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How to return part of your moving investments?

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    Everyone knows that moving is not cheap at all. It’s understandable that moving all your belongings, getting packing supplies, hiring Number 1 Movers will cost you a considerable amount of money. However, most people move only once or twice in life. Additionally, the cost of the move will depend on the size of your items, distance of the move, time of the year, etc. You will need to invest some amount of money in your relocation. But, you can also return part of your moving investments. Here are a few ways how you can earn some money during relocation. 

    How you can return part of your moving investments? 

    Not every move will cost the same. The cost will depend on many factors and the main would be the size of your items, the distance of your move, and whether you will be hiring a moving company or doing a DIY move. Additionally, two moving companies can charge you differently for the same relocation. For this reason, you should get a free moving quote from a couple of moving companies and choose the best one. Also, there are ways to return part of your moving budget such as: 

    • Sell furniture 
    • Host a garage sale 
    • Sell packing supplies 
    • Sell some of your belongings 

    Sort your belongings before relocation 

    There are a couple of ways how to save money during relocation. The first step is to choose the cheapest time of year to move which is often winter. For this reason, try to schedule your relocation somewhere between November and April. Another important step during relocation is an inventory of your items. You certainly don’t use every item in your home. There are items that you just keep in your garage or some other storage place in your home. As many movers charge their service by the size of your items, you should get rid of items that you don’t use and need in your new home. 

     return part of your moving investments by decluttering items
    Keep only items that you use

    Sell items that you don’t use 

    Moving your furniture long distance is often very expensive. Furniture is often big and bulky. For this reason, it’s not the easiest item to move. So, you should sell it and earn some money instead. You can host a garage sale where you can sell other decluttered items as well. Also, there are sites for selling used furniture. 

    You can donate and claim charitable tax credits 

    Selling your decluttered items is not the only way for returning money spent on relocation. You can donate your belongings to charities and claim charitable tax credits. There is a way for calculating your charitable tax credits and finding out which charities issue official donation receipts. 

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    You can return part of your moving investments by donating and claiming charitable tax credits

    Don’t keep your packing supplies after relocation

    One of the ways to return part of your moving investments is to sell your packing supplies. There is no point in keeping packing supplies after relocation if you don’t plan to use them again. You can sell used moving boxes on Craigslist and earn some money this way.