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Employment Opportunities in St Catharines

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St Catharines represents one of the bigger cities in Ontario. Even though it is not that popular like Toronto, there are still a lot of great activities and job opportunities here. With around 133,000 residents, you can expect a city to have everything that people need in order to live there. If you are considering moving here, you should know that you will most likely find everything necessary in no time. Of course, you will first have to hire local movers Ontario that will relocate you as safe as possible. After that, you can see for yourself that life in St Catharines can be very nice a peaceful. There are a lot of employment opportunities in St Catharines and we are here to show you!

Employment opportunities in St Catharines – find a job with ease!

We have already said that this city is well organized and that you will not probably have too many problems when finding a job. Of course, everything depends on the people and your knowledge and experience. Anyway, find out what are some of the greatest job opportunities in St Catharines!

  • Health promotion
  • Opportunities in various stores
  • Start your own business
a man measuring belly - employment opportunities in St. Catharines
Obesity is a major problem in St Catharines. Become a health promoter and change that!

Health promotion

Even though this city is quite big, it still has problems. Of course, we should not even compare to megacities since the two entities are uncomparable. When it comes to local problems, one particular is health-related. Since 1998, obesity has become a major health issue in St Catharines and the whole of Ontario. The obesity rate has become even higher in 2008. Since then, the key people in the city have started major campaigns in order to battle this problem. Therefore, you have a high chance to become one of many health promoters in St Catharines.

Opportunities in various stores

When the city is in development, that means that there is job opportunity everywhere. A place where you can actually see this, in reality, are various stores where you can find employment. There are just so many positions that you can work. The good thing is that there is often a need for these kinds of workers. That means that you can easily change your job if you are not satisfied without the real risk of being unemployed for a longer period of time. Also, you can use these jobs as a transition period until you find something better for yourself. It is not easy moving to another city and continuing your life as before. Everyone needs a period where they can feel the new city and find a place in it.

Start your own business

The best employment opportunities in St Catharines are actually the ones that you make for yourself. And the best cities to do this are ones where there is a big space that you can use for yourself. Of course, starting your own business can be very slow in the beginning. That means that you should not expect everything at the start. Every beginning is hard and that applies to your potential business too.

a laptop and notebook on desk
Start your own business and work your way up!

When it comes to the type of business, you should be careful. What we mean by this is that you should offer something that is different but still relevant to the industry and the city itself. Yes, it is much easier to do this in a city that you already know and understand. Moving to a city like St Catharines is harder and you will have to do much bigger work in order for everything to work out.

Plan everything on time!

In order to adapt properly to the new city, you have to be responsible and start making plans on time. Besides making plans about moving companies St Catharines Ontario, you should also think about the jobs at the same time. The best solution would be to actually find a job even before the relocation. It would require you to go to St Catharines even before the actual relocation.

But how long does it take to plan a local move in Ontario? And find a job at the same time? We are talking about months here. Planning a local move can be much easier with the help of a reliable moving company. But finding a job can be hard, depending on your wishes. It could take months for you to be ready for the actual relocation. So, be prepared to do some hard work before your relocation comes to an end!

Finding a proper moving company

To find a good and reliable moving company, you will have to do some research beforehand. There are a lot of ways on how to find them. The most important thing here is to have time to check them all out. You need to make sure that your relocation process will be handled by professionals. Be sure to check and read moving company reviews. They are the best way to find both the good and bad sides of a moving company by the unbiased previous customers. Besides this, ask any questions that you may have. Every respectable moving company will make sure to answer everything that you have to ask.

Time is of the essence!


As you can see, there are various employment opportunities in St Catharines. The city has grown bigger over the last few decades and that is a good thing for you. The good thing is that you can even try to start a business on your own and be your own boss. Of course, you should not expect that everything will go smoothly. The transition period is hard for everyone. But adequate preparations before the relocation can make everything easier. Hiring Number 1 Van Lines, finding a job before the relocation are just two on the things that can make you relaxed. Be sure to use time well and you will find the job from your dreams!