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Challenges for first-time renters in Toronto

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    Some people move away from home during college, some even earlier than that, some again when they find a partner to live with. By saying that, we can conclude that different reasons trigger people to start renting an apartment instead of living at home with their parents. Either way, renting an apartment is the beginning of a new era. You need to prepare yourself for all responsibilities that come with living alone or with a roommate. When living in Canada’s capital, there are many challenges for first-time renters in Toronto. In this article we will try and name the main ones, so you can have a clearer picture of what awaits. One of the first things you need to think about is Toronto movers, and which ones to hire. Finding a good moving company is only the beginning, but also a very important step to make.

    Finances are one of  the greatest challenges for first-time renters in Toronto

    However you try and spin it, money is always the biggest deal. It is quite simple actually. If you have it, you can consider living alone, if you don’t, postpone the plans until you do. You do not need to have or earn a fortune to rent an apartment, and that is some good news. This means that maybe even with some part-time job, you’ll be able to afford some sort of apartment. Maybe not living alone, but with roommates. Before you embark on this adventure we call independent living, inform yourself about the monthly costs. Rent is not going to be the only cost of the month. You need to know what utilities you need to pay for and how much. Also, you need to get in touch with some of the commercial movers Toronto has to offer, to ask for a quote on the move itself.

    Money as one of the challenges for first-time renters in Toronto
    You cannot plan on living alone if your budget does not allow that

    Rental agreements, contracts with movers and insurance

    As a first-renter in Toronto, you may not know what all these mean. Why not find out before you actually move. Let’s start with movers. The contract will state the final price, the Hamilton moving services included in that price, and additional costs. When it comes to insurance, you can pay for it, in case you own some really valuable things that might be damaged during the move. When it comes to rental agreements, they are signed between you and the landlord. Very often they will ask for a signature of the guarantor if you have one. That is the person that guarantees that they will pay the rent and costs for you, in case you are not able for any reason. Read very carefully everything you sign, as it can be used later on the court in case some dispute needs to be resolved.

    Are you familiar with the security deposit concept?

    As a first-time renter in Toronto, you may not be familiar with the security deposit. You might want to familiarize yourself with it, before actually trying to rent an apartment. All landlords will with no exception ask for a deposit, which can be one of the challenges for first-time renters in Toronto. The height of this deposit is regulated by the contract you sign with the landlord. It is usually the amount of two month’s rent. This way landlords are trying to protect themselves, in case of any deliberate damages in the apartment. Also, some people just try and leave the apartment with no notice given. The security deposit is a good way to make people either respect the agreement, or it helps a landlord financially until they find new subletters. Include this cost in your future budget.

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    You need to be aware of the requirement of the security deposit with any landlord

    Living with roommates can be a huge challenge for first-time renters

    You are tired of living with your folks, but you cannot afford to live alone? Worry not, you can always find a roommate. That can be some of your friends who want to move away as well, or it can be a complete stranger. If you are a teen or still in college, having someone live with you will probably be fine. But in case you are starting an independent life while still looking for are job in Toronto, things can get tricky. Living with someone can have its pros and cons. If you are moving in with a complete stranger, it will need a lot of adapting. Both you and your roommate will need to learn each other’s habits likes and dislikes, and establish some ground rules. Not everyone is prone to obeying the rules, so it can be challenging. You should establish the deal-breakers upfront.

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    Establish some ground rules with your roommate

    Things you’ll need once you move in

    The challenges for first-time movers in Toronto do not end with finally finding movers and a place you will be living in. You now actually need to find some furniture and other essentials for the apartment. By all means, take everything you can from your parents’ house, but that might not be much, other than your bed and a desk. If you will now be the person who has a living room, you’ll need a couch or a sofa. Kitchen appliances, lamps, vacuum cleaners are just some of the things you’ll need. Some will come with the apartment and some you will have to buy in order to have it. Buying used and second-hand things is one way to go. The bottom line is that planing your budget does not end with movers, rent, and utilities. There is always something more that needs paying for. Are you ready?