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How to Make an Inventory of Household Items When Moving Long Distance From Toronto

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Every year a big number of people decide it’s time to change their surroundings and move. Though the reasons for that choice are different some things are still the same. In every move, there are certain steps you need to take in order to make sure that everything will be smooth and fine. For example, finding reliable movers like Number 1 Movers Van Lines, switching utilities, packing, and making an inventory. Doing inventory before a move is very important. If you are new to this we are here to teach you how to make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto. So keep on reading!

What is an inventory?

A household inventory is a list of your personal belongings. It is a method where you write down all of your property. This way at any time you will be aware of all of your possessions. This is important even when you are not moving. Even if you are a homeowner or renting a place, having everything you own written down will be of big help. Having everything written down will help you and your GTA movers during the moving process.

This list can be used in different cases. For example, it can help you determine the insurance coverage you need as well as for use in your personal net worth statement. Having a list also helps you determine if you need any replacements of furnishings and equipment. If you live in a dangerous neighborhood where burglary and vandalism are common, your insurance company requires a listing of all items stolen, lost, or destroyed.

a notebook next to a coupe of coffee
Make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto in order to keep track of all of your possessions.

Make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto. This way you will know what you have in the boxes. Moreover, if anything happens your insurance will cover any damages or losses. Believe it or not but labeling your boxes and an inventory list can make your move easier and faster. 

Where to keep your inventory list?

Make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto, but also make one after you move in as well. But where should you keep the list of all of your possessions? Of course, you can understand how important the list is. A single piece of paper containing all of your valuables as well as every device, appliance, furniture, etc. It’s a dream come true for anyone who wishes to rob you. So it’s common knowledge that only you and certain people like for example your long distance movers Toronto can see the list. Movers need it to make sure everything arrives safely. But other people should not see your list.

A person typing a list of things to do before moving
We understand not everyone wants to deal with making an inventory before moving. But don’t look down on this as it is very helpful.

So where do you keep such important documents?

  • Keep one copy away from your home, in a safe-deposit box. This way you can access it whenever you want but no one else can see it.
  • Keep a copy in the home file on your laptop. Make sure you use passwords to protect the file

How to make an inventory of household items when moving long distance From Toronto

There are a few ways to do an inventory of your household items when before moving with commercial movers Toronto. A lot of people share their advice on how to properly do the inventory, and you can find them all by a simple search on the internet.

Woman wondering how to Make an Inventory of Household Items When Moving Long Distance From Toronto
You need to make a full home inventory. Not only of your possessions but your partner’s as well.

Here are just some of the tips:

  • Create well-described location names and clearly label all locations where items may be stored.
  • Use well-organized, consistent, and unique descriptions of your items.
  • Keep item identifiers short, and unique, and try to avoid common pitfalls.
  • Have a good starting count of all your items, their locations, and any other relevant inventory data
  • Use inventory tracking software. Spreadsheets or written lists do not work well in the long term.
  • Create a solid inventory management schedule and try to follow it even after moving

Different ways to do the inventory

Even if you are using the local movers Toronto has to offer and not doing a long distance move the importance of an inventory doesn’t change. But it is even more important to make an inventory of household items when moving long distances from Toronto. The longer the move lasts the bigger the risk of your items getting damaged.

To start, you can even use your phone, if you are in a rush. You can photograph or videotape every item in your home. Using a video with an audio recorder or a tape recorder can also be good. This way you can verbally describe the contents as you go room by room. Don’t forget to open closets, cabinets, cupboards, and drawers. Take close-ups of unique or expensive items to document their existence and condition in order to have them on tape and pictures for your insurance. But don’t forget to date everything recorded and photographed. Make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto in any way you can think of.

Camera filming someone who is talking about how to Make an Inventory of Household Items When Moving Long Distance From Toronto
Using your phone or camera to film, can show the exact condition of the items before the move.

You can do the inventory while packing!

You can do the inventory at the same time as you are packing. Just make sure to do this before long distance movers Canada has to offer, arrive. Make list on your laptop while you pack. Of course here a packing plan helps a lot. You can either do it room by room or make a plan some other way. But while you are packing write down everything you pack. This is also a nice way to declutter and get rid of any unnecessary items you don’t need.

