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Best Winter Activities for Families in Oakville

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Oakville has become very popular among people. It offers a lot of great things where you can enjoy yourself with your family to the fullest. That is why more and more people are coming here to try their luck. On the other hand, moving here is a delicate job since you need to have proper moving company Oakville that will make sure that you get here safely. But once you get here, there are a lot of things or you to do, especially in winter. Find out what are some of the best winter activities for families in Oakville!

What are the best winter activities for families in Oakville?

Even though Oakville is not a megacity like Toronto or Montreal, it is still full of activities that you can do in winter with your family.

  • Outdoor skating
  • Bronte Creek Park
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Aerosports Trampoline Park
  • Lion’s Valley Park
skates - Winter Activities for Families in Oakville
Outdoor skating is a perfect family activity

Outdoor skating

Not everybody loves to go outdoor skating. It is an activity which requires a little experience and we understand if you would want to skip this. On the other hand, children do enjoy this activity very much, no matter how small they are. This activity just brings joy to all of us and makes us think of the time that we have with our family. So, if you want to spend some quality time with your family in Oakville, be sure to check out one of many skating parks in this city.

Bronte Creek Park

Bronte Creek Park is one of the most visited parks in Ontario. There is a good reason for that. It has a wide specter of activities for any time of the year. When it comes to activities you can do in winter with your family, you are in luck! Besides offering classic tours, Bronte Creek Park has a wide sports program and tourist programs too. If you feel like enjoying winter in March, there is a Maple Syrup Festival.


We all know that this is a national sport in Canada and one of the most-watched sports worldwide. Canada is the richest county when it comes to hockey and you should take advantage of that fact. Frank Sabatino Memorial Tournament will take place this January where more than 60 teams will play in Oakville. Take your family and go there. Male children will surely enjoy this ride and be thankful for that experience. After all, who does not like a little roughness in the team sport?

hockey players
Take your family and watch some hockey


You would not expect swimming on this list of best winter activities for families in Oakville. On the other hand, it is very popular since there are a lot of closed pools where you can enjoy yourself with your family, especially with toddlers. Moving with toddlers can be quite a problem but enjoying with them in Oakville is quite easy. This is a perfect opportunity for them to unleash the energy they have. Just be sure to keep an eye on them at all times!

Aerosports Trampoline Park

Who said that you have to spend all your time outside in the snow? There are many activities that you can enjoy with your family in winter without having to put on three-layer protection so that you do not catch a cold. Aerosports trampoline park is a perfect solution for parents that want to relax a bit and think about something other than your kids. Every kid likes trampolines so you can’t go wrong with this idea to have some fun.

Lion’s Valley Park

This is another perfect solution for your kids to unleash the energy that they have accumulated. There are a lot of trails where you can go and enjoy the countryside before your eyes. Both the good and bad side of these trails is that most of them are very hard since you have to go up and down. If you are willing to have some quality cardio time, then this is the right thing for you. Also, if you want to tire your kids so that you could have some piece, it is also a good choice. No matter what your intentions are, you are guaranteed to have a good time since the view in the park is spectacular!

Do you have to move your business too when moving to Oakville?

Oakville represents one of the best places in Ontario to move your office to. There is a simple reason for that. This is a city that is still developing and there are many opportunities for you to shine. Of course, it is easy to talk but there are a lot of things that you have to do in order to achieve this.

a swimming pool
Take your kids to the swimming pool

When relocating your office to Oakville, the first thing that you have to do is to hire commercial movers Oakville that have experience in this area. It is not enough to see that the company has this service listed but to be completely sure that they have previous experience. The best way for this is to read moving company reviews where other customers give their opinions on the service provided. After you are sure that you have chosen the perfect moving company, make the call and make the necessary arrangements.


Oakville is a city of many opportunities. Even though it is still small for various megacities, it has a lot of things going on here and more to come. That is why Oakville is perfect for families. There are many things that you can do here with your family and some of them are listed in the text. Of course, we could not include all of the things that you can do here in winter since they are numerous and everything depends on your wishes. On the other hand, we find the best winter activities for families in Oakville listed here and we hope that you will enjoy them and have a good time with your loved one!