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How to move your business from Mississauga to Toronto

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A woman thinking how to move your business from Mississauga to Toronto

Are you considering relocating your business from Mississauga to the bustling city of Toronto? This move can open up a world of opportunities for your company, from a more dynamic business environment to a larger and more diverse talent pool. However, even though there are only 30km between the two cities, you need to prepare for every step of the relocation process carefully, from financial planning to marketing strategies. Fortunately, with the assistance of professionals such as Number 1 Movers Van Lines, you can finish this task much quicker. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do to easily move your business from Mississauga to Toronto and unlock new potential for your company!

Benefits of moving your business from Mississauga to Toronto

Before you make any big business decision, such as moving your whole company to another location, you should consider the implications of this choice. According to movers Mississauga, plenty of people transfer their operations to Toronto because of the human capital this city offers. Namely, Toronto, as Canada’s largest city, offers access to a significantly larger customer base than Mississauga. On top of that, here you’ll find more industry events, conferences, and business associations, making it easier for you to connect with potential partners, clients, and collaborators.

Team meeting in an office
There are several benefits of an office move from Mississauga to Toronto, and a diverse workforce is one of them

Toronto is also much more demographically diverse, and it’s even known as one of the most multicultural cities in the world. As such, by working from here, you can tap into different markets and adapt your products or services to meet the needs of more people, potentially boosting your sales and brand recognition. Of course, since more people from all over the world live and study in Toronto, you’ll have access to a larger number of skilled professionals. They will bring unique experience to the field and drive your business forward!

Quality of life and business incentives also attract entrepreneurs to this city

Both the City of Toronto and the provincial government of Ontario offer attractive economic incentives to encourage business growth and investment. These incentives may include tax credits, grants, and subsidies that can significantly lower your operational costs and enhance your bottom line. So, before you start a business in Toronto, make sure to research these options thoroughly and compare them to the ones you had in Mississauga.

Two coworkers in a bar
Your employees might have a better quality of life in Toronto, so they’ll be happy to move for work

Moreover, Toronto has several industry-specific neighborhoods, such as the Financial District, the Entertainment District, and the Technology Corridor. Depending on your business’s niche, moving to one of these areas can provide you with the source of innovation you need. Besides, just being located in Toronto can give your business a competitive edge in terms of visibility and credibility. That’s because customers and partners often view Toronto-based businesses as more established and trustworthy, so it might give you the push you’re looking for! Finally, beyond business, this city offers a high quality of life with diverse cultural experiences, top-notch healthcare, and excellent educational institutions. This can help attract and retain top talent, enhancing your and your workforce’s overall satisfaction.

Financial planning is important if you wish to move your business from Mississauga to Toronto with ease

One of the very first things you’ll need to do when planning your office move from Mississauga is to put together a solid budget. This budget should cover both the one-time expenses and the ongoing costs you’ll have to deal with once you settle in Toronto.

Also, it’s a good idea to implement some of best financial tracking and reporting systems using software like Cube or Anaplan. Then, regularly review financial performance against your projections and ensure you’re on target. Of course, while planning for success is crucial, also prepare for unforeseen challenges. Consider what steps you would take if the move doesn’t yield the expected results. For instance, if your projections indicate that the Toronto market is not as receptive as anticipated, have contingency plans in place, such as scaling back operations or exploring alternative markets.

Numbers to keep an eye on

The first step in making a comprehensive financial plan is to compare office space costs in Mississauga and Toronto. Keep in mind that a prime downtown Toronto location may command significantly higher rental rates than a similar space in Mississauga. For instance, an office space in Mississauga costs around $25 per square foot, while a similar space in Toronto’s Financial District would cost more than $65 per square foot. To manage this expense, consider alternative solutions, such as co-working spaces or subleasing part of your office. Alternatively, look for cheaper Toronto neighborhoods for startups to move your office to, as in the northern Toronto suburbs, you can find an office for as little as $30 per square foot.

A woman on the phone calculating the costs to move your business form Mississauga to Toronto
Inform yourself of all the expenses that come with moving your company from Mississauga to Toronto

On top of that, you should factor in the cost of renovations or alterations to the new office space. They will vary depending on your company’s demands, but you could spend a lot of money on refurbishing your new office before you even more there! On the other hand, if you plan to buy a house and use it as your new office, consider not only the house price but property taxes as well. In Mississauga, the property tax rate will increase by 3% in 2023. Meanwhile, in Toronto, it will increase by 5,5% this year. Therefore, make sure to include this expense in your financial plan to avoid unexpected costs.

Logistic considerations for your upcoming office relocation

When you’re gearing up to move your business from Mississauga to Toronto, you can’t underestimate the importance of logistics and operational considerations. This includes coordinating the transportation of office furniture, equipment, and inventory to your new Toronto location. To help you out, consider hiring reputable commercial movers in Mississauga with a track record of helping companies move to a different city. They will be better versed in securely transporting sensitive equipment like servers and computers than you, so trust them with this process!

