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Eastern or Western Canada – what to choose?

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view of Canadian flag

Canada is great and the second biggest country in the world. A lot of people choose to move here, but they have a problem to choose where exactly. The most common question is should they move to Eastern or Western Canada. Each of them offers a lot of different things and opportunities. And before you call Number 1 Movers you should decide which one do you like more. Do you like an urban place like Toronto in the East or you like lovely national parks in the West?

How to choose between Eastern or Western Canada?

Choosing a place for your future home can be challenging. Eastern Canada offers you unique cuisine, view of stunning icebergs. While West Canada offers beautiful mountains. If you are indecisive, the best thing to do is to start doing your online research. You can easily find a list of the best places to live in Canada, and you can start exploring each of those places on the list. You can use Google Maps and find your future home!

What does East Canada offer?

The first thing you should know that East Canada refers to the provinces of Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. People consider Toronto as the main city. If you choose to live in Eastern Canada, you will be able to enjoy Niagara Falls. And if you are choosing from East or West Canada, this can be an important factor to count in. And you can easily look for local movers in Ontario to help you relocate. The best time to move here is during fall so you can enjoy the lovely colors.

view of Niagara falls you will see once you choose between Eastern or Western Canada
Niagara Falls are in Eastern Canada

What can you do if you move to Eastern Canada?

If you are moving because of a job or to retire to Canada, more specifically to East Canada naturally you want to know all about the activities here. One of the first things that people will advise you is to go for a ride along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. This is one of the most popular places because it offers you a unique and extraordinary view along the coastline. Also, if you like animals you can go whale watching. It will be a breathtaking experience. We are sure that your kids will love to live here and enjoy everything that Eastern Canada offers.

What to expect from the cultural scene, the food scene in East Canada?

When you are choosing from Eastern or Western Canada, naturally you will ask about the culture and the food. So, what are the main differences? Well, first of all, you should know that the French language is more dominant in the East than in West Canada. Although keep in mind that you will often hear French in Western Canada as well.

maple syrup
Quebec is considered to be the king of maple syrup

And you should know that Quebec that is part of East Canada is considered to be a maple syrup king. Also, in the eastern part of Canada, you can expect to find lobsters, peameal bacon, and poutine. Simply, East Canada is very active because of Toronto and Ontario. Also, a lot of people are coming here because of Niagara Falls. And it is worth mentioning that this is one of the most instagrammable places in Canada. People come here to take majestic photos that show the true spirit of nature.

What can you expect from Western Canada?

First of all, you need to know which provides are part of West Canada. West Canada includes Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Vancouver is considered to be the main city of Western Canada. The most famous place in this part of Canada is the Canadian Rockies. If you love hiking, this a perfect place for you. So many beautiful views and hiking trails that will take your breath away.

view of Canadian Rockies.
The Canadian Rockies offer great hiking trails

What you can do if you move to West Canada?

As we mentioned, one of the main attractions is hiking. A lot of people move to Canada to enjoy lovely nature, and if you ask them to choose from Eastern or Western Canada they will tell you that they love both. But, West Canada has one advantage and that is the possibility to surf in Tofino. But, on the other side skiing in Whistler is unique and it offers more than 8000 acres for skiing.

Western Canada is a little bit different from Eastern Canada when it comes to the food scene

There is a little difference when it comes to the food scene. In Western Canada, you will be able to enjoy caribou and bison steaks, that you won’t easily find in the Eastern part. Also, Pacific Salmon is the official dish of British Columbia. Also, craft breweries are popular in Alberta. So you will definitely enjoy living here if you love to try different food. And you should know that West Canada is considered to be a little bit more conservative than the Eastern part.

bison steak you cna eat once you choose Eastern or Western Canada
Eastern Canada offers bison steaks

How to make a decision when choosing between Eastern and Western Canada?

Now that you got all the facts, you should be able to make a decision easily. It is important to take everything into consideration. All your preferences and everything you expect from your new home. Canada is a great country, and it can offer a lot. Also, depending on where do you plan to move you can choose the most affordable time to relocate. That way you will be able to spend more on your new home and to use your money wisely. Planning a relocation in advance is always a good choice!

No matter what you choose – you will love living in Canada

At the end of the day, no matter do you choose East or West Canada you will love living here. Canada offers a lot, especially to people who love to spend their time outside. And if your favorite food is pancakes with maple syrup – this is the perfect place for you!