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Best ways to spend summer in Toronto

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A group of friends about to spend summer in Toronto

As the temperature rises during summer and thousands of visitors flock to the city, Toronto reaches its full potential. Whether you’re a proud local seeking fresh inspiration or a soon-to-be Torontonian ready to call this place home, now it’s time to explore the summer wonders that await you in this vibrant city. And who better to spill the beans on the best ways to spend summer in Toronto than one of the best moving companies in Ontario? After helping so many people move to Toronto during this time of the year, we’ve truly seen it all. Therefore, we’re here to share our insider tips on how to make the most of Toronto’s summer vibes with you!

Celebrate the season at one of many fun summer festivals in Toronto

As Toronto movers can confirm, Toronto is a city that knows how to celebrate summer in style. It comes alive with a multitude of festivals and events, ensuring there’s never a dull moment. Are you a music lover? Then make sure to mark your calendar for the world-famous Toronto Jazz Festival, taking place annually from late June to early July. If jazz is not your thing, you could groove to the rhythm at Electric Island or revel in the indie vibes of Field Trip Festival instead! If anything, you’ll find an event to your liking at the iconic Budweiser Stage, an iconic outdoor venue that hosts concerts all summer long. Meanwhile, for a more intimate setting, head to Trinity Bellwoods Park or Yonge-Dundas Square and attend one of the concerts held there for free!

Girls enjoying their summer
WHat’s better way to spend summer in Toronto than having fun at one of its famous musical festivals?

Cultural celebrations also take center stage in Toronto during the summer months. So, take part in Caribana, a lively festival that celebrates Caribbean culture with vibrant parades, dazzling costumes, and infectious music. Or, celebrate diversity by attending one of the many events taking place during Toronto Pride. But festivals and events in Toronto go beyond music and cultural celebrations. Keeping that in mind, spend your summer in Toronto indulging your taste buds at Halal Ribfest Toronto, The Ontario Oyster Festival, or other events for foodies!

Explore Toronto’s iconic food scene

Exploring Toronto’s diverse neighborhoods is a must for any culinary adventurer. Take a stroll through Chinatown, where you can savor authentic Chinese delicacies, from steaming dim sum to mouthwatering Peking duck. Craving Mediterranean flavors? Head to Greektown, where you’ll find tavernas serving up delectable souvlaki, creamy tzatziki, and flaky spanakopita. Or, delve into the aromatic spices and vibrant colors of Little India, where you can sample fragrant curries, crispy samosas, and delectable biryanis.

Two somen who decided to spend summer in Toronto by going to restaurants
If you’re a foodie, you’ll love Toronto’s vibrant food scene!

However, no food exploration in Toronto is complete without a visit to the iconic St. Lawrence Market. This historic market is a haven for food enthusiasts, where you can taste local produce, artisanal cheeses, freshly baked goods, and gourmet treats. So, this summer, make sure you discover where you can find the best peameal bacon sandwiches, a Toronto specialty, or savor the freshly shucked oyster! Then, finish the night by exploring Toronto’s rooftop bars and patios. It’s safe to say that sipping delicious cocktails while enjoying breathtaking views of the city skyline will certainly elevate your gastronomical experience!

Outdoor and recreational activities to enjoy in Toronto this summer

If spending time outdoors and staying active is your idea of summer fun, Toronto will be an ideal place for you! After all, it’s widely regarded as one of the best cities in Ontario for sports enthusiasts. First of all, even though it’s a big city, Toronto boasts several stunning beaches along Lake Ontario. Some of the most popular ones are Woodbridge Beach, Kew-Balmy Beach, and Cherry Beach, all of which are close to downtown Toronto. For a quieter atmosphere, explore the charm of Hanlan’s Point Beach on the Toronto Islands, where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking skyline views.

People at the lake, ready to spend summer in Toronto the best way possible
This summer, make sure you try paddleboarding on Lake Ontario

On the other hand, if you prefer more dynamic sports activities, you could embark on a kayak or paddleboarding expedition or have a try at sailing or flyboarding. Alternatively, you could cycle along the scenic waterfront or test your tennis skills at one of the city’s public tennis courts. Meanwhile, golf lovers will find themselves spoiled for choice, with numerous golf courses in Toronto offering lush fairways and challenging holes.

Popular hiking spots in Toronto

Those who love to spend summer months hiking in breathtaking nature but don’t have time to go to the mountains will have fun exploring some of Toronto’s hidden trails! One popular option is the Don Valley Trail, which winds alongside the picturesque Don River and offers a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. If you’d prefer a longer hiking adventure, set your sights on the Humber Valley Heritage Trail, which stretches over 20 kilometers.

For an urban wilderness experience, head to Tommy Thompson Park, also known as the Leslie Street Spit. This man-made peninsula has lovely trails meandering through marshes, meadows, and forests, so it’s popular among bird watchers as well. Meanwhile, venturing to the eastern outskirts of Toronto, you’ll discover Rouge National Urban Park, a true gem for nature enthusiasts. With over 50 kilometers of trails, this expansive park offers an array of hiking opportunities. And if you’d just want to relax in one of Toronto’s many parks, pay a visit to High Park, the city’s largest green space.

