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How to spend your first week after relocating to Toronto?

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    Spend your first week after moving to Toronto by exploring the city

    The first week after a move is a chaotic, yet exciting event! There are so many errands to run and so many things to do, but most of us are exhausted and confused. This can especially be true when you have just moved to Toronto, a huge city with so many thing to offer! So, where should you start? With help from long distance movers in Canada you can take away some of the stress of the relocation process itself. However, making your way around Toronto as a newcomer is a challenge on its own. Keep reading to get some ideas on how to spend your first week after relocating to Toronto!

    Unpack your belongings

    When you arrive at your new house in Toronto, your belongings will be secure in high quality moving boxes Ontario. However, the hard task of getting them out of those boxes is now ahead of you. Still, unpacking all the important items you know you will need during your first week in Toronto will be the first step you need to take.

    Family unpacking in their first week after relocating to Toronto
    Unpacking your belonging is a good way to start making yourself feel at home.

    Get your documents in order

    When you move to Toronto, the first thing you should do is get bureaucracy out of the way so you can explore the city later on. With Mississauga office movers, you can relax about your move and focus on setting up your documents to date upon arrival. When you arrive at your new home, don’t forget to update your address on any documents, such as your ID and driver’s license. If you’re moving to Canada from the U.S., you will need to get your SIN (social insurance number). This is a nine-digit number that is mandatory for working in Canada. You should also set up a new bank account for yourself.

    Spend your first week after relocating to Toronto exploring your new neighborhood

    After arriving in Toronto, with Number 1 movers Van Lines you will know your belongings are safe. Now is the time to get to know your neighborhood. Go for a relaxing walk and talk to your neighbors. You might want to find the closest grocery stores to make shopping easier and to make yourself feel less like a stranger. Your first week in Toronto should be all about exploring! Some of the things to explore first are:

    • grocery stores
    • farmers market
    • pharmacies
    • nearest bank
    • public transport stations

    Figure out the way around the TTC after relocating to Toronto

    Knowing which public transportation to use to get from your house to your desired destination in Toronto is crucial. With help from office movers Burlington Ontario, your office will be moved smoothly. Your job is just to learn how to commute there. Luckily, the TTC is very convenient and accessible! This is why most people turn to public transportation instead of their cars. SInce Toronto is a big city, busy traffic and situatins where you can’t find a parking space are common occurrences.

    Passengers on the subway
    Getting to know your way around the TTC is a good way to spend your first week after relocating to Toronto.

    Go to a local restaurant or a coffee shop

    Toronto is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of great restaurants and coffee shops! This is a great way to have fun and relieve all the stress caused by your relocation.With so many great local coffee shops that the city of Toronto has to offer, you will surely enjoy visiting them, and you might meet new acquaintances along the way!