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Best places to start over in Ontario

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Ontario opens its doors to those seeking new opportunities and a fresh start in life. This province, with plenty of cities known for their prosperity, might be perfect to begin anew. Here, each city offers unique advantages for work, life, and play, providing a solid foundation for anyone looking for a change. So, read more about the best places to start over in Ontario and find the one that suits you the best! After you decide which city aligns with your future goals, remember that Number 1 Movers is ready to support your move.

Oshawa ranks high on the list of best places to start over in Ontario

Oshawa is gaining attention as a growing city with plenty of job possibilities and housing choices. A major player in the city’s job market is General Motors Canada, which has long been a key employer here. The healthcare sector also contributes to job stability, with Lakeridge Health Oshawa standing out as a major hospital and employer. For education, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology is known for innovative programs in tech and health, attracting students and experts to Oshawa.

road near buildings
Explore the serene landscapes and friendly communities that make Ontario a top choice for resettling.

When it comes to housing in Oshawa, the average price of a house is around $804,047. Buyers can find everything from sleek apartments to larger homes that fit different needs and finances. The city is also looking ahead, planning new housing and business projects. For fun and relaxation, Oshawa has many parks, like the big Lakeview Park with a beach and places to picnic. There are also spots for art and history fans like the Robert McLaughlin Gallery and the Canadian Automotive Museum. People looking to move here can count on movers Oshawa locals love to help with their relocation. With a strong mix of jobs, schools, and community life, Oshawa is a place where growth and new starts come together.

Kitchener is famous for its innovation and community spirit

Kitchener stands out as a hub for innovation, drawing tech professionals and entrepreneurs to its supportive environment. The first reason for this is that the city has living costs 15% below the Ontario average and housing prices 40% below the national average. Keeping this in mind, Kitchener offers an affordable alternative for those seeking new opportunities without the financial strain of larger urban centers. Education plays a vital role in Kitchener’s community, with institutions like the University of Waterloo’s satellite campus and Conestoga College contributing to a skilled workforce that fuels the local economy. Public transport is also expanding, with the ION light rail connecting residents to the greater region, including nearby Waterloo and Cambridge.

a woman holding moving box and packing for moving to one of the best places to start over in Ontario
People who value a tight-knit environment won’t make a mistake if they decide to move to Kitchener.

Kitchener’s community spirit shines through its events like the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest, the second-largest in the world after Munich. Meanwhile, the city’s green spaces, like Victoria Park, offer residents a place to relax and connect with nature. Given its affordability, community engagement, and strong economic foundations, Kitchener stands as a prime location for those seeking to start anew with confidence and support. Luckily, for families and individuals ready to relocate, professional Kitchener movers are available to support the transition.

Milton has small town feel but big city amenities, so it’s one of the best places to start over in Ontario

Milton is a gem for those looking to combine the charm of a close-knit community with the perks of city life. As one of Canada’s fastest-growing towns, it offers a friendly, small-town vibe without sacrificing modern conveniences. Families thrive here, enjoying lower residential property taxes at 3.4%, making it an economical choice within the Greater Toronto Area. The town is also a haven for active lifestyles, with facilities like the Mattamy National Cycling Centre attracting sports lovers. Academic pursuits are also well-supported by top-notch schools, ensuring residents have access to quality education.

Financially, residents of Milton see an average income of around $68,889, with an individual’s monthly expenses averaging $3,588. This cost considers housing, transportation, and daily necessities, aligning well with the average income levels. Milton’s calendar is packed with community-driven events, showing the town’s friendly atmosphere. For those considering a move to this appealing town, movers Milton provides are ready to assist. They offer different services to ensure a stress-free transition into this community where nature meets progress.

Etobicoke gives you diversity and accessibility

Etobicoke is one of the best places to start over in Ontario, as it stands out within the Toronto area for its diversity and ease of access. It’s an ideal spot for both families and working professionals, offering many outdoor activities and ample greenery for recreation. This district particularly appeals to those who travel to downtown Toronto, given its convenient connections that simplify commuting.

a couple packing for moving
Etobicoke is known for its diversity and excellent location, so it’s a great place to buy a home.

Housing options in Etobicoke are varied, with the median price for condos at $736,352, reflecting the area’s demand and development. With its strategic location, Etobicoke represents a community where accessibility meets quality living, all within the lively city of Toronto. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of urban living alongside the tranquility of suburban life. That being said, those interested in moving here can count on movers Etobicoke for support with settling in your new home with ease.

Hamilton, a revitalized industrial city, is gaining in popularity

Hamilton, once at the heart of Canada’s industry, is now a city reborn. Close to Toronto, yet more affordable, it offers an attractive setting for those new to the country. The city has shifted from its steel production legacy to a lively cultural hub. Art and culture thrive here, drawing those who seek the feel of urban life minus the high costs found in larger cities. The cost of living is a drawcard, with expenses for one person reaching about $1,030.3 (1,408.7 CAD) monthly, not including housing. For outdoor enthusiasts, Hamilton does not disappoint, boasting over 100 waterfalls and extensive parklands, ideal for hiking and nature walks.