Try some of the alternative ways to spend summer in Toronto

Even if you’re a long-term Toronto residents, there are still unconventional ways to explore Toronto, and summer is the best time for that! If you’re a cinephile, you can enjoy outdoor film screenings while you wait for Toronto International Film Festival in September. So, grab a blanket, find a cozy spot in a park or on a rooftop, and immerse yourself in the magic of cinema under the stars! And for a nostalgic twist, don’t miss the drive-in theaters scattered throughout the city, where you can relive the classic movie experience from the comfort of your car.

People watching a movine in open air cinema
When the summer comes, Toronto’s rooftops become open-air cinemas

Or, perhaps, you could head to Toronto’s amusement parks for a day of heart-pounding fun. Namely, Canada’s Wonderland boasts an array of exhilarating roller coasters and water slides that will leave you screaming with delight. For a unique experience, visit EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, and walk along the edge of its main pod, 116 stories above the ground. When you get tired of all that adrenaline, join a yoga session in Trinity Bellwoods Park or High Park, feeling the grass beneath your feet as you stretch and find inner peace.

Explore iconic landmarks of the city

According to the GTA movers, you don’t have to be a tourist to pay a visit to one of Toronto’s iconic landmarks. In fact, now that the days are longer and warmer, you might come to see this lovely city in a new light! First, ascend the CN Tower, an architectural marvel that ranks as one of the tallest freestanding structures in the world. Take an elevator ride to the observation deck, where you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking panorama of the city skyline. Don’t forget your camera, as this is a moment you’ll want to capture and share with your friends!

Camera on top of the building, pointing to the sunset
Explore summer in Toronto through the lens of your camera

Another enchanting landmark to explore is Casa Loma, a majestic castle nestled within the heart of the city. Step back in time as you embark on a guided tour, uncovering the intricate details and historical significance of this grand estate. After exploring the castle’s many rooms, venture into the meticulously manicured gardens that surround it. At the end, make sure to explore the cobblestone streets and Victorian-era architecture of the Distillery District. Once you’re there, immerse yourself in its lively atmosphere, and browse trough its local art galleries and unique shops. That way, you’ll see why they say that the Distillery District is a testament to Toronto’s ability to seamlessly blend the old with the new!

Unveiling Toronto’s treasures: hidden gems and weekend trips to take

It goes without saying that Toronto has more to offer than meets the eye. Within the bustling streets of Toronto, hidden gems await those who venture off the beaten path. To see what we’re talking about, explore Graffiti Alley, an ever-changing outdoor art gallery. Stroll through its colorful lanes, where stunning murals and street art tell stories and reflect the city’s diverse culture. Alternatively, spend a lovely summer day discovering quirky shops and trendy cafes in Kensington Market, a bohemian neighborhood that offers a unique shopping and dining experience.

Boat tour on the Niagara Falls
Spend summer in Toronto by taking a day trip to one of the famous landmarks in the region, like Niagara Falls

For those seeking natural wonders, there are plenty of weekend trips from Toronto to take! For example, you could visit the majestic Niagara Falls and take a boat tour to experience nature’s power firsthand. Alternatively, head to the Bruce Peninsula and discover its pristine beaches, limestone cliffs, and turquoise waters. Hike along the famous Bruce Trail to see some stunning landscapes and witness the beauty of the Grotto! If you don’t want to hike, charming towns within driving distance of Toronto offer idyllic day trip options. Stop by the picturesque town of Stratford, known for its renowned theater festival and charming Victorian architecture. Alternatively, explore the famous Thousand Islands region, and enjoy watersports on the St. Lawrence River.

Discover some of Toronto’s famous museums and art galleries

If you just moved to the city with some of the best long distance movers Toronto has,¬†you can relax by exploring one of the many cultural amenities in the city. Start your museum tour at the Art Gallery of Ontario and delve into its extensive collection, which spans from classic to contemporary art. There, you’ll be able to see works by renowned artists such as the Group of Seven and the iconic Canadian painter Emily Carr. Then, head to The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to learn more about art, culture, and natural history. From ancient civilizations to dinosaur fossils, from world cultures to textiles and fashion, the ROM provides a fascinating journey through time and across continents!

But Toronto’s art scene extends beyond museums, with numerous galleries showcasing local and international talent. Visit the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, nestled along Toronto’s waterfront, which exhibits thought-provoking contemporary art in a dynamic setting. Or, discover smaller galleries in neighborhoods like West Queen West, where you can find artwork ranging from paintings and sculptures to multimedia installations.

So, what’s the best way to spend summer in Toronto?

In conclusion, Toronto offers a summer experience like no other. From the abundance of outdoor activities that allow you to bask in the city’s natural beauty to the vibrant cultural celebrations that showcase its diverse spirit, there is no shortage of excitement and adventure to be found. Whether you’re exploring the iconic landmarks, indulging in the culinary delights, or immersing yourself in the lively festivals and events, Toronto promises to captivate your senses and leave you with cherished memories. In any case, there are so many ways to spend summer in Toronto, and now it’s the right time to start your unforgettable adventure in this captivating city.