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How to have fun when moving with kids?

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    A grandparent hugging his granddaughter - have fun when moving with kids like they are having!

    What are the things that will probably cause most problems during your relocation? For some, this is packing! It is often long and exhausting and takes a lot of energy. For others, it is hunting for reliable moving companies. But once you are working with Number 1 Van Lines, you don’t need to worry about that either. Then, there is logistics – but again, once you are working with professionals, you do not even need to worry about it! However, there is a hidden volcano of stress just waiting to erupt – and it’s your kids! Moving is already very stressful for you, but would you believe us that it can be even worse for them? In order to calm them down and try to solve this “issue”, you should try to have fun when moving with kids. Find out how to do it in this article!

    Understand why your kids are under stress

    The first thing you need to understand is why the moving process will be stressful for your children. People often forget about this fact – and this can be one of the biggest mistakes when moving with children. They often cannot grasp the move as much as you can – no matter how old they are. And one of the most natural things that can happen when you tell them you are moving is for them to throw a tantrum or rebel. Why do they do this?

    a sad and angry girl
    Moving is stressed for your kids!

    Well, we are all just creatures of habit. We do similar things each day – go to work, come back, and then do stuff to relax and unwind. We talk to the same people, work with the same people, and see the same people each day. This is our support system. We rely on this routine when we feel out of place or worried. And the same applies to your kids! However, as you know, emotions you feel when you are younger are much more intense, and so, you need your support system more.

    Children are used to the people they get in touch with every day. Moving out of your home basically “plucks them out” of this system. They try to fight it – and they end up fighting with you. This is why it is important to be careful when talking to your kids. You need to be firm about your decision to move – but also make sure to tell them you are there for them. This is also the reason why you need to try to have fun when moving with kids and help them deal with the stress!

    Have fun when moving with kids by involving them in the process

    One of the best ways to help your kids deal with the moving stress is to get them to think about other things. The best way to do this is by involving them in other activities. And is there a better activity than helping you with the move?

    Think about what your kids can do for you. For example, a lot of people choose for their children to pack their room by themselves. So, get some moving boxes Ontario and let your child pack up their favorite toys or items. However, it goes without saying that you should keep your distance, but still overlook the process. Some kids might be tempted to pack everything – and your budget might not allow it.

    a child with toys
    Let your kids pack up their own toys.

    Another thing that you should try to do is get them excited about your new home. You can do this by getting them to plan their new room. This moves their focus from being sad about their old room to being excited about the new one. And you never know – they might actually have some really good ideas that you can use when setting up the layout of your new home!

    There are things they can also do during the moving day. For example, they can be there with a fresh beverage to help the movers while they are loading up their truck. However, there is a thing to note here – you need to make sure they will stay safe on moving day. So, sometimes, it might be a better option to have your kids stay with a friend or relative. Of course, this depends on their age, but a lot of experts advise against children being around when packing up your old home.

    Research about your new location

    Another thing that might get your kids excited about the move is researching about your new location. There is a lot of resources to look into, and you can have fun when moving with kids in this way! First, check the Ontario website as well as the local websites of the city you are going to. Then, you can look for different books that talk about it, articles, TV shows and so on. You might want to organize a quiz about it – though just talking through it with your kids might be better.

    a boy reading a book
    Your kids can read about their new location to get excited about the move!

    If you can, you should also try to visit the city you are moving to. This might not be able during a long-distance relocation, or when you are running out of time, but seeing their new home might help get them excited. See if they can find some fun activities for you to do after the move – this will both keep them busy, focused, and excited about the moving prospect!

    But most of all – be honest about them. You are the parent, but it is perfectly fine to talk to them and let them know that the move affects you too. However, together, you can help each other, have fun when moving with kids and make the most out of your experience!