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Businesses You Can Run from a Self Storage Facility

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Many Canadians, such as yourself probably as you are reading this text, turn to small, home run, successful business. It is a good way to make either a bonus or a full-time income. However, problems with a business you run home is that it will soon grow beyond whatever boundary you set for them. Maybe you picked a specific room in your house, addict, basement or the garage, but find that 5 months later it has taken over all of your living space to the detriment of the comfort of you and your family. A good solution is to buy an office space, but those can be prohibitively expensive, making your business a weight on your finances rather than a welcome profit. But, there is one other option. A storage unit! It is inexpensive and yet effective for specific types of businesses you can run from a self storage facility. So, let us see what those are!

Businesses you can run from a self storage facility

So, if you find that the storage unit is the best way to separate your home and your business without losing an unacceptable amount of money on office space, you ought to look at some of the business you ought to try and run from your storage unit.

Businesses you can run from a self storage facility plan
Let’s plan out your perfect business!

When you think about the business you can run from a self storage facility, think about things that take about the same space to achieve. Storage units are great for archives of documents, workshops and…well… storage, but not so great as somewhere you want to spend 8 hours inclosed in. So, commercial movers Hamilton should help you move your business into a storage facility if it fits into:

  • Workshop types are among the business you can run from a self storage facility. This includes fixing cars, computer equipment furniture, etc…
  • Storage and selling of your products online or in person,
  • Photo and other studios for which the storage room is by its virtue of size and environment a good location,
  • Clients – for which you will need paperwork to store in a safe, reliable location.

For all of these and more, we wish to elaborate in the continuation fo this article.

Fix-em up!

For as long as people possessed thing there were people who had the know-how to fix them when they inevitably break. If you are good with tools, electronic equipment, cars – whatever – you have probably already turned your garage into a workshop. However, it is a loud business, not suitable to be close to home, especially when it is successful and there is work to spare.

Hand tools
Consider yourself a handyman?

This is why a self-storage unit is the best option for your business. Know how to fix furniture? Work from there! Cars? No problem, storage units are almost without exception car-accessible. Computer equipment? You will find that dry storage units are a perfect place to work on preparing electronic equipment. Just call moving boxes Ontario and you will find yourself starting a business from a storage unit in Hamilton in no time!

Second-hand shop

Maybe you opted for moving to Ontario region because you wanted to set up a second hand, antique or a dollar store? You are in luck as storage units are perfect for this kind of venture.

second hand
Second-hand shops are perfect for storage units!

It takes only to store your wares into your storage unit and open the doors. Any interested buyer can visit you there, and this can go hand-in-hand with e-shop we will be talking more about, later in this article. It doesn’t matter if its second hand, antique, handmade – whatever. Storage units are perfect as they both store and exhibit your goods and all you need to do is bring the buyer there and offer them something to buy!

Content provider

Maybe you are more of a content creator? Having a Youtube channel, a blog? Or maybe you are an SEO optimizer or a web designer? Units are great for storing all you need for this kind of work and for use for a studio if need be.

Content provider
Maybe you have a talent for a job as a content provider?

If you are running a Youtube channel, for example, you will be able to make a professional studio! There are many ways to be a content creator, and you should seize upon them if you have the talent, will and time. However, if businesses you can run from a self-storage facility you opt for need a little bit more of an artistic approach, you still have options.

Creative jobs

Artist! Rejoice! No longer will paintings, notes and other byproducts of your talent lie around the house. Storage unit is a perfect place for practice and creation, your own space for creativity.

Be creative!

Its cool and moisture-free environment also means that it will help you protect your art from any harmful effects of the environment. While not the coziest of places, it is private and fully yours. You can let go and be as loud and messy as you want in your own contained place for creativity. Finding success in this fields means that moving costs Ontario, city of diverse and vibrant culture, will be much more worth it!


Coming back to what we said about the second-hand shops. If you think that you can run a business online, then the storage unit is a must. After all, you don’t want whatever you are selling filling in the house. Simply store all you need in the storage unit and ship it to buyers from there. Easy and streamlined!

Photo studio

Finally, you can use the storage unit as a photo studio. Just add the equipment you need and you will find that the size is perfect. It does require some work in fixing it up, and equipment is not cheap, but if you want to do this than the storage unit is a perfect place. Its size, shape, and environment will provide you a perfect photo shoot!

In conclusion

There are ample opportunities to have businesses you can run from a self storage facility. Just seize upon them and see your business become free to grow and expand, without hampering your living space.