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How much does it cost to hire a mover in Regina?

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    Moving from one place to another is a difficult process that begins with planning, budgeting, and enquiring about different moving companies and finally ends with settling down in your humble new abode. One has to make several decisions along the way that may drastically impact the outcomes they had expected in the very first place. The main reason for hesitance, especially for office moving, is the expected loss in the course of the transition, not majorly due to mishandling of expensive machines and valuable paperwork but because of the gap in revenue-generating possibilities. In simpler words, the amount of time lost translates to opportunities wasted. So, before choosing a particular mover, one needs to be aware of the circumstance that is applicable to their cause and then decide on the same. Here is a breakdown of how much it costs to hire movers in Regina:


    • Local Moving – This type of moving usually involves the transition to a place nearby that is accessible in a short period of time. Service providers usually charge about $150 per hour and the total cost comes down to the range of $700 to $800, assuming the goods being shifted belong to a family which includes 4-5 people.


    • Long Distance Moving – This is a case which is common among people who have left their job and have shifted to a new territory in hopes of employment or maybe when their promotion guarantees a new role elsewhere, far away from their existing place of residence. For cross-country moving, the total cost varies from $3000 to $7000, and the distance between the two places, or rather, the cost of fuel to cover such distance has a great impact on the price.



    • Office Moving- It is hard to put a finger on the approximate office moving costs because different types of offices have different accessories which dictate what their needs are and even the scale of transportation is factored into the cost. For example, moving machines from a hospital will not be the same as moving antique goods from a museum. Still, the hourly rate for two movers is around $120 per hour, excluding the truck.


    • Automobile Moving- This kind of moving takes place when one wants to shift his car along with residential moving but does not want the car to be driven across to the new place of residence. Automobile moving is also required for transporting cars purchased from a distant location. Charges for the same range from $1000 to 3000$ across Canada and depends on the size and type of the vehicle along with the distance covered.


    Ultimately, the cost of hiring movers in Regina differs from type to type but some factors like distance and number of workers have an overbearing effect on calculating the total amount to be paid. While some other variables like time of the year and labour charge for packing and unpacking do have an effect on-ground, they do not hike the overall cost to a region of irrationality.