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Frequently Asked Questions About Long Distance Movers in Ontario

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    Deciding to move can be a complicated process. It can be less stressful when it is a short-distance move. However, if you choose to embark on a journey of a long distance move for the first time you will definitely have a lot of questions. Lucky for you Number 1 Movers are here to answer all of your frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario. Keep in mind that hiring a professional moving company with a long history of satisfied customers will remove a lot of these questions from the equation. 

    What are the frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario?

    Many people who decide to move a long distance will have a lot of questions. Especially if this is the first time that they are moving. The best movers in Hamilton Ontario are here to answer all of the frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario. Moreover, the first question that people are concerned about is the cost. “How much does a long distance move cost?” the answer to this question is pretty simple. It depends on the company. Some companies charge by the hour while others charge by distance. However, keep in mind that a lot of moving companies offer a free moving quote. Therefore you are just a phone call away from finding out the exact amount of money you will spend on the move.

    A waving Canadian flag
    Long distance movers are always happy to answer frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario.

    The next question that people usually ask “Is the quote estimate free?”. Yes usually it is free, and if the moving company tries to charge you for this you should definitely turn around and find a new moving company. Another question that many ask is “Do you move unique or very large items? Number 1 Movers move all kinds of items. However, it is important to let your movers know in advance so that they can prepare properly for the move of these items. Informing your local movers Toronto about all the details of these large items will help transport them in a safe way.

    How do you take care of fragile items/antiques?

    This question is one of the most asked because people are concerned about their belongings. Especially the ones that have sentimental value to them. To answer this question, professional and reputable moving companies use various techniques to ensure the safety of the items that are being moved. For example, they use bubble wrap to prevent damage to your furniture and paintings. Moreover, everything is carefully padded and if possible shrink-wrapped. For example, many people were extremely satisfied with the way their items were packed and transported by the movers Oshawa. They always make sure that everything is in order and transported safely.

    A woman writing "fragile" on the box
    If you choose to pack by yourself make sure to label your boxes properly.

    Next on the list of the frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario is “Can you pack my stuff or does it have to be packed?”. The answer is “YES”. However, keep in mind that this is something to be mentioned to the moving workers before the move. Informing them prior to the move will make the packing process much more efficient. Moreover, this is a service that a moving company like Number 1 Movers provides. On that note it is a service, therefore you will pay additional to the original price. Remember to tell the moving company that you require these services before you get the estimated price. By doing this you will know the complete price of your long distance move. North York movers are always transparent with their prices. This is a sign of a reputable moving company.

    Is the move covered by insurance?

    This is a question many people ask because you never know what can go wrong during the move. On that note, professional moving companies always give you insurance for your items upon signing the moving contract. By doing this, the moving companies gain the trust of their customers. And likewise, the customers gain trust in their moving company. Moreover, keep in mind that some items that are very expensive have to be covered by separate insurance contracts. This is very important if you want to have a stress-free move. For example, Kitchener movers are always happy to offer you different deals on insurance to help you relax during the stressful moving period.

    A man giving a woman a contract to sign after discussing about frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario
    Signing an insurance contract will make you worry much less during the moving process.

    Moreover, these are some of the frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario. However, if you have a question that is not on the list. You should call the moving company and ask about anything. The professional and friendly staff at Number 1 Movers Canada will answer all your questions to the last detail. You will surely have no doubts after the phone call. However, if you feel anxious about talking to strangers on the phone you can always write an e-mail. The staff at moving companies is very up to date with answering all e-mails from potential customers. Plus, if you decide to call you should write all your question down on a notepad. So that you do not forget to ask the worker about the specific things you wrote down. The ways in which you can contact the moving company are:

    • e-mail
    • phone call
    • by visiting the company


    By now, all of your frequently asked questions about long distance movers in Ontario should be answered. However, if you still have more questions. Do not hesitate to take your phone and call the moving company, or write an e-mail, whichever one you prefer. Moreover, before you call the company you should always check the reviews thet previous customers left. You do not want to hire a company that has a lot of negative reviews. In addition, hiring a professional moving company with a long history will ensure the quality and the safety of your long distance move to Ontario CA. Whichever moving company you choose. And whichever destination is your new home, good luck with your long distance move!