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Moving to Ontario with a toddler

Moving with kids can be especially hectic. Getting them to cooperate and calming them down when you are under pressure of moving can be tough. But what you need to

Moving in winter

Moving in winter – how to survive?

If moving in winter doesn’t sound ideal to you, we don’t blame you. It’s the holiday season and the days are short and dark. And it gets cold—really, really cold.

black dog sitting in a cardboard box

Relocating with pets – how to organize it?

Moving is stressful for people, it always has been. With that in mind, just imagine how it feels for your pets. Animals get anxious and easily stressed when introduced to

Cardboard moving boxes

How to pack breakables for storage

You don’t want your grandmother’s heirloom china or your very expensive party champagne flutes that you got for your wedding day to end up in shards, do you? Surprise fact:

christmas tree - relocating a company during holidays

Relocating a company during holidays – is it possible?

Holidays exist for people to relax and enjoy life. A problem is that we work more than people fifty years ago so there is not so much time for this.

A hand pointing at the light bulb

Moving to Burlington during holidays -yes or no?

Relocating is a big thing. Whether you are moving for work or family things, it can get a bit tricky. But moving to Burlington during holidays may be difficult even

question mark - moving day disasters

Moving day disasters and how to avoid them

Moving day is the day when everything should be perfect. You should have done everything right and you just have to put all your packed things into the truck and

Most affordable housing solutions in Hamilton

Sparked by the recent developments on federal and local levels, talk about housing solutions in Hamilton became a hot topic. The housing market in Hamilton is always hot and trending.

A night image of Toronto

Most affordable cities in Ontario

If you have a limited moving budget then you should always have it in mind when you are searching for your new home. In this article, we will tell you


Things people forget to pack when moving

There is that feeling in the back of your mind. It is there when you have just packed for a short trip. Maybe you packed for going skiing in the