To make things even simpler, you can make categories. Like clothes, jewelry, appliances, electronics, etc. And write down everything you pack that belongs in those categories. Write down the number of similar items you have packed, like for example, the number of plates, forks, etc. As well as their current state before the move.

What other information is needed?

Is there more to making an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto? Well, when you write everything down there are some things that should be included. Include the original cost, the date purchased, and any alterations or repairs done on the item. Especially if the repair or alteration increased its value.

It can include the current cash value of the item. This is useful when determining your net worth. Also, it’s useful to determine the amount of insurance coverage needed. The current value of the item is an estimate of what the item is currently worth to others. When describing items especially larger ones be as detailed as possible. For example the size, wood type, color, any damages, etc. Your Toronto moving companies will be thankful for your great help.

Home insurance policy paperwork
The insurance company can’t give you a proper policy without knowing the worth of the items in question.

As for antiques, art, and other items that are worth a lot more than they look, special attention is needed. Take them to get appraised in order to determine their exact worth. When they get praised you will get paperwork with all the important details written down for you. And with this their insurance can make a precise policy.

Why you should do the inventory?

Are you wondering why you should make an inventory of household items when moving? Well, there are many reasons with some being quite apparent.

  1. Coverage – Even if you are shopping for insurance for your first apartment, or for the same house you lived in for years, a home inventory can show if you have enough personal property coverage. If your items come to a certain price then that’s the amount of insurance coverage you will need.
  2. In cases of something happening in your home. For example, a fire, flood, or something gets destroyed. You can contact your insurance and the whole process is smoother if the list is present. Especially when it comes to valuables such as art, antiques, gold, etc.
  3. You will not forget smaller items if something bad happens to your home. People tend to remember the bigger more eye-catching items first. And some smaller items you don’t see that often can easily be forgotten. But with an inventory, you will be paid for everything you have lost.
  4. If you are too lazy to write or don’t want to spend too much time in order to make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto don’t worry. Nowadays technology is advanced and we all have cameras and phones. And among others, there are also computers and other things that help.

Declutter before you move

When you make an inventory of household items when moving a long distance from Toronto it’s the perfect time to declutter. Even if you have professional movers helping you to transport all your items, there is no need to move some things you never use. Decluttering your Toronto home before you move will make the packing process faster, plus you will cut down moving costs.

A yard sale

Decluttering can help you cut the moving costs and speed up the packing process.

What to do with items you don’t plan on moving?

Here is what you can do with the items you no longer need:

  • Donate: People often say that the things we don’t need or don’t have any use for is a treasure for someone else. So you can donate clothes, shoes, and other household items in good condition to several local charities. Also, some furniture that is in good condition can go to The Furniture Bank. All in all, there is no need to keep items you don’t need or don’t see in your new home after the move.
  • Recycle: Glass, plastics, and paper can go straight into your recycling bin. This is a nice way to take care of our planet and your town as well as it will help keep trash off of the streets.
  • Organize a garage sale: This is a nice way to say goodbye to your neighbors as well as get rid of some items. Not only can you earn money but you can have fun as well. Prepare a barbeque or get some refreshments and call your neighbors over. And place some items for sale. We guarantee you have something that the people around you have been eyeing for some time now.
  • Rent a dumpster: Not everything will be in good enough shape to donate or sell. Renting a dumpster is an affordable, stress-free option if you have a lot to get rid of, or larger household items you’re throwing away. And some companies can help you with this as well. They can deliver it to your doorstep for an affordable price.


It’s not that hard to do the inventory when you combine it with packing. All you need is to be just a little bit organized and you will manage to do this with ease. Before you start make a plan. Mark the “hot zones” where you tend to put most of your clutter. And make sure to start on time as sometimes depending on the amount of work it can take a while. Make an inventory of household items when moving long distance from Toronto in order to make your move safer and easier. Just contact your moving company on time to secure your spot and you can start taking care of the inventory and packing.