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Fun places to visit in Oakville this winter

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Oakville harbor

Not everyone is a big fan of cold, winter weather. That doesn’t mean you can not enjoy some amazing activities Oakville offers even during the winter. You just have to do some research, or let us take the responsibility of informing you. There are a lot of places to visit in Oakville this winter. You should definitely check some of them out. Hire Oakville movers and let’s start the tour.

You can not miss golfing when in Oakville

Maybe winter isn’t the best part of the year to play golf. But in Oakville, there is a Golf Hall of fame to visit and learn some of golfing history. Every person who had some impact on the popularity of golfing in Canada has a place here. It is a place to visit in Oakville this winter that is a man’s dream come true.

Man playing golf at one of the fun places to visit in Oakville this winter
Golf courses are one of the fun places to visit in Oakville this winter

Let the ladies wander a bit, while you emerge in the interesting world of golfing and all the biographies and artifacts this museum holds. This way, you will be prepared for competing on the Glen Abbey Golf Course in the Canadian Open. Oakville has some of the most beautiful courses that will leave you in awe just looking at them. Commercial movers Oakville will get you in the town in no time!

Old Oakville is full of activities

Downtown Oakville will keep the ladies occupied while their men are wandering the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. This part of town is full of great restaurants and bars you can’t go wrong with. Old Oakville is near Lake Ontario and that gives a special feel to it even in the cold season.

a restaurant
There are a lot of restaurants you can enjoy in downtown Oakville

So ladies, if you are into high-end merchandise and a lot of specialty shops, Downtown is one of the places you should visit in Oakville this winter. It will keep you busy all day long. After you are done with shopping you can visit a few art galleries and historic sites that are just breathtaking.

Erchless Estate is a priority among the places to visit in Oakville this winter

Speaking of historic sites, Erchless Estate is a must-see. This was the home of the Chisholm family. If you do not know why they are important, let us inform you. The Chisholm family are the ones who set the grounds for this beautiful town. The home of the town’s founders would have to be on your list.

Girl standing in the snow
Winter is the best time to visit Erchless Estate

Aside from art, costumes and special artifacts, there is a beautiful garden in the Estate. The garden is worth visiting even during the winter. If you are new to Oakville, you can ask for a guided tour of the museum. If you are here for a while, we suggest wandering on your own for a while.

Speaking of historic places to visit in Oakville this winter, here are a few other suggestions:

  1. Old Post Office
  2. Merrick Thomas Farm
  3. Oakville Museum
  4. Sovereign House
  5. Howard Iron Works

Recreational Hockey

How can you live in Canada and not play hockey even just for fun? There are many places to visit in Oakville this winter but you can not miss hockey. If you think you can get good at it this town offers you to compete with other amateurs.

people playing hockey
Have some fun playing recreational hockey

This is an amazing hobby to have, and if you are a resident here, you are in luck. Anyone can find a team and join. The age and gender don’t matter. It is hockey and this is Canada. Everyone is welcome. You will have a team to have a bear with after a game in no time.

Center for the Performing Arts

If ice skating just isn’t your this, do not be sad. As we said, there are a lot of activities to join here and even more places to see. Local and international artists are featured in the Centre for the informing Arts. If you like to be shocked and watch a show you will never forget, this is your spot.

Woman playing a violing
Enjoy some of the best performances in the Center for the Performing Arts

Even if you prefer classical types of art over modern performers, the Center offers that as well. You can watch ballet at the Oakville Ballet Company. And also listen to Oakville Symphony and Wind Orchestra. Oakville is the perfect place for old souls.

Family-friendly activities

As we mentioned, this cute town has something for everyone. Enjoy activities with your children after relocating. There are plenty of places to visit in Oakville this winter.  Kids are fascinated with magic and illusion is a form of magic. Your kids will be delighted to visit the Museum of illusions and take some mind-blowing pictures there. If they are too young to appreciate magic, you can visit Kidsopolis and let their inner monkey come to life. To be able to play as a whole family, visit iFLY Toronto. This is the place of indoor skydiving. It is an amazing experience with such an adrenaline rush. But with none of the dangerous consequences regular skydiving has.

mom talking with doughter
Enjoy a bunch of family-friendly activities here

There is also Aerosport Trampoline Park anyone can enjoy. It may seem childish, but trust us, it is super fun. And your kids will love the way you have fun with them. City life can often stress us out so much. You need to take time and relax. Also, you have to play sometime, not just because of children. But because you need to keep your inner child amused. If you like solving puzzles then try out some of Oakville escape rooms. Even though it looks easy, trust us, it is not. Every single one is different and you will be perplexed every single time. Put your brain to a test and let the escape rooms make it to your list of places to visit in Oakville this winter.

There a lot of activities in this amazing town all year round. Winter is no different. With our list of places to visit in Oakville this winter, you will never be bored! Manage your time right because you are in for a ride.