so that it can breathe by loosely draping the material over the furniture. This step is especially important if you are not renting a climate-controlled unit.

Don’t forget the floors

Unfortunately, storage units often have concrete flooring. Since moisture leaches from concrete, it can cause wood to swell or rot. Before storing your furniture, lay down thick plastic sheeting on the floor to prevent moisture from the floor from seeping into it. This plastic cover acts as a barrier between the floor and wood, keeping wood furniture safe and dry.

Empty out your furniture

This is equally important for moving and storing wood furniture. Long distance movers Ontario remind you to empty your furniture before packing, moving or storing it. Check you didn’t forget anything inside drawers or cabinets of furniture. Not only chances are to forget about the furniture’s contents, but some items can also cause harm after some time if not removed. For example, a forgotten pen could end up leaking in the heat and leave stains on your favorite cabinet.

Store wooden furniture like antique table with chandeliers.
A layer of wax gives your furniture extra protection.

Don’t overload

If you overload your storage unit belongings, you risk the pieces of furniture brushing up against each other, which could lead to cracks in wood chairs or tables. This also means you should avoid stacking things on top of your wood furniture. The best way to store wooden furniture is by leaving some extra space. By shoving too much into your storage unit you are risking damaging or breaking something. Number 1 Movers Ontario recommend organizing your unit in a way that you can access it easily and take what you need. Try to pack methodically by starting with the largest pieces first and smaller items in the end.

Make sure there is always enough space to access the back and sides of your storage unit. Try to keep your space clean and without clutter in order to protect furniture and other contents. Don’t try to cram in more and more things, better rent a bigger unit than risk damaging your antique furniture.

Choose climate controlled storage

When preparing to store your wooden furniture, try to find a unit with a controlled climate. Outdoor units are never a good option for delicate items because temperature changes really affect the wood. It’s true that indoor climate controlled units cost a bit more, but that that is probably a better option than risking to damage your furniture. Wooden furniture is not cheap, so basically you are not wasting the money, you are saving it.

A space that has not enough humidity can cause wood to crack. On the other hand, space with too much humidity can cause wood components to warp and change shape. Humidity is a big concern, as humid conditions can cause the growth of mildew and mold, which can cause wood to rot. Temperature-controlled conditions are definitely the best way to prevent that from happening, so think about it.

If you can’t afford a climate-controlled storage unit and choose to keep your furniture at home in a basement or attic, for example, consider buying a humidifier, dehumidifier or humidistat. Those are really not a big investment and they help you keep the humidity under control and protect your furniture from damage.

Store wooden furniture like a cabinet.
Climate controlled unit will protect your furniture from humidity.

Wax for extra protection

Climate changes make wood furniture more sensitive and consequently more likely to crack and split. And these things are very difficult and sometimes even impossible to repair. But there is a way to prevent this. Simply apply a layer of wax or furniture polish on all of the wooden surfaces a couple of weeks before you put your wood furniture into storage. This extra protection will give you peace of mind.

Keep it elevated

Accidents happen, and things break. But unfortunately, your wooden antique desk or table might not be replaceable. Hence, you want to do your best to keep it safe. To store your wooden furniture properly, raise it up off the ground. You can use wooden pallets or cinder blocks for that. Set your furniture on top of them, so they are not directly on the floor. If by any chance water enters your storage unit or basement, your belongings will be protected. And most importantly, you will have peace of mind, and that is just priceless!