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How to stay safe on moving day in Canada

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    No matter what big work you do around the house, there is always some level of risk to it. And in that aspect, moving is no different. And sure, there isn’t as much risk when you hire moving companies St Catharines Ontario, but you still need to take care. Regardless if you’re doing the move alone or not, it’s very important to stay safe on moving day in Canada. All this is because of the simple fact that moving involves so much more than just packing. First and foremost, you will have to lift, move, and shove heavy and bulky objects, and that’s no joke. Because of this, consider hiring a professional mover, or a few close friends to lighten the burden.

    Since you will be doing the lifting and carrying, there is a chance that something will go wrong on your moving day. Preventing injury is key, and the only way to do that is to properly prepared for the task at hand. This included knowing what techniques to use, how to lift items properly, and what to wear as well. Ensuring a good level of safety for yourself, your items, and everyone involved is key. Staying safe and healthy is an important aspect of our lives, and it must be maintained even during relocation. To help you on this journey, we prepared a few helpful tips for you.

    two mean wearing equipment to stay safe on moving day in Canada
    Having the right tools and knowledge will make the move safer for everyone

    Stay safe on moving day in Canada by learning how to lift the right way

    It goes without saying that the safest way to get around a move is to hire professional help. They have not just the tools, but also tricks of the trade that help them do their job effortlessly. Not everyone can manage this challenging task on their own, but for movers Ontario, the process is a breeze. However, if you still want to do it on your own, it is crucial that you get familiar with the proper lifting techniques. Even the simplest mistake can lead to injuries during the moving process, so it is best to know how to avoid them. First, and the most important to, is to always have a firm grip on the object you are lifting. Quality gloves really help with grip, and prevent blisters, keep that in mind.

    woman lifting weights in the gym
    Keep your back straight and use your knees for support when lifting

    Then, when you wish to lift an object, pay good attention to your back. Always keep it straight and use your knees to lift. Using your knees takes off the pressure from your back, and distributes the load better. Be careful when it comes to balancing as well, as a heavy object needs to remain centered, compared to your body. Simply put, keep a heavy object close to your waist to keep it stable. For this, we recommend furniture moving straps. Also, remember to never twist your body if you need to change direction or turn around while carrying something heavy. This can lead to some very serious injuries. What you want to do in this situation is to move your feet together with the item you are carrying. Use just your head and eyes to navigate or look at something, not your entire body.

    Having the right tools for the job helps a lot

    Regardless if you hire professional help or not, you should always use quality moving equipment. Besides knowing how to lift items properly, the best way to stay safe on moving day in Canada is knowing how to use tools of the trade. With them, you will make your move a lot safer for yourself and everyone else involved.  The most popular tools for packing and moving large furniture are moving dollies and furniture sliders. There are two most common types of moving dollies you can rent. These are 2-wheeled dollies known as hand trucks or 4-wheeled dollies for moving larger pieces of furniture. Whichever you choose for your move, you will not regret the decision.

    green couch on a wooden floor
    Moving large pieces of furniture without the right equipment can damage your floors

    Not only will they reduce the strain on your body, but they will also help reduce the risk of any accidents or injuries.As far as furniture sliders go, they are a bit simpler pieces of technology, tho just as useful. Sliders are pieces made of hard plastic and durable rubber. These work perfectly if you want to avoid lifting and shoving heavy furniture. Sliders are attached to the legs of furniture pieces, and allow resistance-free movement across the floor. This way, you can effortlessly push your furniture around the house, all while protecting your delicate floor from scratches and scuffs.

    Clothing plays a big part in staying safe and efficient

    One of the important elements of a safe move that people usually forget is the clothes you wear. As silly as it may seem, if you want to avoid getting hurt in your moving day, you really need to consider this. Footwear is the more important part of this topic, and it should be picked with some thought. It is very important to wear a pair of shoes which are properly closed and gives good support. Avoid wearing anything that has a completely flat, or run down sole, such as flipflops or sandals. These are ok for the beach, but not for manual labor. Instead, go for shoes with anti-slip soles to prevent injury on the moving day. These can be either shoes, sneakers, or work boots with good traction.

    comfortable shoes to stay safe on moving day in Canada
    Wear comfortable shoes and clothes to make your move easier and prevent injury

    The other key element is the clothing itself. Given that you will be working all day and moving around, you need to be comfortable. For optimal performance, wear something made from flexible and breathable fabrics. Even though you need to be comfortable, you shouldn’t get too comfortable. You will be moving bulky items and navigating tight corners, so you don’t want your clothes catching on table corners and door handles. To stay safe on moving day in Canada, avoid clothes that are baggy or too loose. This, paired with all the other advice we’ve given you, will turn your moving day into a smooth and fun experience.