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Best places to retire in Canada

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Best places to retire in Canada

Ever since you have bought your family home, your kids have most probably moved out. Some or most of your views on life and even a large portion of your values might have changed. And as a result, you might be feeling different. So, what’s the best choice for the person that you are now? Enjoy your life to the fullest! Usually, the “best places to retire in Canada” lists are based on statistics and figures. Most of which include real estate prices, property tax rates, crime rates, and climate data. And Cambridge movers have gathered input from people who have retired before you, and found their serenity in some of the best places to retire in Canada! Our list offers some familiar places as well as some out-of-the-way retirement destinations we think you should be informed about.

Retirement is a time of life when you should do whatever you want. You have worked all your life and now you should relax. In order to do this, you should consider a place where you can experience everything that you have ever wanted. Besides picking the right place, you need to ask yourself whether you want to live in a big city or in the countryside. Even though most people usually tend to go to nature since it is quiet, that does not have to be the rule. After that, everything is simple. There are so many places to retire in Canada and we are going to present some of them to you.

calgary - places to retire in Canada
Think about Calgary as your new home.

Places to retire in Canada – make the proper decision

We are all different. Some people like something that you do not. Due to this fact, you may be repulsed by some of the places located on the list. That just means that you know what you want and that you can easily find something that you like. Here are just some of our suggestions:

  • Collingwood
  • Calgary
  • Ottawa
  • Clarington
  • Victoria

1. “Heart of the nation’s capital region”: Ottawa, ON

  • Population: 934,243
  • Lifestyle: vibrant
  • The main event: Canadian Tulip Festival, held traditionally in spring, ever since 1952
  • Fun fact: The Rideau Canal in Ottawa remains the best-preserved canal with slack water ever built in North America. It is still operational in its original state with a majority of the structures from the early nineteenth century very much intact.
Finding the best is not possible without opening your mind to new possibilities.

The nation’s capital is one of those great places to retire in Canada because it offers so many conveniences to retirees and is a great place to settle down for plentiful reasons. It has a great location that allows seniors moving to Ontario to be near their families in the Ottawa Region. Plus it includes an eclectic mix of local conveniences and attractions. Parkland and green space surround the two rivers that flow through Ottawa. Museums and galleries are found galore, such as the Museum of Nature, the National Gallery of Canada, and many others.

  • Ottawa was ranked as the #1 best place to move to by MoneySense in 2016. It reached second place in 2017. The national capital is also esteemed because of its reasonable real estate values, a great offer of cultural activities, and easy access to health care.
  • Don’t miss out on the smaller neighborhoods on the outskirts of Ottawa. They are also very much worth your consideration. For example, Stittsville has fast-rising real estate values while still holding onto its small-town charm. A little bit farther out, places like Carleton Place and Manotick offer the best of country living with proximity to the capital region.

The capital of Canada is also one of the best areas to retire to. Even though we feel that we do not need to tell you all the great things about it, which you probably know, we are still going to. Due to the fact that Ottawa is the capital of Canada, you know that there are a lot of unique things here. Everything that you need is close, especially when we talk about the main government buildings. Yes, you would probably like not to look at any politician anymore and that is okay. Ottawa is much more than that. People in Ottawa are usually happy and content. You will not have to experience people that will just ruin your day. Ottawa is all about community and you should check the periphery neighborhoods for your permanent home. You will make friends in no time!

ottawa parliament
The capital of Canada is definitely a great choice!

2. West Vancouver, BC

  • Population: 42,473
  • Weather: temperate coastal
  • Lifestyle: casual
  • Signature event: Cypress Provincial Park offers some pretty much astonishing hiking and cross-country ski trails. This place was also the host of many events from the 2010 Winter Olympics.
    Fun fact: West Vancouver Memorial Library lends more books per resident than any other library in Canada.

For good reason, West Vancouver can easily top our “best places to retire in Canada” list. It actually tops our list of the best places to retire in British Columbia. We can tell you with great certainty that all the parts of our majestic country can present an amazing international destination for retirement.

  • Why is that so? Well, the District in question is perfectly located to sample all that’s best about the province. Here, you will ever so cleverly avoid the expensive real estate hustle and bustle of Vancouver. But you can still get all that you love about the city by just crossing the Lion’s Gate Bridge.
  • Of course, Stanley Park, Cypress Provincial Park are some of the most amazing places to retire in Canada. And a wealth of other welcoming mountain scenery beckons from nearby. By law, any type of industry is not allowed in the city. West Vancouver ranks high on websites like MoneySense, due to great scores because of low taxes and low crime.

