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Best places to retire in Ontario

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A man relaxing in one of the best places to retire in Ontario

While there is never one region that appeals to all retirees, a number of Ontario towns offer attractive amenities and easy-going lifestyles for seniors. Toronto has all of the commodities and services of a world-class city. But many retirees choose the lower cost of living and slower pace of life they can easily find after moving to Ontario. We have gathered the thoughts and impressions of many Number 1 Movers clients and blog readers on great spots for retirement living in this province. We analyzed the latest economic and demographic data and input from readers and residents of the various regions. Now we have an updated list of the best places to retire in Ontario!

Ottawa is first on the list of best places to retire in Ontario

  • Population: 934,243

To come up with a list of the best places to retire in Ontario, we compared cities based on their thriving arts and culture scenes. Then we choose places where there’s always something to do. We like easy-to-use public transit, a pleasant climate, healthcare access, and relatively low taxes. And first on our list – Ottawa – ticks all boxes. Book Ontario moving services and see for yourself! Ottawa is an incredible host for many events and celebrations all year round. For example, Canada Day festivities are every summer, and Winterlude each February.

 A photo of Ottawa skyline.
Last year, Ottawa ranked as Ontario’s best city for retirees – and the second-best city in Canada.

It is also home to several renowned museums, like the Canadian Museum of History, the National Gallery of Canada, and the Canada Science and Technology Museum, to name a few. However, if you don’t want to spend your golden years strolling the museums, you can watch the Ottawa Redbacks (CFL), and the Ottawa Senators (NHL) play live. Moreover, keep in mind that the national capital region is also rich with a wide greenbelt of forests, farmland, charming towns, and villages. It is a win-win situation! Because even though you can live in a thriving, world-class city, you’ll still have easy access to natural greenspaces.

Richmond Hill and Oshawa

  • Richmond Hill population: around 200,000
  • Oshawa population: over 160

If you’re considering retiring to Richmond Hill or Oshawa, then you’re in luck because they are both great places to settle down. Richmond Hill is located in the southern part of the province, just north of Toronto, while Oshawa is situated a bit further east, near the shore of Lake Ontario.

Richmond Hill residents enjoy access to Toronto’s cultural and entertainment offerings because of its closeness. Nonetheless, Oshawa is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts because of its rural environment. If you are a type that admires nature and outdoor activities, you will probably choose Oshawa as your new home. Before considering your move, make sure you hire moving companies in Oshawa if you want your move to pass without problems and discomfort.

Neighborhoods to live in

Both cities have some great options. In Richmond Hill, areas like Oak Ridges and Jefferson are popular because they’re close to parks. In Oshawa, neighborhoods like Lakeview and Eastdale are known for their quiet streets and family-friendly atmosphere.

Oshawa's buildings and streets.
If you admire outdoor activities, you will probably choose Oshawa as your new home.

Different lifestyles

Both cities have plenty of parks, community centers, and healthcare facilities, which can be essential for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. However, Richmond Hill might be your style if you’re into fancy dining and upscale shopping, while Oshawa might be your cup of tea if you’re looking for a more laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. If you’re considering retiring, Richmond Hill and Oshawa are two great cities in Ontario. Take your time, research, and pick experts like Richmond Hill movers to help you move there!


  • Population: 123,798

Based on cost, access to healthcare, and more, Kingston has cracked our list of best places to retire in Ontario for the past several years. It can easily top the list of the best places to retire in Canada! It’s a beautiful location, right on the shores of Lake Ontario. It also boasts a thriving city’s amenities: a dynamic arts scene, fine dining, and entertainment options. And we promise it still maintains small city charm and affordability. Additionally, it is conveniently situated halfway between Toronto and Montreal, so it is a great spot for retirees looking for inexpensive housing. There are a lively cultural scene and various options for enjoying the great outdoors.

An enlerly woman jogging
It’s easy to stay active when you retire to a beuatiful city lie Kingston

North York or Oakville?

If you’re considering retiring to North York, you are in the right place. If you choose North York movers, your relocation to this city will be organized and planned as you wish. It’s a bustling part of Toronto with a diverse community, which means you’ll have plenty of things to do and experience. The downside is that living there can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re looking to buy a home or pay for healthcare.

On the other side, if you’re looking for a quieter place to retire, Oakville might be more up your alley. Before you move to Oakville, explore where you want to live, and calculate if you can afford to live there. Once you’ve done that, the most important step is to find reliable movers, as Oakville movers are. On the shores of Lake Ontario, it is a picturesque small town. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do, like hiking and biking, and the town has a charming downtown area with plenty of shops and restaurants. However, like North York, Oakville can be pretty expensive, especially regarding housing and property taxes.

Costs of living in North York

A single-family home in North York often costs over CAD 1 million, while a one-bedroom apartment in the area may cost you over CAD 2,000 monthly. Other expenses like transportation and healthcare can also add up.

A city's streets and skyscrapers.
If you are searching best places to retire in Ontario, North York could be one of them.

Costs of living in Oakville

It’s important to note that the high cost of housing significantly contributes to the high cost of living in Oakville. Oakville has a higher-than-average median property price of almost CAD 1 million. Costly outlays include food, electricity, and taxes on a home.

