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    We are experts in Long Distance Movers Calgary and we can help you get your belongings where they need to go safely and efficiently. Whether you are moving from Ontario up to Nunavut or from Newfoundland to Boundary Peak we can help you. Our service team take great care throughout the moving process to protect all of your valuable belongings as much as possible. This includes strapping down heavy furniture, padding delicate goods, arranging our truck efficiently, as well as other methods. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we have fully insured for your protection. In our decades of operation, we have never had to make use of our insurance policy and we hope to never need it anymore. In any case, though, it is there to protect you from any unexpected damages.Moving day can be hassle-free and even enjoyable with Number1Movers. Moving can be a very stressful task especially when you plan to move with your family and you are bound to encounter some unexpected bumps along the way. However, as cheap movers, wecan help you in mitigating some anxiety associated with moving your goods. Many challenges come with moving your valuable furniture long distances. It is not just aneasy process of packing a truck and driving across town. You would need to ensure that your belongings get transported safe and secure to your destination.

    hire professional movers to streamline the packing process
    Consider hiring professional movers

    We will help you in navigating the difficulties that accompany Long Distance Movingin the following ways:

    • Professional Packing: Expert packing is the best option available to ensure that your belongings do not get damaged during the relocation. We can handle all your packing requirements with efficient and smooth packing material like cartons and wrapping material.
    • Loading: The professional drivers and service members have years of experience. They know how the packages need to be stacked so that they exactly fit into the trucks. They also ensure that the items do not shake or jerk in transit, which can end up damaging them.
    • Moving: Our team of experts will ensure that your items are moved with utmost care.
    • Unloading: When your items reach the place, our team will ensure that every item is unloaded carefully. They will also keep the boxes in the right places.
    • Setup:In addition to loading and unloading, we can also help you in unpacking the furniture and belongings. Upon request, we can also provide your home cleaning services.
    • Storage:We also offer a storage facility on if our clients ask us to do so.
    • Insurance: Insurance is a good choice when your belongings are on transit. We can provide insurance cover under the Contract and Commercial Act. It covers any kind of damage occurred by us during transit process.

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