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Containers vs self-storage units

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    Self-storage units

    In today’s world, more and more individuals are opting to store their belongings while they are relocating, downsizing, transitioning between homes. Or they’re simply in need of some additional room. Making use of storage solutions has a number of advantages. Not the least of which is that it can assist to lessen the stress associated with the moving process. However, with so many different options available, it can be tough to choose which sort of storage is ideal for you. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about containers vs self-storage units, their advantages and disadvantages.

    a self-storage unit with an orange door
    Self-storage units are great for those who want to have easier access to the stored items.

    Is self-storage worth investing in?

    Self-storage provides controlled storage for your belongings in a contemporary, purpose-built facility. Or in a converted structure in an easily accessible area, depending on your needs. A self-storage facility is often comprised of a large number of individual units. Which are occasionally spread across many levels and connected by a system of elevators. In most cases, as the single key holder, you will have exclusive access to your belongings, which can provide a better sense of privacy for you. However, in addition to being responsible for all parts of the storage procedure, you will also be responsible for packing, loading, and transporting your belongings. As well as installing and insuring them, and even acquiring a proper padlock if necessary. Meanwhile, you could have specialized moving services with some other options.

    Accessibility vs the cost

    One of the primary benefits of self-storage is that your belongings are more accessible, and facilities are frequently open seven days a week. Facilities are supervised and maintained. And some may provide amenities such as climate-controlled apartments and 24-hour access to your belongings. Additionally, there may be greater flexibility in terms of the space available for rent. With a whole range of different unit sizes available.

    However, this is the most expensive storage option. One disadvantage of self-storage is that businesses are responsible for all associated expenditures. From original facility fit-out to additional employees. Due to its physically accessible layout, self-storage facilities frequently use just 60–65 percent of the available warehouse area. You have to include in the original cost of building or conversion, the increased continuing operating expenses. Plus the requirement for more space for access. Therefore, you can sometimes wind up spending twice or even three times as much for storage! Additionally, keep in mind that self-storage providers frequently offer promotional discounts, after which the price might increase dramatically. 

    Pros of using container storage

    Containerized storage, on the other hand, entails storing your belongings in separate containers. Which are then stored together in a warehouse or secure facility. One of the main advantages of container storage is that, unlike self-storage, there are none of the additional overheads to factor in. Warehouses can also be used to fuller capacity, with some utilizing around 90% of the available space for actual storage. This all helps to make the cost of container storage much lower on average than the typical self-storage option.

    Another significant benefit of container storage is that you may possibly employ the same firm to remove and store your items. This way you’re eliminating the need to deal with a third party. And streamlining the entire process of moving and storing your belongings. By utilizing your removals company’s storage facilities, you may effectively eliminate the middleman. Your removals company can assist you in preparing and delivering your things to storage. And you won’t have to coordinate different businesses on moving day. This is especially useful if you have large and heavy items that you want to store. Your old piano, for example. In that case, you can just call professional piano movers to handle it for you.

    yellow, blue and red containers vs self-storage units
    Containers are generally the more popular and cheaper storage option.

    Containers vs self-storage units

    • A reputable removals firm, such as Number 1 Van Lines, will be able to provide you with safe storage that meets your requirements at a reasonable fee. Meanwhile, self-storage units are much more expensive.
    • On the other hand, you will have to ask your company to arrange access to your belongings. But if you have your own storage, you can access it whenever you want.
    • If you arrange storage via a removal firm, you’ll be dealing with qualified specialists who are accustomed to handling, transporting, and storing your most valuable things. If you choose self-storage you’ll have to do all the hard work yourself.
    • Professionals will supervise and maintain your container. With self-storage, you have to frequently visit it in order to maintain it. Or have someone else do it. Which isn’t very convenient.
    • A reputable, BBB-accredited removals firm should be able to supply packing supplies (including strong, quality boxes and tape).

    How to choose the best option for you?

    When selecting a storage solution, it’s beneficial to consider how frequently and for what purpose you believe you’ll need to retrieve your belongings. It’s the first thing to consider when we talk about containers vs self-storage units. Due to the more restricted access provided by container storage, it is not always as simple to have access to your items 24 hours a day. This may be a disadvantage if you frequently feel the urge to pay a visit to your valuables at 2:00 a.m.! However, for the majority of individuals, after they’ve placed their belongings in storage in Canada and locked the door, they won’t require continual access to them until the time comes to transfer them on, so this is typically not a problem.

    a bunch of containers
    When it comes to choosing between containers vs self-storage units, it really only depends on your needs.

    When we talk about containers vs self-storage units, it really all comes down to your personal needs. On balance, the much higher expenses associated with self-storage tend to exceed the benefits of complete accessibility for the majority of people. Utilizing the storage facilities supplied at your removal company is a straightforward, hassle-free, and cost-effective method of caring for your worldly possessions in between moves.