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How much does it cost to hire professional movers in Toronto ?

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    Toronto is the center of many of Canada’s businesses, and as such, it provides many economic prospects to newcomers.

    Toronto is consistently regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world, with a reputation for being an interesting, varied, clean, and safe place to live.


    Finally, it is time to move, and you, like many others, are wondering what the typical cost of hiring professional movers in Toronto is, or just asking yourself: How much does it cost to move, and how to calculate moving prices. Keep in mind that, as with most household services, you get what you pay for when hiring movers. With over 3.500 moving firms in Toronto, Ontario, it is easy to fall into the hands of dishonest movers. Some firms will not provide anything other than movers; and in this article, we will highlight some of the things to be careful of while collecting quotations from moving companies and movers rates.


    Most people who move from one apartment to another across town or to the next city gather a group of friends, rent a U-Haul truck, and everyone pitches in to load and move. Assume you’re relocating to a small apartment and don’t have a lot of boxes or furnishings. In that situation, this is frequently the most manageable and cost-effective option.


    When it comes to moving, however, it is usually advantageous to hire expert movers. They’re simply better than your group of pals, unless your friends are true professional movers. Movers have the experience to complete the job better, faster, and with less danger of damage to your items.


    Most professional  movers in Toronto charge by the hour, and employing two guys with a truck will cost between $110 and $150 per hour, depending on the amount of experience and skill. Moving within the city of Toronto will cost roughly the same, $50 to $80 per hour each mover.


    An additional mover will cost between $50 and $80 per hour.

    Any packing services you require will cost between $50 and $80 per hour.


    In most situations, a one-time truck price of $85 – $150 is included, which includes petrol and mileage.


    Additional fees may apply if you need to transport any specialist objects, such as a treadmill or a piano.


    Based on hundreds of moves in the Greater Toronto area, These fees should include dollies, moving blankets, stretch wrap (to shrink-wrap your furniture with moving blankets), tools used by the movers to assemble/disassemble furniture, and Moving Kits such as wardrobe boxes that are loaned out for the day of the move. It is only valid for relocation within the stated serviced region, and petrol fees (minimum $75) may apply for moves outside of the area.


    Some movers have established prices and rates for certain city-to-city relocation. Find out from the people you’re thinking about hiring.


    These are some of the most important considerations for your move, as well as an estimate of the average cost of relocating in Ontario. Check out our Cargo Cabbie extensive list of packing and moving services for more information on your move.