Mover packing an office
Experienced movers can help you move your business from Mississauga to Toronto with ease

Once you choose your movers, develop a realistic timeline for the move that minimizes disruptions to your operations.  Determine which services or processes will be temporarily halted, which will continue, and how you’ll manage any gaps. Then, communicate these changes clearly to your team to maintain productivity. Finally, check whether there are any legal or regulatory considerations specific to your industry. Even though you’re moving a short distance away, make sure that your business licenses, permits, and certifications remain valid.

Support your employees through this process

Moving to a new location involves more than just transferring office items; it also means relocating your staff. Understandably, this change can induce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety among your employees. Therefore, you should take steps to maintain office productivity during the move and ensure the well-being of your employees. One of the ways to do that is to invest time in actively listening to their questions and concerns and responding with clarity and transparency.

a manager explaining the details of moving a company to Toronto
Hold a meeting with your employees and tell them about their role in the upcoming relocation

Also, consider the logistical aspects will moving from Mississauga to Toronto for your employees. If they don’t move with you, they will have to add at least an hour to their commute time. So, if possible, offer assistance with transportation, such as subsidies or shuttle services. Additionally, take into account the potential impact on their daily lives. If employees are facing changes in childcare arrangements or work hours due to the move, be flexible and accommodating where possible. Helping employees navigate these changes will ease their transition and maintain their loyalty to your organization!

Don’t forget to inform stakeholders and clients on time that you will move your business from Mississauga to Toronto

According to commercial movers Toronto, notifying your business partners about the upcoming relocation is a step you need to approach carefully. After all, you want to keep them around, so make sure to clearly communicate the reasons behind the relocation, emphasizing the benefits it will bring to the company. To ease their doubts, share information on the timeline of the move and any potential impacts on ongoing projects or investments. It’s a good idea to host informational sessions or webinars where they can learn more about the move, ask questions, and voice any concerns they may have. This proactive approach builds trust and transparency, reassuring stakeholders that you’re making informed decisions.

Equally important is informing your clients about the upcoming change. Reach out to them well in advance to explain the move and how it may affect their interactions with your business. Be upfront about any potential disruptions in services and articulate your commitment to minimizing any inconveniences. To ensure a smooth transition, appoint a dedicated point of contact who can address any concerns or queries from both stakeholders and clients. This person should be hands-on when it comes to the specifics of the move and capable of providing timely updates about the progress you’re making.

Make sure the IT connection works according to a schedule

Relocating your business from Mississauga to Toronto presents an excellent chance to reassess your hardware, software, and network systems.  Not only will you be able to declutter office items you no longer need, but you can also identify areas where you can make improvements. Start by comparing your equipment compatibility with the new office space, heightened capacity demands, and potential cybersecurity advancements. Following this evaluation, make strategic decisions regarding the replacement of office equipment that may have become less efficient.

IT equipment in an office
Set up your equipment on time and ensure everything works before you open up your new office

To minimize downtime during the move, establish a comprehensive plan for IT equipment relocation. Of course, you will need to label all the equipment, cables, and servers to reassemble them later effectively. To be on the safe side, consider testing IT systems in the new location before the official move to identify and resolve any potential issues. Finally, active IT support and troubleshooting should be readily available during and after the move. So, make sure your IT department is ready to tackle any challenges and provide assistance to other employees as they settle into the new environment.

Storage units can be a lifesaver for commercial relocations

As a business owner, making use of storage units Toronto or Mississauga moving companies offer can have many advantages. For example, a storage unit presents a convenient and well-organized space for temporarily housing your office inventory or even documents until they are ready for transfer to your new location. This adaptable and space-efficient approach proves especially valuable when you’re downsizing your office. Additionally, storage units can also help you decorate your new office, as you’ll have more free space to work with.

In scenarios where your new Toronto office needs renovations, a storage unit guarantees the safety and security of your assets while these improvements are in progress. Furthermore, this is a practical solution when you have a gap between moving out of the old office and into a new one. This strategic choice contributes to the continuity of your business operations, effectively minimizing any potential downtime or disruptions.

Good luck with moving your business from Mississauga to Toronto!

To sum it up, the success of the decision to move your business from Mississauga to Toronto depends on many factors. You’ll need to plan everything carefully and do in-depth research, as well as get professionals to help you out. After you make a comprehensive relocation strategy, you’ll need to secure an appropriate office space and collaborate with experienced moving professionals. The next crucial steps involve the seamless transfer of your IT infrastructure, updating contact details, and fostering transparent communication with your employees. By actively executing these measures, you’re laying a solid foundation for a move that not only ensures a smooth transition but also positions your business for growth and long-term success!