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How to choose the right boxes for storage?

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    There is more to filling a storage container than just fitting all of your belongings into a certain area. Choosing the appropriate boxes is critical for organizational purposes as well as for the safety and security of your goods. Boxes exist in a variety of sizes and materials, and each type serves a specific purpose. And, while it’s tempting to simply stuff everything into the largest box available and call it a day, it’s worthwhile to take the time to make prudent judgments and choose the appropriate boxes for the task. So how do you choose the right boxes for storage? To begin, you must understand the various types. Let us dissect them.

    a storage box
    It’s important to choose the right boxes for storage, especially if you’re renting a storage unit.

    Types of moving boxes

    A lot is dependent on what kind of box you use. Decide on the option that makes the most sense for you in terms of the objects you want to store, the length of time you expect to keep them, and the area where they will be kept. Moving boxes come in a lot of different types and sizes. And you need to make sure to choose the right ones for you. We at Number 1 Movers have small boxes, medium-sized boxes, large boxes, extra-large boxes, wardrobe boxes in all different types of materials. We have:

    • cardboard boxes,
    • plastic bins,
    • specialty boxes.

    Depending on what you will be storing, we decide on which one is the best for you. In the next few paragraphs, we will talk more about which boxes should be used for various purposes.

    How to choose the right boxes for storage?

    We agree that cardboard moving boxes should be utilized for their intended purpose – transportation. However, it is not uncommon to store objects in these inexpensive boxes for an extended period of time. The fallacy originates from the concept of packing it once, determining whether you want the item immediately, and then storing it in the appropriate location – garage, attic, basement, shed, or off-site storage. It’s sometimes wiser to take the time to unpack all of your belongings following a move, and then carefully store each item according to where it will be used. As we proceed, we’ll go over circumstances when cardboard boxes aren’t the best choice for long-term storage and help you choose the right boxes for storage.

    Cons of Using Cardboard Boxes for Long-Term Storage

    To store cardboard boxes correctly, you must first understand all of the issues with cardboard boxes. Firstly, cardboard degrades faster than plastic and is more sensitive to heat and humidity. Secondly, cardboard boxes age faster. If you store products in cardboard boxes for a long time, don’t anticipate the flawless condition of your items. And last but not least, bugs love cardboard boxes and their contents. We know that is not what you like to hear.  Before using a cardboard box, you also need to consider what is being stored and where. A concrete slab or another outside flooring for a shed? Remember that moisture is bad for cardboard boxes.

    Unsealed concrete slabs and outdoor flooring will leach moisture, soaking a cardboard box on the ground and the goods within. This can destroy your things and mildew or mold will grow in the box. If you choose to stack cardboard boxes, the bottom box walls are now vulnerable, and the stack may topple. Some objects, we can’t even store in boxes, let alone cardboard. A piano, for example. And for that purpose, we have a whole array of other moving supplies. If you happen to need a piano moving service, check this page out to find out how it’s done.

    a cat in a cardboard box
    Be careful about what you’re storing in your storage unit as well. Remember that there are certain restrictions. You can’t store foods or live things, for example.

    When to use plastic bins?

    Occasionally, it is preferable to err on the side of caution. Plastic boxes and totes are impervious to moisture and water as long as they are properly sealed. Additionally, they are less prone to collapsing when piled. These storage alternatives are more resistant to the outdoors and far more resistant to insect infestation. Plastic boxes are available in an array of colors. One advantage of these containers is the added organization they provide. Organize your valuables in storage by storing them in transparent boxes with a variety of colorful lids. You can utilize lids that match the subject matter of the items you’re keeping. You may also create a legend for the colors and adhere it to the storage area’s wall.

    Plastic storage boxes are available in a variety of sizes and require no adhesive to assemble. They often feature locking lids, and the clear ones allow you can see what you’re keeping — an excellent way to acquire or stay organized.  If you hired a moving and storage company, always check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are accredited. That way, you’ll avoid your things not being delivered on time or getting damaged.

    When to use specialty boxes?

    Consider utilizing specialty boxes for items that are exceptionally fragile or precious. These boxes are intended to properly store a certain sort of object. Specialty boxes are helpful for a variety of purposes, from keeping dishes and seasonal decorations to storing art and flat-screen televisions. They are available in both cardboard and plastic. One of the primary benefits of utilizing specialized storage boxes is that they make tough objects simpler to pack, with inserts that prevent items from shifting and moving about. They are somewhat more costly than standard boxes but provide additional value in terms of convenience and security. Together with our specialty boxes, you can also utilize our specialized moving services. Whether you need your IT equipment or fine art relocated, we are here for all of your moving needs.

    a specialty box
    Always use specialty boxes for fragile items. 

    Consider the circumstances of your storage place while deciding on a long-term storage box. At times, cardboard boxes will suffice, but it is preferable to stay with sealed plastic totes. Are you unsure where to find and choose the right boxes for storage? Visit any of our storage in Canada to obtain a range of high-quality moving boxes in various sizes.