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How to Make Long Distance Move from Toronto Easier on Your Pet?

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You have finally found a perfect spot and you decided on moving your family. Great news! But before you can settle in in your new neighborhood, you must endure a hard and tiresome moving process. And it is twice harder if you are moving with pets. Before you can call your Number 1 Movers Van Lines, you must figure out what to do with pets and how to make them comfortable with this relocation. But worry not because we will help with advice on what to do before, during, and after the relocation.  Let’s make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet. And we will make this relocation much easier for everyone involved.

Cover all the moving stages first so you can make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet

In order to make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet, you must cover all moving-related obligations. Start by creating an inventory and moving checklist. Note down all steps you will take, and inspect your entire home along with belongings and furniture. Once you know how much stuff you have and how hard your relocation is, start searching for long distance movers Toronto has to offer. They will help you with most of the moving stages and they will relocate your belongings safely and affordably. Just make sure you are working with a trustworthy moving company. Ask your movers if they are licensed and permitted to work.  Also, they should have the tools and equipment to relocate safely. Check prices, services, and calculate your moving costs once you are ready for it.

mover packing glassware
Cover all moving stages in advance, especially packing. This way you will have more time to spend with your pet.

Lastly, compare movers across the board to find the right moving team. For example, compare Number 1 Movers vs Atlas Van Lines and choose one that suits you better and has more lucrative moving services. What’s left is to start packing. Remember, the packing will take most of your time. Therefore, visit your local home depot and purchase the packing materials required. Do it in advance to give your supplier enough time to deliver when you need them. This way you will reduce stress and have a more pleasant moving environment for your pet and the entire family.

Maintaining the routine is important

As a pet owner, you probably have some kind of routine along with a walking and feeding schedule. Therefore, you should give your best to maintain your pet’s lifestyle. And you should do it after as well as you did before the move. It will be tough once the settling-in begins. This is normal because a lot has changed with this relocation. So, maintaining the same routine is extremely important because it will reduce stress and help your pet adapt. And your pet won’t realize something is going on. Although, your pet can feel your energy if you are stressed out and more. Hence, try to calm down while you are next to your beloved pet.

To make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet you should visit the new environment before moving in. Inspect your home and figure out where to establish your pet’s new safe haven. Also, you should get familiar with the area and figure out where is the nearest pet shop, vet, and park where you’ll have your morning walks. You can even bring your pet with you to begin the learning process straight away.

Creating a pet-friendly environment will make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet

Think in advance about your pet’s toys, feeding bowls, food, and other belongings. While packing, you should find a box and place all your pet’s belongings inside. This box should be labeled properly and you must know exactly where it is in case you need anything. Also, you should unpack this box first and create your pet’s familiar environment right from the start. Create a space where your pet can feel safe surrounded by familiar items. Those can be their favorite toy or a blanket. So, you should create this environment as soon as you move in. Moreover, it would be nice if you can stop by one day before the relocation and create a perfect setup. This way your pet can start adapting as soon as they walk in.

a cat playing with a cord
Prepare their new home as soon as you can. This will make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet.

Show extra love to your pet!

We shouldn’t tell you this because we are sure you already know you must pay closer attention to your pet while relocating. They are surely confused, shaken, and anxious because of all the commotion caused by the moving process. If you have time, it would be nice now and then to take them out for a walk, play fetch, or simply roll in the grass or on the couch together. Sure, this is easy for cats and dogs. But if you have a more demanding exotic pet, it might be a bit harder. Nevertheless, your pet needs more love now than ever. Hence, make short breaks and spend a few minutes with your pet. It will calm them down if nothing else.

Some pets require more attention than others

As we have already mentioned, some pets are more demanding. It is the case with exotic pets who ask for a perfect replica of their natural habitat. Of course, they have other demands as well when we talk about feeding, playing, and other activities. So, keep this in mind while preparing for the move and act accordingly. Moreover, if you have such a pet, you must notify your long distance movers Canada beforehand. Some moving companies won’t move exotic pets at all. So be sure to double-check this info. Now, let’s quickly cover the steps you must take to prepare your pet for this journey. Consider the following:

  • Visit a local vet for a health checkup.
  • Obtain info about the local pet hotels in case you want to leave your pet there while packing.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate carrier and other accessories your pet requires. Especially for exotic pets.
  • Consider using professional pet moving services. Pet Taxi is mostly used for this situation.
two dogs with their owner thinking about how to make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet
Spending time and giving them love should be enough to distract them until the relocation is complete.

So, no matter if you have a snake, lizard, spider, bird, or you want to transport a fish, all are equally complicated. Those pets can suffer a lot while relocating. Try to find the best solution and if needed, transport those pets in your personal vehicle.

Move in and start settling in

Moving pets is equally hard as when you are moving with elders and kids. They can be a distraction and what makes it so hard is that you cant communicate with them clearly. You must know how your pet behaves and prepare a moving environment accordingly. Once you do, then you have a potentially harder part that can last for a long time. Yes, the adaptation period. Some pets can feel depressed and homesick for quite a bit. This is why it is extremely important to have their natural habitat or a place they can call home ready as soon as you move in. The only thing to decide here is whether to create one before you move in or on the very same day. We recommend doing it in advance if you have enough time to spare.

And now you know how to make long distance move from Toronto easier on your pet. And even with all this knowledge, your pet can refuse to cooperate. Hopefully, you’ll have an easier relocation and a bit of time to spend with your pet. It will surely help a lot and reduce the moving stress for everyone involved. Good luck.