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Guide to moving long distance while pregnant

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    A woman resting before moving long distance while pregnant

    Life is unpredictable and full of surprises, which is why it happens that you find yourself in a situation to be pregnant and moving far away. Moving cross-country may be chaotic and demanding, and being pregnant at the same time puts more pressure on you. However, no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, cross-country moving isn’t impossible. Number 1 Van Lines, one of the best movers in Hamilton Ontario, made this a guide to moving long distance while pregnant. It’s no secret that pregnancy can take a toll on you. Combine that with the tedious and lengthy process of moving, and you’ll get quite the nerve wrecker. With the help of this guide, you’ll learn which crucial steps to take before moving day. On top of that, you’ll also learn how to prepare for the move and what to pay attention to. Now, let’s see how to make your move during pregnancy a lot easier!

    Help is not only wanted but highly recommended, just like planning

    Of course, depending on your pregnancy, it might be easier or harder to do all the work by yourself. You know best how you’re feeling, and you know how tired you get from various activities. Keep in mind that it’s not wrong to spoil and treat yourself, or to take it easy. Everything you do, you’re basically doing it for two, and this puts great stress on your body. With that in mind, you could find someone to help you with moving long distance while pregnant! But to whom can you turn when it comes to relocation?

    • The best option is to hire licensed long distance movers Canada relies on. Of course, who can help you better than the professionals themselves? With a good, reliable moving company in Canada, you know that your belongings will be in safe hands.
    • If possible, for a more budget-friendly option, you can also ask your family members for help. It might even help ease your mind if you’re surrounded by the ones you love.
    • When you want to both prepare for the move and have fun, nobody’s a better choice than your friends. Seeing the people you know so well and having them help you out while you’re pregnant will surely put a smile on your face.


    moving long distance while pregnant moving toys
    When you move during pregnancy, it’s best to avoid stress and too much physical activity.

    But of course, the key to a good, successful move is planning things early on. Even if you’re not pregnant, it makes sense to start your move planning early. Long before the move, it’s vital to take care of tasks like managing your utilities, getting bids and quotes from long-distance movers, and creating “to-do” lists. Again, if you can’t do it on your own, get help or ask for advice.

    Moving long distances while pregnant doesn’t mean you can neglect your health

    It is recommended that you see your doctor before moving so that they can give you the all-clear. All pregnancies require consistent prenatal care. However, even if you’re trying to finish everything in time for your move, make sure to not miss any appointments. You should also have a doctor in your new location even if you are in your first trimester and far from your due date. Within days of your arrival, you should at the very least have appointments set up to meet the doctors you are interested in. It’s important to take your time while making this important decision, so don’t feel pressured to pick the first obstetrician you meet.

    ultrasound of a baby on a screen
    Make sure to go to checkups regularly and choose a new doctor in your new location.

    They say that stress is bad for the baby, and they’re right: it’s bad for you both. If your doctor or obstetrician tells you to take it easy and not strain yourself during your pregnancy, you absolutely must listen. Perhaps the easiest way to avoid excess physical strain is to hire a moving company with Hamilton moving services. Additionally, be sure to have copies of your medical records on hand or request that your doctor sends them to your new healthcare provider. You might also wish to look for additional services in your new neighborhood to help you with your pregnancy. A midwife or new gym where you can continue your prenatal exercises would be nice to have.

    A few other things you can do to make the move easier

    Although these were some important things that can greatly help you when you’re relocating during pregnancy, that’s not all. Besides hiring pros such as furniture movers Hamilton trusts, and preparing your new home beforehand, you can also do the following:

    packed boxes by a window
    Moving long distance while pregnant will be a breeze if you follow these steps.

    Another helpful piece of advice is to wait before buying baby supplies and furniture if you haven’t already. It will not only save time, but it will also save you money as well. Once you move in and make yourself comfortable in your new home, you’ll be able to better assess what you need, where you want to put things, and how much space you actually have available. All in all, everything has a time and place during the move, whether you’re pregnant or not.

    We hope that our guide to moving long distance while pregnant will help you combat the stress and pressure you’re dealing with! Number 1 Van Lines Van Lines knows how stressful relocation is, and we want our expected clients to experience only comfort. With our guide, we doubt that you’ll have a hard time. However, with our movers, we know the move will be a breeze. If you find yourself stressing over the move and are unsure how you’ll manage because of your pregnancy, you can rely on trustworthy moving companies.