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How to store a flat screen TV

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If you are one of those responsible individuals who keeps all of the electronic’s original boxes, we salute you. However, if you are like most of the common folk and tend to lose track of the original package, the effort to store a flat screen TV might present itself as a challenge. However, luckily for you, this text has found well. In it, we will address the only proper way by which you can handle this undertaking, all with a positive outcome.

A flat screen tv
In order to store a flat screen tv in a safe manner, you need to be familiarized with all the necessary steps of this delicate procedure.

The oh-so-needed materials

We will suppose that all of the styrofoam and other useful materials are, like the original box, as good as gone. Thus, like for any proper relocation, you will need packing material. Now, since your flat screen TV is probably more worth than your frying pan, you will need more than just a box to ensure its safety during the trip. That is if you want to keep the TV in one piece. So, the materials that you are smart to acquire are:

  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Moving blanket
  • Box cutter
  • Wardrobe box

Of course, a perfect fitting box will save you a lot of trouble. You can perhaps even get the original packaging if you make a phone call to the store that sold you the TV. However, we will carry out the scenario as if the box that fits perfection is simply unattainable.

If you want to safely store a flat screen TV, these are the steps to follow

1. Dismount the TV

Remove the stand as well. As a matter of fact, remove any delicate plastic pieces before you start with packing. Put them in a place you will remember to find them since they probably serve some purpose. As for the base, it can usually just be unscrewed and set aside. This item will need to be wrapped up and ideally packed with the TV so it doesn’t get lost.

2. Wipe the screen to the best of your ability

Remove thoroughly any visible dust and debris. Such action, although tiresome, will help prevent any scratches that occur during transit. See, if your long distance movers Ontario do a great job and transport each of your belongings in a meticulous manner, it would be a real shame to ruin such a success by not doing the most basic act of dusting, right? After all, you do want to store a flat screen TV so that it arrives in the same condition you’ve seen it off. Thus, this simple, and yet very effective action gets you one step closer to your goal.

A hand throwing dust
See this? This is dust. The nemesis of your TV screen. Consequently, it would be smart to get rid of it.

3. Disconnect all cables

After you’ve done so, make sure to label them as well. Especially if you have a lot of things plugged into your TV. This will save you a lot of headaches come reassembling time. Another option is to take a photo of the backend of the TV so you see what ports were filled or left empty. A little effort made today will save you both time and nerves tomorrow.

4. Wrap the flat screen TV with packing tape

And do so loosely. We will explain the purpose of this in the following step, just trust us. Oh, and also, make sure that the sticky side is out. Trust us.

5. Wrap the TV with bubble wrap

This is where we make sense. See, when you have listened to us in the previous step, you’ve made way for the bubble wrap to stick to the outside. Neat, right? The bubble wrap ought to stick nicely to the tape, thus preventing it from slipping around.

6. Wrap your flat screen TV with a moving blanket

If you are a proud owner of a bigger TV, you might need to use two blankets for this step. Once you’ve wrapped it nicely, secure the blanket (or blankets) with tape. The entire front of the TV should be fully and well protected. Any loose end is a chance for damage to ruin your prized possession.

7. Box preparation

Hopefully, you’ve managed to find a box that closely matches the dimensions of your TV. Some moving companies are kind enough to sell flat screen TV boxes, so be sure to check with your reliable movers Ontario if such an option is available. However, if you are out of luck and out of a well-fitting box, know that this is not yet time to despair. One to two wardrobe boxes should do the job just as well. You will need some crafting skills, but not the ones of men who built Minas Tirith, so fear not the expectations. What you need to do is simply cut those boxes so that they make a box which fits your TV. Do not forget to seal all sides of the box with quality packing tape. If you do so adequately, you will ensure that your creation withholds its integrity.

A man sculpting a big bust
See, this man is a sculptor and his job comes with a prerequisite of being extra crafty. Your task for this occasion won’t be nearly as difficult or demanding.

8. It is time

This is what all of the previous actions come down to. You now need to place the TV in the box, and pad accordingly. So, in order to store a flat screen TV, and do it in a way that protects this valuable item, you need to make sure that there is no wiggle room in the box. This is checked, of course, after you’ve placed the TV in the box. If you spot any gaps, use bubble wrap or packing paper to fill those nicely. Also, don’t forget to put your TV stand in the box along with the device, so that you don’t lose track of it.