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How to inspect your new home

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    Once you are done moving there is only one thing left to do. And that is to inspect your new home. Here you will find out what are the major issues you need to pay attention to before you fully move in. One of the best ways you can focus on this is by having Number 1 Movers helping you move. Then you will have more time to focus on what you need to do with your new home. Here is what you need to know.

    Make sure to inspect your new home before you unpack everything

    The thing is you will have a hard time if you try to unpack first, and then inspect your home. Your new place is now probably empty, and that is leaving you a good opportunity to reach out to certain places you couldn’t otherwise. It is important to remember this because, in an event of having a major issue to solve, your handyman won’t be able to reach it. That is why you have to spend a day inspecting before you unpack after the move. And if you have too many items, you can store them in storage in Canada. You can come back for them later after you are done with a home inspection.

    kitchen you will have to go through as a part of inspect your new home guide
    It is a good idea to inspect your new home before you fully unpack

    Check the pipes

    While you are still unpacked, you need to go around the home and check the pipes for any leaking. This can mean a lot because leaking can really damage your walls, floors, and other pipes as well. It is important to check your kitchen sink and bathroom and make sure they are in perfect condition. And you are wondering why is this important? Well, those are the places where you will make your meals and take care of your hygiene. And leaking can attract pests and create mold. That can seriously ruin your health. If you have moving services handling your move, you can make a plan on what to do if you know that you are going to have to handle this.

    fixed pipes
    Make sure that your pipes are working properly

    Mold is one of the worst things you can have in your home. Especially if you are respiratory problems like asthma. That is why knowing how to deal with mold is very important. That will give you enough knowledge to completely clean your home before you move in. It is a good way to know that you are living in a clean place.

    By now, you know what you need to do to inspect your new home successfully. It is a good bunch of information that can bring you a lot of benefits. Same as with reading our blog. We have a lot of good guides that can help you move with ease. So why not visit our website and find out more.