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How to Pick the Best Long Distance Movers in Canada?

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Although every type of move has its challenges, long distance moves are often the most difficult ones. So, when the time for long distance relocation comes, people start looking for professional help. Unluckily, when you start your search for reliable long distance movers, soon you will realize there are a lot of fraudulent movers on the market. Although you want to avoid them, it can be hard for you to do it. Since we are one of the most reputable GTA movers, today our experts will help you stay away from low-quality movers. We will help you realize you will need enough time to pick the best long distance movers in Canada. So, stay with us and learn what to keep in mind when looking for trustworthy and efficient long distance movers. After you rely on their help, you will save plenty of time and energy.

Tips that will help you pick the best long distance movers in Canada

Several years ago, finding quality long distance movers in Canada was a complex challenge. It needed more time for this task and people have mostly relied on recommendations from friends and family. Nowadays, finding any type of service that you need is simple and easy. Everything you need, any time you need, you can find it on the Internet. However, things on the Internet are not always as they seem. Even if you are careful, there are many frauds out there and they will do anything just to get your money. Before they get discovered, they operate freely for years and wait for an opportunity to trick you. Fortunately, our Number 1 Movers Van Lines can help you protect yourself from being a victim of moving scammers. So, let’s see what steps you should take.

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Take this task as a complex project you can cope with.

General tips to choose the most reliable long distance movers in Canada

Although there is no unique formula for choosing movers that will suit your needs, you should not let some common mistakes happen. And no one can advise you better on this than our long distance movers Canada residents love. Since we are one of the finest moving companies in the country, we will warn you things to watch out for when looking for reliable long distance movers in CA. Regardless of the size and complexity of your upcoming move, you should not skip checking out certain things related to your potential moving company. Because if you do, you do risk getting in trouble and regret it later. Here is what to do:

  • forget about rushing and hurrying when you need to choose the best long distance movers in Canada;
  • start your search right away, as soon as you find out that you need to move;
  • take enough time to analyze moving reviews;
  • write down what things to check when it comes to legit licenses the company should own;
  • don’t forget to get in touch with their customer service;
  • make sure they can provide free estimates and affordable rates;
  • check how many years of experience your long distance movers have;
  • ensure they have a variety of moving services that you might need.

Check the company’s track record and license before you pick the best long distance movers in Canada

Selecting reliable moving services requires time. Before you become ready to decide which company to opt for, you will need to consider at least 3-5 companies. Check all residential movers Toronto that you will put on the list of your potential movers. Even if you think that a quick check will be enough, it is better to do a thorough check of potential companies. Take time to research their website, but also take a look at moving reviews and make sure they are honest, trustworthy, and experienced. Don’t rush and consider experiences and impressions from previous customers. This will help you figure out if people have positive experiences with the services they have received. If you will hire them, everything should be in order. Although this process can be overwhelming, don’t give up and check every single company from your list.

An agent showing document to a man who wants to pick the best long distance movers in Canada
Make sure a company has a legit license before you pick the best long distance movers in Canada.

The next thing you should do is to see if your potential movers have a license. So, take time and check if they’re registered at Canadian Mover Association. This is crucial when you need to move your home across Canada. When you know that you’re dealing with licensed long distance movers, you can relax. But if you aren’t sure about it, you can’t get away from concerns about the safety of your possessions. After you make sure your movers have a legit license, you’ll be more comfortable entrusting your belongings to them. So, once your movers arrive and prepare your items for transport, there will be less to worry about until they conduct the move. So, when the time for a selection comes, take only licensed and reputable long distance movers into consideration.

It is time to check the company’s reputation on its social platforms

Living in a world of social media enables us to simplify our lives in many aspects. For a long time, many moving companies have had their profiles on social platforms. Checking them out will get a quick review of a company that could help you move your home safely. Therefore, before engaging in any new services, take our adviceĀ and check who are you supposed to deal with. Some services can completely ruin your plans, and you will be better without them. So, your next station should be social platforms. There you will find different experiences from a huge number of customers. These reviews are testimonials that will help you realize if local movers Toronto are worth hiring.

A person holding a mobile phone
Don’t forget to look for ratings on social media.

