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How to safely move expensive artwork?

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move expensive artwork

Packing and moving all of your belongings sometimes can be done without professional help. If your belongings are not very valuable and you have enough time, you can invite some of your friends and family members, and have a DIY move in no time. But if you have valuable belongings, this is never a good idea. If you need to move expensive artwork, you are going to need professional Ontario moving services. It is the only way to make sure your belongings are safe the entire time on their way to your new home. There are some cases where you can move your valuable belongings by yourself, of course, but you shouldn’t do it if they are fragile.

Start as soon as you can, and find the best movers

If you are not certain if something should be dealt with special care or not, this part will be helpful. You just have to trust yourself to make the right choice while following some simple instructions. Just think about how much would you lose if something got damaged in the moving process. If perhaps, you damaged your desk or your chair, it can easily be refunded. Or, you can get a new one. In case you hire the best furniture movers Ontario, you won’t have to worry about this in the first place. They will make sure every single item you own is moved to your new home without any damage.

Your valuable belongings need to be moved with the most care possible

But, if you feel like, in the case of some of the belongings get damaged, you won’t be able to refund it, you might want to take a step back and hire professional residential services. This way, you can be sure that your valuable art will be relocated without getting lost or damaged. This is really important to think about at least one month before the moving day so you can hire movers and make all the necessary arrangements.

What is really important is that you realize that these kinds of relocations should never be taken care of at the last minute. You want to go ahead and take care of everything as soon as possible. Finding a great moving company is not an easy thing to do and you will need time for it. So, get right at it before it’s too late.

How do you move expensive artwork?

Dealing with a relocation that involves moving special items, like valuable artwork is never easy, but you can be sure that you can do it if you organize. There are some steps you have to take, and you can read all about them in the following lines:

  • Separate your expensive artwork before you start packing
  • Get a professional packing service
  • If you want to pack by yourself, make sure you use the right packing supplies and pack these items
  • Label them
  • Tell the movers what they are
  • Track them
  • Separate them in your new home
  • Unpack last

If you follow these rules you can be pretty certain that your belongings will be moved to your new home in no time, and without any worries.

Treat this part of your move as a separate project

You have to be aware that your valuable art has to be moved with the most care if you want it to be safe until you get it to your new home. This is exactly why you need to separate it from your other belongings before you get to packing. This is the only way for you to be extra careful and not relax in the meantime. You will need all the focus you can get.

A packing service is a great choice

Making sure that you will move expensive artwork without getting it damaged is not going to be easy, but if you get a professional packing service, it will be much easier. Most of the items that get damaged during the relocations, get that way during the move itself. But if they are packed just right, that can easily be avoided. Just leave it all to the professional moving and packing services. They will make sure your belongings get safely to your new home.

moving truck
Getting professional packers and movers can be a great choice

If you choose to get packing and moving help, make sure you check the BBB website and be sure that you are hiring the best movers you can choose. This way, you can be sure that your movers are certified and reliable.

Pack by yourself

If you are not up for packing and moving services, you can do this by yourself. The first thing you need to do is to make sure you get the best packing supplies. Then pack and wrap your valuable belongings. Once you are done, you can be sure that you have done your best to protect your belongings. Label them by writing FRAGILE on every side of the box. Make sure you tell your movers that there are fragile items inside. You can be sure that these items will not be lost on the way. Place an iPhone or a tracking device inside one of the moving boxes and you will be able to track them during the relocation.

a box
Make sure you label all the boxes

Once the move is over, you can unpack them

Once you successfully move expensive artwork, you should not unpack it first. You should wait and unpack everything else first, while your art is sitting in a room, so you don’t get it damaged while unpacking around it. Once everything else is unpacked and in its place, you can be sure that your valuable art is safe for unpacking. Then you can put it in its place, without having to worry if it’s going to get damaged.