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Do you know the measures Movers Burlington take to prevent damage before your move?

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    As we know prevention is better than cure, even though we know that but there are some things we can’t stop to occur or you can just say we can’t avoid them. Being movers, Movers Burlington use different measures that can avoid your things to get damage-

    1. Insurance

    Even though the homeowners’ policy offers excellent protection for your belongings, it would not cover the full moving damage.

    First you have to check your existing homeowner’s policy to make sure what’s covered under it. There are some policies that will cover only theft, but not breakage, you can see if your company offers insurance. But when you using professional Movers Burlington you will simply get some additional protection in which if there any damage occurs while moving, the damage will cover under the moving policy.

    2. Make Inventory Sheet

    Without a list sheet of inventory, it is almost impossible to prove that an item has been lost or damaged. While packing Movers Burlington make a note of every item still as its condition. When they complete creating their own inventory list, they will ask you to double-check for your satisfaction.
    This written inventory list will act as an unbiased document. within the event that something is broken, it’ll be much easier to work out who is chargeable for repairing and replacing of the item.

    3. Measure Twice, Move Once

    While it’d be tempting to move out as quickly as you’ll be able to, this sort of thinking can cause irreparable damage. The time to get rid of chair legs and take bed frames apart is before you smash the door frame, not after.

    Before you lift one item, measure large pieces of furniture to form sure they’ll fit through all the door frames (and measure the door frames, too). If you finish up desperate to take items apart, keep all the screws and bolts during a zip-top bag taped to the furniture. Label the baggie also so you’ll still know where it goes if the tape comes undone.

    4. Provide Professional team of Movers and Packers

    Once you hire movers and it is their work to provide you a team of moving experts.

    Professional movers do all the work with the care so that the move get easy and no damage can cause by them. Your friends and family on the opposite hand? they need to urge the task done as quickly as possible so that they can get that pizza you promised them. A professional moving crew can complete a whole move more quickly and safely than you’ll be able to organize yourself.