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Film & Theatre Production Relocation Services by Movers Toronto

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    “Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.” -Ben Hecht

    The aforementioned lines appropriately suit the film, and theatre industries, as these industries are always on the go! Be it the magnanimous collection of theatrical productions, or the technical equipment of film production, we at number 1 movers can be of your assistance when it comes to moving such large, and expensive quantities of items.You can fully concentrate on making pictures move, while we will help move your production.We arrive with years of expertise in moving, and packing entertainment industry items. We are there to help you behind the scenes! We have moved quite a few movie sets as proud movers Toronto, and helped keeping the productions stay on a budget, and on the planned schedule.

    We also do a lot of stage/set/studio moving. It does not matter what size your place may be, as we have done all of this before with mega mansions, and even small rooms. With our efficient packing services, our team of experts can pack anything ranging from bookshelves, to China cabinets, and much more as and when you require. We professionally pack everything, and we even have storage services to help you temporarily store your production properties.

    A picture of a theatre
    When it comes to theatre production relocation, hiring specialist movers will prove to be beneficial.

    Our way of doing it:

    You know the number one reason why number 1 movers are considered the preferred choice of moving partners is because over the years, we have mastered some of the key skills needed to ensure a successful moving. Our customer service methodology is something we are proud of.Below we have listed out some of the ways we tackle moving-

    • We pack everything with expertise, and then store it like a treasure until you want us to transport it. Then the final step is to achieve a safe transportation, and unloading of all goods.
    • When you are done with filming/shooting a sequence, and then wish to go to the next location, we will pack up everything, and then move everything to its designated place.
    • Our top-rated professional movers then re-arrange everything onto the truck, corresponding it with the size, necessity, and safety needs. Your production properties arrive just like they were used in the last location!
    • Getting the moving of a production company is not a small task. With extremely valuable, one-of-a-kind, and sometimes delicate goods, you want to hire a well-trusted moving company- our moving business is fully insured, accredited, and certified.
    A graphic representation of a film reel, and equipment
    The entertainment industry is one such industry which is constantly on the go

    We are the prime moving company in Canada, our attention to detail, packing services, and safe transportation are what make us one of the best. So why wait, get a zero-cost/free estimate about your film/theatre production moving, by filling out our free quote page request.