A waterfall in one of the best places to start over in Ontario
Hamilton is rich in history and natural beauty, with plenty of parks and waterfalls to explore.

There are plenty of education and employment opportunities here, with sectors such as health and technology being the most popular ones. Hamilton is also recognized for its contributions to research and innovation, thanks in part to institutions like McMaster University. In any case, if you want to enjoy the conveniences of city life alongside the tranquility of nature, all at a more manageable cost, Hamilton is a place to be! For those considering a move, best movers in Hamilton Ontario are at hand to ensure your belongings reach your new home safely, letting you settle in and discover what makes Hamilton unique.

North York can give you a blend of urban and suburban lifestyle

North York is part of the dynamic Toronto area and it is also one of the best places to start over in Ontario. Families and professionals will appreciate North York for its convenience. Here, parks, schools, and shopping facilities are just steps away, adding to the district’s appeal. There are also many recreational opportunities, with community centers and business hubs dotting the area. While it ranks as one of Toronto’s pricier districts, the peace of mind that comes with lower crime rates adds to its allure. Also, the area offers excellent transit services linking to Toronto’s core and beyond.

For those ready to make a move, North York movers are available to assist with the logistics of settling into this inviting district. Their expertise can make the transition a positive experience, allowing new residents to integrate smoothly into their chosen community. This district presents an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking a location that marries the buzz of city life with the quiet of suburban spaces. North York’s balance of access and escape caters to a variety of lifestyles, setting it apart as a top choice for setting down roots in the Toronto area.

If you want to live in a family-friendly city, with a touch of luxury, consider moving to Vaughan

Vaughan is an ideal location for families seeking comfort and sophistication. Known for top-tier shopping venues and welcoming neighborhoods, this city offers many job opportunities, especially in the construction and manufacturing sectors. With an assortment of amusement parks and leisure facilities, Vaughan caters to both the young and the young at heart. It’s a city tailored for family life, boasting spacious homes, ample parks, child-friendly attractions, and reputable schools.

While the cost of living is on the higher side, with homes averaging at $1,259,883, the community amenities and quality of life often justify the investment. For those considering a move, movers Vaughan ON provides are the best choice. Vaughan’s commitment to family-friendly living, coupled with a touch of luxury, makes it an attractive city for those seeking a nurturing environment!

Markham is a leader in tech and culture

Markham is a place for those who value a balance between a stimulating career and a rich cultural life. With safety as a priority, as evidenced by its low crime rate, Markham provides a secure environment for residents. It’s packed with parks, trails, shops, and many events, ensuring residents have no shortage of activities. Living here means enjoying life in a city that combines the excitement of a metropolis with the charm of a close-knit community. The living expenses for a single person, including rent, average $3,610 monthly, reflecting the quality of life offered. For those planning to make Markham home, movers Markham ON has to offer can assist with a seamless relocation to this city. Markham is the epitome of a city that champions both professional growth and a lively, culturally enriched lifestyle.

crop people shaking hands
Markham is an attractive option for those who appreciate a city that supports career growth.

Toronto is the heart of Ontario’s urban life and one of the best places to start over in Ontario

Toronto is Ontario’s action-packed center, alive with business, art, and a mix of cultures. People flock here for the good schools, job openings, and fun things to do. Yes, living here costs more, but for many, the price matches the lifestyle they’re after. The city’s economy is strong, the average salary in Toronto is around $62,050. Houses aren’t cheap, with prices averaging $1,127,000, but that’s because Toronto is a popular place to live.

Anyone planning to move here can get help from professional movers Toronto offers, who know their way around the city’s busy streets. Toronto is packed with things to see and do, and every neighborhood has its vibe. Being the priciest place to live in Canada, it’s clear that Toronto has a lot to offer, especially for those looking to grow their careers or dive into its cultural offerings, all within easy reach by public transit.

landscape photograph of Toronto, Canada
Toronto, Ontario’s capital, is the epitome of a metropolitan city.

Choose one of the best places to start over in Ontario and enjoy the new chapter!

Searching for the best places to start over in Ontario? Moving companies GTA can tell you to look no further, as these cities are top spots for individuals eager to reset their lives. With its range of urban and rural areas, there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Cities like Toronto and Hamilton offer dynamic job markets and cultural experiences. Smaller towns greet newcomers with community warmth and growing economies. Education is a strong suit here too, with top universities and colleges. For those seeking to reboot their careers, or simply seeking a change in scenery, Ontario’s diversity caters to all. It’s a province where fresh starts are possible, making it a prime choice for anyone looking to begin anew!