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Great ways to spend family time in Burlington after the move

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Lake Champlain in Burlington

Moving to Burlington with family can be a challenging task. All the moving preparations can cause a lot of stress and bring negative energy into your life. That is why you should plan some things to spend family time in Burlington and relax after the move. Moreover, there are many activities you can enjoy in Burlington as a family and have a lot of fun! This is going to be needed in order to release all the stress that accumulated during the move. However, the first step you should take in order to reduce your moving stress is to hire a reliable moving company. The move is less stressful when you have Number 1 Movers by your side. Stay with us and read the article to find great ways to spend family time after the move.

Burlington’s Waterfront Bike Path is a great place to spend family time in Burlington after the move
Bike rides along the lake are a great way to spend family time in Burlington after the move.

Make time for family relaxation after the move to Burlington

After every move, many tasks need to be completed. However, find some time to relax after the moving companies Burlington movers have deposited all your items. You and your family must be exhausted from all the moving, and the rest is more than necessary. Recharge your batteries and start planning ways to spend family time in Burlington. Furthermore, how you spend time with your family is more important than the number of hours. Quality matters more than quantity. Some of the reasons why spending time with family is important are:

  • To strengthen the family bond.
  • Learn new things.
  • Learn about one another.
  • Let your kids know they matter.

Burlington is a very versatile city and it has many cool activities to offer. Here you will find just a few of them that you can do once you move there.

Kayaking is a great way to spend family time in Burlington

If you like a bit of adventure then kayaking is for you! Head to True North Kayak on the Lake Champlain. You can get yourself a guide that will teach you about the rich historical and natural history. You combine the adventure with a learning experience. Kids will love it and you too! This is going to create great memories. Moreover, since all the guides are professionals your kayaking experience will be safe and fun.

A woman and a kid kayaking on the lake.
Go for a family kayak ride on the lake.

Rock climbing is an adventurous activity for the whole family

If kayaking isn’t enough adventurous for you, go rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing is great for a whole family, it’s safe and it keeps you fit and healthy. Moreover, it will help you improve your strength and will challenge you to achieve new things. There are different levels of difficulty, based on your abilities. If this is your first time you can get a coach that will explain the whole process. Usually, the kids are the bravest ones and they get it instantly. Furthermore, if the whole family likes it you can go rock climbing outdoors. Moreover, since you just moved to the city of Burlington this is a great place to meet new people and make new friendships.

Go for a bike ride along the lake for the best view

Burlington is the perfect place for those who love biking. Get your bikes out of the Burlington storage and go for a ride with the family. Burlington’s Waterfront Bike Path – also known as Island Line Rail Trail – is a great way to see Lake Champlain. It is a 7.6 miles long trail. Also, this is a great way to discover Burlington. You get to enjoy the view of the lake and be active.  Don’t forget to stop along the way and take family pictures. Furthermore, the view of the lake from the bike trail is breathtaking and it will make great family memories.

Spend family time in Burlington picnicking by the lake

If you want to spend a chill day in the summer, go for a picnic on the lake. There are hidden beaches where you can swim. Your whole family can relax and sunbathe the whole day. Moreover, kids can play by the water and make new friends, while you relax on the beach reading a book. Food and swimming, what a perfect family moment!

a woman rock climbing
Rock climbing will help you improve your strength.

Go to a science museum in Burlington

A fun thing to do is visit ECHO, Leahy Center for Lake Champlain, a science and nature museum. This museum is located on the Burlington waterfront. Here kids can learn about beautiful underwater creatures. If you go to this museum you will discover more than 70 species of fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and reptiles. The scientific museum will inspire you to discover the wonders of nature. The museum offers many educational and most importantly family-friendly activities.  You can take a virtual trip down 120 miles of Lake Champlain or watch adorable turtles in the viewing station. Furthermore, you will discover how the area around the lake looked like during the ice age.

Visit the famous Lake Champlain Chocolate store

You have probably heard about these famous chocolates, now you have the opportunity to try them and enjoy many of their chocolate concoctions.  The store offers many fun and interactive educational experiences for the whole family. They will teach you everything you need to know about chocolate. You will be mesmerized by their chocolate sculptures. Moreover, they offer free chocolate adventure kits for kids. To finish this amazing chocolate experience sit and order the hot chocolate, you will adore it, especially on a cold day! For the summer opt for delicious ice cream or candy bars.

As you can see Burlington is a great place for families. This is just a tiny part of the things Burlington has to offer. Furthermore, take your time to settle after the move to Burlington. Our guide will give you inspiration on where to start and how to spend family time in Burlington after the move. This is the relaxing time you all deserve after all the moving stress that you endured.