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Efficient and correct packing is significant to stress-free moving expertise

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    Efficient and correct packing


    To better assist along with your residential or business move, The Number1 Mover recommends containers and transportable Demand Storage (PODS) as an answer for storing things and property before they will be emotional into the new location. This is often an excellent difference for if you’re moving long-distance, or if there’s a waiting amount before you’re taking possession of your new home or workplace. Even for short or short-distance moves, PODS leaves flexibility in your packing and unpacking schedule and supply an area for storage as you transition.

    While the advantages are varied, loading instrumentation (especially with large and serious home goods and furniture) is physically rigorous work. Besides the strain on your back and patience, packing instrumentation needs the experience to balance the load properly. Our tough Edmonton movers will maximize your instrumentation area, saving you cash and problem at a constant time!


    No Move is simply too huge (or Small) for Number1 Mover!

    We are Edmonton’s premier mini-move specialists. Once you have to be compelled to amendment offices or flats, we’ll beware of your wants with constant care and expertness as our giant move clients. No job is simply too little, and we’ll get your belongings wherever they have to travel expeditiously and safely. Decision us nowadays for a quote on your Edmonton and space mini move!

    What is a mini move?

    A mini move may be a transfer of a little number of products; it is often from living accommodations to living accommodations or workplace to workplace. At the Number1 Mover, we tend to work to make sure that every client gets high notch service, despite the sort of move.

    What are the most effective thanks to handling a mini move?

    Our specialists worry concerning this thus you don’t have to! The most effective thanks to handling a mini move are to urge involved with the Number1 Mover. As specialists within the business, we tend to can navigate the method of moving expeditiously and effectively, removing all stress and worry from our customers.

    Efficient and correct packing is significant to stress-free moving expertise. One in every of the foremost effective ways that to expeditiously pack and relieve yourself stress and worry is to dismantle your furnishings before the moving day. Not solely will this keep your furnishings safe and simple to maneuver, however along with your furnishings disassembled you’ll be able to avoid wasted area within the moving truck and wasted time trying to pivot and match giant things through slim areas?

    Let our Edmonton movers prevent the headache of doing this all on your own! Once you rent The Number1 Mover, not solely can you save time and worry, however, we’ll handle the activity and reconstruction of your furnishings ourselves.