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How to prepare your art collection for a long distance move

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If you have a relocation coming up, and a lot of artwork to pack, you have come to the right place. As is typical with handling artwork, there will be plenty of preparation ahead, as well as proper packing, all in order to move it without any issues. In the following article, you will learn how to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move, and not break anything in the process. Still, if you find it to be too much of a hassle, you can always hire long distance movers Toronto to take care of this job for you.

Two paintings and some brushes
It is not that hard to prepare your art pieces for a long-distance move. Just make sure to read all on the subject.

Start to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move on time

Since your artwork is not something you use every day, you will have plenty of time to prepare and pack it for transport. While the process itself will not require any particular skill to be completed, you will still need to allocate some time for tasks that will prepare your collection for a long-distance move. To begin with, you will have to collect all the necessary packing materials, the most important of which include:

  • Packing hay – will be useful for packing sculptures and other bigger art pieces
  • Packing peanuts – something like packing hay, but much easier to find
  • Wrapping materials – you will use these to wrap paintings. Dry paper is a good option, just make sure that it is resistant to heat, water, oil, etc.

These are basic items all long distance movers Hamilton offers provide with their service. They will help you properly prepare your collection for the upcoming road. And, if you already have them at your home, you basically have half of the packing done.

Regarding moving boxes

Moving your paintings is not like moving your socks. You, of course, already know this. However, what we are referring to here is the choice in moving boxes. Namely, unlike your socks, art pieces require special boxes as well as the aforementioned packing materials. Depending on the materials they are created from, some pieces you have may require solely to be wrapped in some materials, sheets or blankets alike. Others, however, might require that you dismantle the cardboard box and wrap it around them. It really depends oh how delicate the art piece is. Once you wrap it, make sure to use packing rope and tighten the wrapping a bit. You don’t want to damage the piece, but you also want to prevent the protection from sliding off.

Girl holding bubble wrap
Proper protection is essential for your art collection’s well being. Make sure to provide enough of it.
If all this seems too frightening to you, don’t forget that you can find a perfectly eligible moving company with a great resume and experience. Their professional packers and movers will know just how to address each art piece you have, further ensuring it reaches the new destination in a pristine state.

Where to find them

Once you realize what kind of moving boxes you need, the time is set to start looking for them. Check your local grocery stores, shoe stores, and book stores for them. In most cases, they will hand them out for free. After all, they receive goods on a daily basis, having more boxes than they can handle. Use them to pack your smaller art pieces and put packing hay or peanuts in the boxes, filling out the extra space.

Now, for more valuable items, you will need special boxes. Some pieces have to be transported in wooden crates, for example. They require sturdy packaging since a higher level of protection is a necessity.

If you are having trouble with finding these packages, you can speak with your local galleries. Explain your intent of moving your artwork. Also, feel free to ask for advice on what kind of boxes you ought to use, as well as the place to find them. There is no better place to seek this information, as they most certainly have plenty of experience and know a lot on the subject.

Preparing your artwork for packing

Probably the most important part of the packing procedure, even though it comes prior to it. During this process, you will have to clean your artwork and make sure its quality is properly maintained for a long-distance relocation. In order to do so, we suggest that you follow the proper ways of artwork protection. It will help you maintain the original value of your items and keep them in mint condition during the long road ahead.

Find a reliable moving company

While you can take care of the packing and preparation process on your own, the moving itself ought to be left to the professionals. You need to find people who are experienced with these kinds of special moves. While your galleries certainly have plenty of info to share on this subject as well, you can still go through the Internet. Finding a good moving company is fairly easy today, what with all the feedbacks and customer reviews.

A man giving a review
It is super easy to find a reliable moving company today, you just have to do a bit of research.

As you can see, in order to prepare your art collection for a long-distance move, there is some work to be done. However, it is, by all means, doable, so long as you start on time. And, remember, if you ever find yourself struggling, call for help. A professional moving company is here to help with just that. After all, you don’t want to put your pieces in any kind of hazard. Your goal is to ensure they reach the destination safely and securely. And that is exactly what experienced movers will see to.