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Fun family activities to do in Cambridge after moving

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Parents getting ready for fun family activities to do in Cambridge

Moving to a new city can be both thrilling and overwhelming, especially when it comes to finding engaging activities for the whole family. But fear not, as there are plenty of fun family activities to do in Cambridge after you settle there! Whether you’re looking to enjoy natural wonders, dive into the depths of history, unleash your creativity, or simply have fun indoors, Cambridge has something for everyone. So, while movers in Ontario area handle the logistics of your relocation, here are some ideas for spending an entertaining day in Cambridge with your loved ones.

Outdoor adventures you can expect in Cambridge

Cambridge is a nature lover’s paradise, so if you’re planning a summer move to this city, you can take advantage of its beautiful outdoors. One of the must-visit places in Cambridge is Riverside Park, a sprawling green oasis with winding trails. So, take a leisurely stroll with your family along the riverbanks, and let the kids run freely on the playgrounds. Moreover, this park is a perfect setting for a relaxing family picnic or a game of frisbee under the sun. Luckily, you won’t be out of fun activities to do in Cambridge after the seasons change since Riverside Park is also lovely in winter! Then, you can embrace the chilly weather by ice-skating on the frozen ponds, building snowmen, and having delightful snowball fights with the kids. And when the snow falls heavily, sledding down the park’s gentle hills is a thrilling adventure that everyone can enjoy.

A family making a picnic
The best way to relax and have fun after moving is to make a picnic with your family

However, the real gem of outdoor adventures in Cambridge lies in the Grand River. Gather the family for an unforgettable kayaking experience, where you can paddle along the gentle currents while admiring the scenic surroundings. Kids will be thrilled by the opportunity to observe wildlife like ducks, geese, and maybe even a friendly otter or two. If you prefer a more tranquil water-based activity, try a family fishing trip, casting your lines and enjoying quality time together!fa

Fun family activities to do in Cambridge for history lovers

Cambridge has a rich history and heritage, and there are plenty of educational family outings that can explore that. One such destination is the McDougall Cottage Historic Site, which belongs to the Waterloo Region Museum. This charming cottage takes you on a journey to the 1850s, showcasing the life and times of early Scottish settlers. Kids will be fascinated by the engaging storytellers who narrate captivating tales from the past. From traditional music to historical artifacts, the cottage offers a glimpse into a bygone era, making history come alive for the whole family.

If your family loves exploring the city, Cambridge’s historic buildings and landmarks are waiting for you! There are some guided walking tours of the city that provide fascinating insights into its architecture and cultural significance. So, take a walk through the streets lined with well-preserved Victorian and Edwardian buildings, each with its unique stories to tell. Get to know the story of the pioneers who shaped the city’s identity and the events that left a mark on its history. That way, you will learn more about your new city and appreciate it more!

Unleash your creativity after moving to Cambridge!

If your children are artsy, Cambridge has a large number of family-friendly activities that ignite creativity and spark curiosity. For example, The Cambridge Centre for the Arts is offering family art workshops that encourage everyone to unleash their inner Picasso. From painting to pottery, your family can explore various art forms and create masterpieces together under the guidance of experienced artists.

Fun family activities to do in Cambridge involve playing theatre
Not only are theatre performances fun, but they might also inspire your children to pursue acting

Based on their interaction with clients, movers Cambridge can tell you that going to Dunfield Theatre Cambridge is another popular option among Cambridge newcomers. After all, this theatre has amazing live performances that captivate audiences of all ages, from delightful children’s plays to Broadway-style shows. As such, you can spend a fun evening with your loved ones just enjoying the magic of storytelling through the performing arts. Who knows, they might even inspire the next generation of young actors in your family!

There are plenty of options to have fun inside, as well

Don’t worry if you encounter bad weather after moving from Hamilton to Cambridge, as there are many family activities that don’t involve going outside! Your children will have a blast at the Cambridge Funmazing Playcentre, which has multi-level play structures, ball pits, and slides that promise endless excitement. Let the kids burn off their energy in a safe and supervised environment while you relax. Alternatively, for an adrenaline-pumping adventure with laser tag and arcade games, head to the Family Fun Center. If you engage in friendly competitions and challenge each other to beat high scores, you will stay entertained for hours on end!

A family at the arcade
You don’t need nice weather for this fun family activities to do in Cambridge!

For a laid-back indoor outing, head to Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge, where family-friendly movies are screened throughout the year. Snuggle up with popcorn and enjoy the latest animated adventures or heartwarming stories on the big screen. However, if you’d rather have an educational and interactive experience, THEMUSEUM in nearby Kitchener is worth a visit. Designed for curious minds of all ages, the museum features hands-on exhibits that blend science, art, and technology. From building structures with blocks to exploring virtual reality, THEMUSEUM encourages learning through play, making it a perfect destination for families seeking fun and education at the same time!

As you can see, there are many fun family activities to do in Cambridge!

As you settle into Cambridge, the city welcomes you with an abundance of family activities waiting to be explored! From the scenic wonders of Riverside Park to the captivating performances at Dunfield Theatre, and the immersive history at McDougall Cottage, there’s a world of experiences to discover. But don’t stop there! Use this guide for fun family activities to do in Cambridge as an inspiration to seek out your own favorite spots and explore hidden gems. So, pack your curiosity, gather your loved ones, and discover the entertainment opportunities this enchanting city has to offer!