3. Victoria, BC ranks high on our best places to retire in Canada list

  • Population: 383,360 (Greater Victoria)
  • Weather: mild
  • Lifestyle: amazing for active seniors
  • Signature attraction: Feast, Food, and Film Festival, held traditionally each June
  • Fun fact: National Geographic Magazine has proclaimed Vancouver Island as one of the best cold-water diving destinations in the world! In addition to that, the renowned Jacques Cousteau Society rated the wider city area as second in the diversity of marine life and water clarity, right behind the Red Sea.

Victoria is often ranked highly as one of the top places to retire in Canada because of its low property tax rates, plus the high number of doctors per capita. Finances and health care are important, indeed, but the climate here is what will sell you on this city. The refreshing and soothing sea air that brings moderate temperatures makes life here better than in most other places to retire in Canada. Most of these other cities have colder, drier climates. And of course, let’s not forget how incredibly beautiful the scenery is! Nearby retirement destinations include Saanich, Duncan, Comox Valley, and other gems.

Science world, Vancouver
Vancouver is infamous for being not only one of the most attractive places to retire in Canada but also as one of the most exceptionally livable cities in the world.

4. Vancouver, B.C is the “Hollywood North”

  • Population: 2,463,400 (Greater Vancouver)
    Weather: temperate-coastal
  • Lifestyle: Very cosmopolitan, just like in LA, or NYC
  • Signature attraction: Vancouver Fringe Festival is an amazing theatrical event, with over 700 performances of drama productions, independent plays, and attractions of unconventional performance art. It’s held annually each September.
  • Fun fact: The first McDonald’s restaurant that branched outside the United States was opened in Richmond, on the west side of Vancouver, in 1967.

Unfortunately, Vancouver had to drop down on our list here, because of its equally incredible real estate prices. If you can afford a property in Vancouver, it will always be a great investment. Which is, of course, an important factor you should consider – even (or especially) in retirement. Not that house prices aren’t still continuing to increase as much as 5% year-over-year. Vancouver real estate remains to be a solid way of investing in your real estate passion.

6. Collingwood is also nice

Ontario is one of the best regions to retire to. It has everything, nature, great cities, etc. Collingwood is one of the best retirement destinations that you can pick. One of the best reasons for that is the great beaches that you can use. Even though it is not like on exclusive destinations like the Maldives, you can easily have a great time and enjoy the sunset. Of course, Collingwood offers much more. With its size and population, it is a great solution for people that like quiet time and that want to enjoy to the fullest. You should definitely include Collingwood on your list of places to retire to.

7. Calgary

When we take look into Calgary, we can see that it is quite a large city. You would think that you will not have time to relax and read a good book in peace. The truth is different. The great thing about this city is that you have everything in only one place. Mountains and fresh air all around you. On the other hand, if you are more of a social person that likes the company, you should not have too many problems finding someone to talk to. Also, this is one of the sunniest cities in Canada so you be sure that the weather will not ruin your trips.

This is a great place for people in the Oshawa area. It is close, you can easily hire one of the moving companies Oshawa to cover your relocation. Of course, if you have a family, you can easily visit them. Win-win situation!

Calgary is one of the Best places to retire in Canada
Calgary was listed as one of the top 5 most livable cities on earth by The Economist.

8. Clarington has its own peace

There are many reasons why you should consider the city of Clarington on your list. It is not a megacity but it offers something that most big cities do not have. Peace. The great thing though is that it is very close to Toronto. That means that you will not lose time riding to the city and back. Another great thing about Clarington is that it is located on the shores of Lake Ontario. You can easily go there, swim, and regain a little of your strength. On the other hand, you can just watch the water and feel the peace. It is up to you.

9. Victoria

Victoria is different from most cities in Canada. We all know that Canada is usually cold and it requires you to be responsible and avoid cold. The best and permanent way to do this is to retire in Victoria. You will not have to wear several layers of clothing so that you could be warm.

Victoria is a great escape from low temperatures

There are many more reasons why this is one of the best places to retire in Canada and one of them is ‘nature’. This city is usually called the city of gardens. We do not have to explain the reasons. If you are fond of green, parks, and nature, you absolutely need to come to Victoria.

Moving to your dream destination is important

When retiring and moving to another place, you need to be careful. There are so many moving companies that can fool you and take your money. You should know the traits of reputable long-distance movers. It is vital for you to recognize and take action. Be sure that they are experienced and have done a ton of moves. Companies with history are usually the ones that you should rely on.

The price is also a very important aspect of any relocation. There are so many Waterdown movers that can relocate you. On the other hand, they are not all cheap and affordable. Therefore, be sure to get several moving quotes so that you could compare the prices and pick the right company.


Picking the new home among the thousands of places to retire in Canada is hard. Therefore, we have made a list that should make your decision a little easier. You just need to compare the pros and cons and make a decision. We hope that you will choose the right destination for you!