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How to handle disputes with movers?

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    With any complex process that requires a lot of time, organization, coordination, communication and multitude of “moving parts”, there is bound to be some misunderstanding in it. Moving is no different. Sometimes these are small and easily solvable, and other times, there are real problems that can add even more stress to the whole process. The thing is that that disputes like that can be very disruptive to the move and therefore, very costly. Not only that they can mess up the final counting (some disputes revolve around services being billed that were not used or of which use the customer was not informed) or simply hike the price up by messing with the process of the move, elongating it or destroying and damaging the property… Therefore, the question of how should one handle disputes with movers is a very important one. We will try to cover it as best as we can right here, so read on.

    Honest job from the beginning!

    Disputes often come from a misunderstanding that is rooted deep, from the beginning. These, in some cases, even come from an unfair agreement signed between the parties, either by accident and unprofessionalism or by malice and as a result of a scam. To avoid these, you should only do business with reliable, licensed professionals So, for example, what should you look out for when you are looking for short or long distance movers Canada?

    Honest job from the beginning!
    A good deal will make sure that you avoid a lot of misunderstandings as possible!

    There are a number of ways to identify what company you should do business with, and what are not so suitable for your trust. Therefore, for a process so important as moving your life is, what should you pay attention to?

    What you should pay attention to

    Let’s go over what’s important to look out for:

      1. Good, clean and informative website – For some this might seem inconsequential, but companies that pride themselves in their online presence are also the ones that do the same for their offline, actual work. Therefore, companies with website presentation in mind will surely have great respect for the customer. Furthermore, with all the information, such as license information, contact number and reviews clearly posted, a chance for a misunderstanding lowers significantly.
      2. A great number of positive reviews – Probably the best way to see just how good at what they do movers are is to hear what their previous customers have to say about their service. Now, Canada is a big country. It is not as you can just go around and ask people about their experience when you have literary thousands of moving companies all around the country. But, you can avoid even having to handle disputes with movers if you simply read up online on reviews. Yelp and often their own websites will offer such reviews in plain sight. Be sure to check out more than stars. Read to see if they, previous customers, had any problem with lack of clear communication, hidden fees, damages, being late, etc.
      3. Good communication – As we stated a few times, communication is key. That contact number you found of movers Cambridge Ontario? Call it and ask for help. Inquire about any possible details. This is not only to find out more useful info, but also to see if the company is willing to give it easily and is clear in the way they communicate.

    Calm down

    The key to the effort to handle disputes with movers? Remain calm.

    Moving is stressful enough with only the hovering possibility of something going wrong. But when something actually occurs. Like your stuff being lost or late or movers not being there on time… things can get even worse! It is really easy to just feel angry or sad and to burst out. But, even if you are dealing with unprofessional movers and the damage was preventable – do not lose your temper. 

    Good communication
    Live or over the phone – be civil!

    First off, it will help you in exactly zero ways. There is no way in which you getting upset will solve the issue. You have to remain calm to have a clear view of the problem and possible solutions.

    Secondly, you ought to stay calm so that you can communicate your vows clearly. If you are moving a long way, for example, moving to Ontario, you need to able to communicate with your long-term movers. And, to continue with that.

    Good communication

    Hamilton moving services, and any other moving services that are professional and reliable for that matter, always have clear communication. But be sure that you are civil too. Before you call, check if you are calm and collected enough to be clearly understood.

    Yelling over the phone will do little to nothing, only making sure that movers are not really sure of what to do now. So be clear in the way you communicate the problem. If, however, the movers are the ones that are rude or dogging clear questions, be sure to go towards more serious solutions. Legal actions. 

    Handle disputes with movers through legal actions

    If nothing works. If they are uncooperative in their communication. Unrepentive when they did something on purpose to damage your stuff or your wallet, you have one last option, and that is legal action.  There are two main versions of this. First and foremost you can seek arbitration hearing. Under some circumstances, especially if the cost of the damage is high, they can deny this.

    Good communication
    If all else fails, file a claim!

    If that is a case, you will have to sue them. Therefore if all else fails, check your agreements and have your paperwork in order. After that, you can move on and go into court.


    When you want to handle disputes with movers you have to be sure that you are calm and collected. After that, be sure to see if the movers are negligent or scammers, or if the mistake is an honest one. If all else fails, get as much paperwork as possible and sue.