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Calgary Movers – How To Save The Most Money on Your Move.

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Saving money
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Moving from one place to a completely new one is really challenging. Whether you are an individual or with your family moving is always exhausting and tiring. If you are someone with a tight budget then this work will need even more consideration and planning. You can also find budget Calgary Movers with proper research.

So if you want to save up on unnecessary costs or you are simply planning for a low budget move them here are some steps you must follow:

Sell your old and unused things:

selling old clothes on eBay
Sell old and unnecessary things on websites like eBay, Craigslist,, and OfferUp.

The more items you have while moving the more it’s going to cost you on packing and shipment charges. Sell all the things you do not need or are completely unnecessary for your new house like old furniture, furniture that is too large for your house, old clothes, broken electrical equipment, etc.

You could organize a garage sale, post those things on social media so that people living near you can buy them or an easier and better option is selling them on websites like eBay, Craigslist,, and OfferUp. Make sure you start selling things at least one to two months before your move to get a good deal on those things and that you have nothing left to sell at the last moment, as it will also help you collect some extra cash.

Plan ahead of time:

Next, you should always start packing ahead of time so that you have sufficient time and you can get the best supplies at minimal rates.
You could also use this time to collect free supplies like boxes or any other essential types of equipment like boxes from a grocery store or ask for help from your friends and neighbors and avoid spending much on packing services.

Planning also includes booking a Moving company ahead of time as later you might find very limited options of Moving companies in Calgary and at higher costs. So book moving companies at least four months ahead and compare prices and services of different companies.

Look after the Valuables and Furniture:

Packing all the valuables
Pack your furniture with proper sealing to avoid moisture and mold growth

You should always pack your things on your own if you have the correct equipment, a little help, and time. Your valuables glass items for electrical equipment could be broken by someone packing them by accident and could cost you a lot. Ask the moving company to move only the furniture and heavier items and have the furniture packed and sealed properly because you don’t want any molds or dampness to develop on it due to poor packaging.

Plan during off-season:

Movers picking up the items
Moving companies cost less during the off-season and can assist you with extra work.

If you can plan a move during the off-season, then definitely do not waste time. So this can depend from place to place, as different states and cities have various festivities or different demands and needs and some also depend on the season and climate of the place. If your schedule allows then avoid peak summer season as most plan to move during summers and you can have significantly lower moving rates during the offseason. So decide which month is comparatively less busy and hire a company at least 3-4 months ahead. Also, plan your move during weekdays as they are comparatively less busy and you can negotiate for a lower rate.

Plan your meals:

Well if you are on a budget and you need to save on unnecessary costs then the fast-food chains are definitely a trap. They not only cost high but serve comparatively less food than what they charge for and the food is very healthy. What you can possibly do is research the place where you are moving to and find someplace where you can get healthy food at better prices. If you have a single-day move then you can pack your own food in safe steel or a thermos container. Do not forget your water bottles.

Happy packing!