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How to find an office in Burlington

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people sitting in a spacious office

Anyone can find an office in Burlington by browsing through the many online ads and websites. However, the tricky part is finding a space that matches your budget, current needs, and your potential to grow. There are also brokers which can help you look for office space, arrange walk-throughs, and make deals with the seller. It is good to use the help of a broker while doing your own research. There is one thing that can make or break any office, and that is access to stable internet and phone services. Aside from this, there are many other factors you need to think about when looking for your new office space. This is your business we are talking about, so do not take this search lightly and do your due diligence.

Figure out how much space you need

Usually, your space needs depend on the number of your workers, so keep that in mind. So, before you hire Burlington office movers, do some math first. Think about the type of workspace your employees need, and whether or not you need a conference room. In most cases, a single employee needs from 70 to 150 square feet of space. This is different for management-level employees, who need from 15o t0 300 square feet. In addition to the regular workspace, decide if you need a conference room, a waiting area, or any other client-orientated space. Lastly, add service rooms to the whole number. This means copy rooms, a kitchen, break rooms, and other supply rooms.

three people sitting in a modern office
A good working environment will keep your workers happy

For a rough number, figure out the average square feet per employee, and multiply that with the current number of workers. Add around 30% of space for common areas such as the kitchen. Then, to account for future growth, add about 30% more space, or any other number that fits your business model. You will grow as a company for sure, so it is better to plan ahead than move again.

Find an office in Burlington based on the needs of your clients and workers

In addition to figuring out how much space your employees need, you need to know what they will expect from their surroundings. This applies to your future clients as well, not just the employees. Depending on the type of business you are trying to run, you can benefit from specific interior design. This includes parking space, as well as access for workers and clients with special needs. These are the common things to consider when thinking about your client’s and workers needs:

  • Interior layout. – The ideal layout of your building depends on the type of work you do, and the type of workspace your employees need. The amount of meeting space and service areas for your clients is also important. The kitchen, supply rooms, mailrooms, and server rooms are the basic utility areas you also need to think about. Regardless of the layout, reliable Burlington local movers will have no problem doing their job.
  • Parking space. – Your parking needs will widely differ based on the number of your employees, as well as the clients that regularly visit your office.

For example, a tech or a development company needs an open and collaborative work environment. On the other hand, a doctor’s office needs a more divided workspace with isolated, private rooms.

Keep your budget in mind

One of the biggest problems any business has is money and budgeting. You need to estimate your budget based on the average costs of rent, as well as financial constraints. Your ideal budget can be figured out by taking the average rent price and multiplying it with the total workspace you need. You should add the maintenance and utility costs to this and then review your finances. This will give you a realistic budget. It is important to keep in mind that Burlington is one of the most affordable cities in Ontario. To find an office in Burlington, you will have to pay around $1.80 per square foot per month. In comparison, the rent in San Francisco is around $5 per month. You can calculate the cost of your desired office by getting the average price for your area, and multiplying it with space you think you will need.

person in front of a laptop trying to find an office in Burlington
Do your research carefully and hire a broker to help you

Do your research to find an office in Burlington and explore

Narrowing down your options will help a lot when picking your next office space. Collect background info, and contact the real estate agent for a tour. Do the research on security features and the building’s age before any tour. This will help you prepare and get familiar with the property. During your visit, observe the surrounding area, the parking spaces, and other features you think may be important to you and your workers. If you are dealing with a commercial broker, they will provide you with background information on every property. They will then attend every walk-through with you and make sure all of your questions are answered. If you chose to do this without a broker, you will have to contact the listing agent yourself and schedule a tour on your own.

Negotiate your lease and make a deal

When you locate an office that satisfies your needs and fits your budget, it is time to negotiate a lease. If you hired a broker, they will do the talk for you and secure the best possible price. If, however, you chose to do everything yourself, be careful with the paperwork and the terms regarding rent. There are three types of commercial leases available:

person signing a lease for their new office in Burlington
Carefully read the lease terms and always negotiate the price
  • Full-service lease. – Under this lease, the landlord is responsible for everything including the insurance and expenses. Insurance is important, so ask about it when negotiating. Maintenance, repairs, utilities, and janitorial services are also included. This is the most common type of commercial leases and the best one for the tenant.
  • Modified gross lease. – Under the modified gross lease, the tenant pays for a part of the property taxes and insurance along with their rent. This means that the rent on a modified gross lease is fixed, and there are no hidden surprises waiting to happen. If you want to find an office in Burlington, this is a very reliable option to choose from.
  • Net lease. – This is an agreement in which the landlord charges a lower annual rent compared to a full-service lease. However, it can include costs like property taxes, insurance, and other common maintenance fees.