Best places to retire in Ontario: Windsor

  • Population: 329,144

Let us tell you why Windsor belongs on any list of Ontario’s top retirement spots. For example, it boasts a great climate, water on three sides, affordable housing, world-class sports, entertainment, and culture on both sides of the border. As if that wasn’t enough, it has easy access to inexpensive flights to anywhere from Detroit! We love this place. Windsor is Canada’s southernmost city, making it one of the warmest spots in the country. The hot summers, mild winters, and beautiful shorelines make it one of the most popular places to retire in Ontario. Windsor also recently ranked as the least costly place in Canada to buy a home.

Why is London one of the best places to retire in Ontario?

  • Population: 383,822

London is a micro-city that serves as a central hub for the nearby smaller towns of Southern Ontario. It offers an enviable quality of life. It has far more affordable housing, top-notch healthcare, and many festivals and concerts. Which is why it’s one of the best places to retire in Ontario. Much like its larger British counterpart, London, Canada, has a River Thames running through it! Isn’t that fun?

London also has a terrific public transit system and an extensive network of buses. This makes getting around the city easy and visiting many natural parks. To name a few, there are Victoria Park, Harris Park, Gibbons Park, and the Fanshawe Conservation Area. London actively promotes cycling as part of a healthy lifestyle in their campaign “The Forest City.”

Consider retiring in Waterdown, Ontario

Waterdown is a community located near the city of Hamilton. It’s about an hour’s drive southwest of Toronto and twenty minutes north of Hamilton. If you’re considering living in Waterdown, Ontario, you’re in for a treat. This beautiful little town is full of friendly people and plenty of things to do. If you decide to live in this cozy city, Waterdown movers are here for all your needs when moving.

The Waterdown West area is a great spot for a family-friendly neighborhood with lots of green space. You’ll find plenty of parks and playgrounds and lovely walking trails here. No matter where you end up living in Waterdown, there’s plenty to see and do. You’ll want to check out the beautiful Waterdown Memorial Park. This is a great spot for a walk or a picnic, and events and activities are always happening here.

Waterdown, Hamilton, in the evening can impact your decision when searching for the best places to retire in Ontario.
Waterdown is a great family-friendly neighborhood with lots of green space.

St Catherines, Niagara Falls, or Lincoln? Where should you retire?

All three cities are around 200km far from London, Ontario. St. Catherines is a great option for those who prefer an urban environment with plenty of amenities and a larger population. If you’re planning on moving to St. Catherines, you’ll find a variety of moving services in St Catherines to help make your transition easier.  Niagara Falls, on the other hand, is more focused on tourism, with lots of attractions and activities for visitors. On the other hand, Lincoln is a smaller town with a population of around 24,000. It’s a bit more rural than the other two towns, with a focus on agriculture and outdoor recreation.

There are plenty of outdoor activities for retirees in all three towns, especially in the summer. St. Catherines has several parks and trails for hiking and biking, while Niagara Falls has plenty of attractions like the Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens and Niagara-on-the-Lake. If you’re planning on moving to Niagara Falls, you’ll want to research and compare different moving companies in Niagara Falls to find one that meets your needs and budget. And Lincoln is known for its orchards and vineyards.

Cost of living in St Catherines, Niagara Falls, and Lincoln

As for retirement, both St. Catherines and Niagara Falls can be great options. Living costs are generally lower than in larger cities like Toronto, making them more affordable for retirees. Housing is also relatively affordable in both towns, with the average cost of a home in St. Catherines and Niagara Falls being around CAD 500,000.

If you’re considering moving to Lincoln, you’ll find that the average cost of a home is around CAD 600,000.  To make your move to Lincoln as smooth as possible, be sure to research and book moving companies Lincoln to find the best option for your budget and needs. Other expenses like groceries and utilities are generally lower than in larger cities. However, it’s important to note that the cost of living can vary depending on individual lifestyle choices and needs.


  • Population: 81,032

Here’s why Peterborough is a haven for seniors. Did you know one in five people in Peterborough was 65 or older? That’s roughly 20% of the population. That is the highest proportion of seniors in any Canadian city. Now to the facts that show why this town is one of the best places to retire in Ontario. The strength of this demographic has led to Peterborough having an abundance of affordable housing, quality regional healthcare, and accessible transit options. To meet the demand! If you are approaching retirement, this is probably the place for you!

Old couple relaxing in one of the best places to retire in Ontario
If we’ve left off a spot that you think belongs on the list of best places to retire in Ontario, please let us know!


  • Cobourg population: 19,440
  • Port Hope population: 16,214

Cobourg is the largest town in Northumberland County. One of the best places to retire in Ontario boasts a famous beach, boardwalk, and marina. It is home to numerous fairs and festivals. Cobourg offers a multitude of gorgeous, well-groomed parks for healthy outdoor activity. It has a historic downtown area that attracts people with its local shopping and fine dining options. Cobourg is also home to a thriving, exciting artist community.

The Northumberland Hills Studio Tour is a terrific place where local artists open their studio doors to visitors. So, if you are a retired professional looking for a desirable spot to unwind in quaint, small-town surroundings, call us, and we’ll help you relocate! We can provide you with a full range of services, and you’ll quickly be settled with only a short travel to the province’s larger cities!

Looking for the best places to retire in Ontario is easier than you think

Selecting the best places to retire in Ontario is very subjective. Some individuals would rather live in a big city with plenty of conveniences and cultural events. In contrast, others would rather live in a sleepy rural town focusing on outdoor recreation. The ideal spot to retire is ultimately a matter of personal desire and individual circumstances. Of course, now it’s easier when you have a list of the best places to retire in Ontario. Look closely and get ready to move.