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Household repairs after the move

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wooden ladder beside painting materials

Moving into a new home is a moment full of joy! You are about to make some great memories in your new home. But before there are some things that need to be done. After you move with Number 1 Movers you will need to inspect your home and see if there are any repairs that need to be done if you haven’t done this before. Not every home will need to be fixed but some of them do. If this is going to be your first time fixing, here is a list of household repairs after the move.

tools for household repairs after the move
Painting your walls is one of the household repairs after the move that can elevate the look of your home.

What are the most common household repairs after the move?

There are many things that you can do to elevate the home you have just moved in with the help of residential movers from Canada. Some of these things are going to take some time, while others are quick and easy to do. These are the common repairs that you will be able to do on your own most of the time:

  • Painting the walls
  • Changing old outlets
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Flooring repair and cleaning
  • Replace hardware
  • Upgrade your bathroom

Fresh paint will make your home look new and help you settle in better

The person that lived in your new home before you must have made small holes in the walls with nails in order to hang pictures. You can use the spackling compound to fill smaller holes and a joint compound for bigger holes. This is something that you can do on your own. And plus it will not require a lot of time. In order to get settled into a new home, you will need some time to adjust. Nothing is like it used to be, so you will need some time to adapt. One thing that can make your home feel homier and cozier is fresh paint. It will also elevate the look of your new home.

Moreover, the cost of this small household repair after the move is not big, so it’s accessible to everyone. You can either DIY this project or hire a professional to help you out. If you can, move your furniture to another room while the space you are painting isn’t finished. However, if you don’t have a spare room, opt for a storage unit. You will easily find storage in Canada that offers short-term renting. With a plethora of storage units on the market, you will be able to find the one that fits your budget easily.

outlet wall plates
Remove the old outlets and replace them with new ones.

Changing outlet wall plates is one of the most important household repairs after the move

Another household repair after the move that will upgrade your home is – replacing old, ugly outlet wall plates. This is a low-cost repair, that doesn’t seem like it does a lot but it can elevate the look of your home tremendously. This is not a complicated task; however, be careful when removing them. If they are very old and damaged it is better to call an electrician. They will do this job safely and swiftly.

Household repairs after the move: Cleaning and replacing carpets

No one wants to have a dirty, rusty carpet lying in their home. A good cleaning of carpeting is necessary as soon as you move in with the help of your local movers. There are many products on the market that are strong enough to remove all kinds of stains. Moreover, if you have a vacuum cleaner of a new generation it will most likely have a feature that will help you clean your carpet well. You can also rent this type of cleaner in your local hardware store for a small amount of money.

Wooden floors are delicate and need maintenance

If you love hardwood floors you should know how to maintain them, in order for them to be nice and shiny. Good-looking floors are a great accessory for the decoration of your house. So before you put all your furniture, make sure to clean them and repair if necessary. You will find many cleaning products adapted for the wooden floors in stores. However, products that we recommend are the ones that contain isopropyl alcohol. It dries quickly and is not harmful to your wooden floors. Don’t use steam to clean your floor. Steam will damage the floor and you will have to replace it.

an empty room
If you maintain your wooden floors they will stay nice and shiny for a long time.

Replace or refresh old hardware

Another small repairing trick that will make your home look good is replacing old hardware. This is a fun and cheap thing to do. It is easy to do, even if this is your first time. You just need some free time and a screwdriver, and you are ready for the job! If you like your existing hardware, but don’t like the color, you can spray paint them. You will have brand new hardware in no time!

Bathroom repairs are the most essential

A bathroom is a place where we spend a lot of time, thus we want it to look nice. You don’t have to repair your whole bathroom; small tweaks will make it look great. What you can do is:

  • Change faucets
  • Replace showerhead
  • Change the toilet
  • Paint your walls and tiles
  • Add some decorative shelves

Doing these small things will make your bathroom look fabulous! They don’t cost a lot and most of them you can DIY.

Take your time and make a list of things you want to repair

There is no need to rush. Take your time and decide what the things you want to repair first are. Make a list and write what tools and materials you will need in order to do this. Once you have finished writing your list, calculate everything to see how much these reparations will cost you. Doing this will help you set a budget. Household reparations after the move shouldn’t scare you. This is a standard thing that everybody does. A little by little you will see your home transform into a beautiful place that you always dreamed of having.