Sometimes you can spot a big difference between a company’s website and social media profile. Also, you can easily identify fake reviews and suspicious things about the company. This can be a clear sign for you to stay away and keep on your search for suitable long distance movers. If you want to pick the best long distance movers in Canada, they shouldn’t be any confusing information about them. Most serious and reputable companies such as our Waterdown movers strive to update their profiles and websites. This can tell you a lot about their efforts and commitment to this job. If their social media profiles tell you they don’t care, eliminate them and go on with your search.

Customer service matters

Every company needs to be careful when choosing its representatives. This is crucial for moving companies that help people get through some of the greatest events in their lives. When people are stressed about relocation, they seek efficient services and friendly customer service. If you decide to contact a certain company and their representatives adding a high level of stress over the phone, stay away from them. They are not what you are looking for when you want to pick the best long distance movers in Canada. According to our movers Brampton, the person from a moving company who responds should be considerate and willing to help you find the solution that you seek. That should be someone supportive who can help you get through the process. Remember, only companies who strive to meet your needs put effort to have flawless customer service.

A woman works in the office helps people pick the best long distance movers in Canada
You don’t need people who add anxiety and pressure when you need to pickĀ the best long distance movers in Canada.

Be careful when you ask for a moving estimate

Most moving companies provide all potential customers with free in-home estimates. Of course, if a certain company covers the area where you are living, they will send their estimators soon. In case your location is not included in the area you cover, you might need to pay some money to get an on-site estimate. Instead of this option, it is a better idea to look for moving companies in your area. They will come to your home sooner, and after they estimate your belongings you can decide if you can accept and estimate. So, stick to the tips you are getting from our experts for commercial moving in Canada and keep looking for free estimates. If they charge their arrival, look for another company. Overall long distance moving costs are high enough, so you don’t need extra charges.

A man crouching and looking at the boxes
Our movers will come to your home on short notice and estimate your upcoming move.

Regardless of the size of your move, you should not sign any commitment before you receive moving quotes. Whether you need to move your home or need office movers Toronto to move your office, make sure to ask for your estimate on time. If movers tell you they can’t provide you with an estimate in a week or two or even a month, give up on them. You risk wasting time while they could give you an estimate that you find unacceptable. But if movers answer they can’t provide in-home estimates and they force you to accept only online quotes, don’t you fall under the pressure. Although virtual consultations sometimes can be the only way to save time and appoint your move, we don’t recommend that when you need to move long distance.

Accept only in-home estimate

Since long distance moving costs are often high, you will need an estimator at your home before you receive an estimate. Once they take a look at your possession, they will have a more clear picture of the scope of work. That will help them evaluate the most efficient way to conduct your move and determine a fair price. Before they start working on the estimate for your move, they need to consider all details. From the weight of your load to the dimensions of your shipment, reliable movers should include all factors before they provide an estimate. So, remind them of special requirements, fragile items, and other specific tasks they should help you with.

A brown modern house
Firstly ask your movers for an in-home estimate.

Many moving companies would not be able to give you all services you need. That will also help you choose outstanding long distance movers in Canada. So, take the advice from specialists from Toronto moving companies and determine what services you need. Then find a few movers who offer those services and ask for on-site estimates. Check if your movers own all the needed equipment and tools to remove and transport your possession safely. After you guest all potential estimators from moving companies, you are ready to select movers for an upcoming move.

Rethink overall impression and choose the top long distance movers Canada has

Searching for experienced movers that will lend you a helping hand when moving long distances is a huge undertaking. This project includes considering so many factors and most of them are very important for the success of your move. When you contact a certain company that offers long distance moving services, keep all important questions in mind. Find out if they have many years of experience and ask for all details about the services you need. Be free to ask them what will happen if something goes wrong and you will see how adaptable they are. Of course, check if they have a license and insurance and make sure they would not run away and steal your money. Compare their offer and prices with other moving companies and make sure they have fair price points.

After reading this comprehensive article, our moving specialists are confident you are ready for a big decision. We genuinely hope our advice will be helpful and you will pick the best long distance movers in Canada. If you need any additional help on this task, be free to contact our Number 1 Movers. With our long distance movers, your upcoming move will become an exciting experience. We are looking forward to your call and we are always ready to share with you all the details about our moving services.