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How to properly reward your Ontario movers

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Are you satisfied with your relocation? Did everything go down smoothly? Good! Now the only thing left is to reward your Ontario movers. There is a lot of things you can give them as rewards, but one of the biggest and the best will be represented in the following article. After reading, you will know exactly what you can do to reward your movers for a job well done.

Reward your Ontario movers based on your relocation

Not every relocation is done the same way! Depending on how many items you had to transport and how far you had to go, you should reward your Ontario movers accordingly. Now, there are several factors you have to have in mind when you are thinking about a proper reward such as:

  • How many items did they have to carry?
  • How far was the moving truck from your home?
  • Did you have an elevator?
  • How heavy are the items?
  • Are they working under hot Sun or cold winter?
a happy woman thinking how to reward your Ontario movers
Reward your Ontario movers based on how satisfied you are with your move

These are the most influential factors that will decide how big of a reward you want to leave to your Ontario movers! Have in mind that moving is hard labor, and most people can’t do this properly! It requires some special set of skills that you probably do not poses! Which in this case, you can substitute with hiring Number 1 Van Lines! With the professionals at your side, you can rest easy knowing that your items will be transported with care!

Did they take good care of your items

Every person has those very valuable items in their homes. Even those items with high sentimental value as well! And for them, it is important that their movers are taking good care of them! If you are dealing with movers that do not know how to take care of valuable and fragile items, then you are in for some troubles. But, on the other hand, with reliable movers, you will know that they will pack your items properly! You do have an obligation to point out the items they need to be extra careful around! If you notice that they are putting an extra effort into packing them, then you should think about the ways to reward your Ontario movers.

Movers will always use new moving boxes Ontario. Because that is the only way they can pack you properly and safely! This will benefit you a lot because you will know that they are placed in brand new boxes that can protect them well during transportation!

Make some tasty snacks

As we mentioned before, moving labor is a hard type of work! Because they are moving heavy items in whatever the conditions you should think about several ways to reward your relocation crew! Now one of the best ways you can do it is to make quick snacks for them. You can serve them these snacks when they are resting from packing and loading items in the moving truck. Especially if you are moving on a hot summers day! The hot sun can bring a lot of issues if people do not take care of themselves when under it! This is where you and you quick snack making recipes come in handy! Make sure to serve them with something refreshing like ice-cold lemonade or water! We know it sounds a bit ungrateful, but trust us, they are also human. Despite the fact that they are doing their job, it is absolutely ok to treat them well if they are doing a good job!

Plate with snacks
If the move is hard then offer them with some good snacks

Professionalism is always welcomed

Every moving company that holds up to its values and professionalism will seek to give you the most of their services! The professional moving crew can be hard to find! Not only that but also customer support people! Which is why it is important for every moving company in Ontario to have a good crew in their midst! Furthermore, if you happen to hire reliable movers then you are in luck! Not only will they guide you through your moving process but also try to accommodate your schedule as much as they can! This professional etiquette is something that people value nowadays! Especially if you are hiring movers to transport your valuable items! With the right moving crew, your items will be handled with the utmost care! And what sets the professionals from amateurs? They know for certain all the tips on moving fragile and valuable belongings!

checked happy face
You can always leave a positive review

There are many ways you can reward your Ontario movers! One of them is sure to leave a tip after the move is done! When it comes to some unwritten rule of tipping, you can either tip from 10-20% of the full moving cost that they can split between themselves, or give everyone an hourly pay as a tip. Either way, they will surely know that someone is treating them good and will return tenfold!

Leave a positive review

As with every business, it is important to have happy and satisfied customers! In the moving business, every happy customer means two more potential customers. Since the good word will and can spread out! One of the biggest rewards for your Ontario movers is to leave positive feedback on their website! Tell everyone how they handled your relocation and how they treated you! Any potential new customer will be happy to read that they can hire a professional moving crew for their relocation!

There are many ways you can reward your Ontario movers. And we presented you with the best one there are! After reading our article, you will have a good idea about how you can reward them for the job well done! If you have some other creative way of rewarding, please share it with us! You can do it in the comment section!